Walkthrough for Soul Tamer KiKi of Mibiraxis

Soul Tamer KiKi is an A-RPG game designed by Minoraxis, the images of this game is quite good, it caught my eye immediately. Now I will begin the game and write the whole walkthrough for the story line of this game. Hope you will like it.

At the beginning we can choose the weapon for KiKi from Hammer Claw and Bow, since I like high attack rate for an Arpg game, so I choose Claw as the Weapon for KIKI.

Quest 1: First Battle

As the very first quest, it is just a tutor for us to be used to the game. We would learn all the controls of this game. Also we need to defeat 1 Cursed Rabbit and 1 Cursed Sheep which can be found just beside us.

Quest 2: Synthesis Classes

Now we need to get 5 Attendance Stamps from the farm.

Direction: go E to the Farm

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Natasha FLT 4 years ago

I'm looking to find where I can get a rat's claw. Do you happen to know?

Sebby 4 years ago

Where to battle with the horse master soul?

Rin 4 years ago

How to defeat that giant pig PLZ help!!!:( I can't defeat it

Kaori 4 years ago

How can I collect particle to make Intensification Stone??

leanne 4 years ago

@sebby you can find the horse's master soul in ASH plain...

@rin to defeat the giant pig,i recommend to use the bloodsucking trap. you don't have to attack the pig just blood suck it. and keep your hp up.

@kaori to have particles, u must crush items.

Thomas 4 years ago

I'm stuck at the endless ice wall, every time I defeat the one with the cow soul, it keeps repeating the same scene and I have to defeat him again.

alley 4 years ago

Anyone care to explain how to defeat the guy at ice wall with the cow soul? No idea how to go about it :/

Thomas 4 years ago

@alley: Defeating the guy is quite easy, first you need to destroy the blue circles in the corners, after every circle destroyed he becomes solid for a few seconds so you can hit him. After destroying the last one he stays solid and then you just finish him off. But my problem is that when I do this, the scene from just before restarts and I have to kill him again.

wheres the pig soul and horse soul 4 years ago

Wheres the pig and horse soul

profile image

Chin Fabian 4 years ago

wheres the pig and horse soul

Kiki 4 years ago

I cant defeat the monkey :( the big monkey. How? Use bows then what? I keep dying because of the bananas being thrown at me. :(

anne 4 years ago

guys i so needed help how can i defeat naraka? in part 2 when i cant even go back to the forest of oblivion 2? i keep coming back there but i cant enter and one more thing ive gone to the underground ruins to find an escape route just like what edmund say but when i came back to shadowtown to report my finish quest nothings happening its like the game's end there pls help

mitch 4 years ago

@kiki use the bomb (level up the skills, it's so powerful!), poison and lightning

Maimai 4 years ago

Where can i get cricket?

Sennnnnna 4 years ago

Im stuck on a quest called Aftereffect and I need to go to the chaotic forest.... Where is this place...

Bochand 4 years ago

How to go to shadowtown??

Kevin 4 years ago

I'm having this problem getting the cow soul on part 2. It is my last soul I need before going into the underground ruins. What I'm doing is entering the casket of ice wall at ice mountain and I defeated the giant rushing cow twice and it says acquired cow soul, but when I check my souls, I still haven't got it! Any help with this please?

Kevin 4 years ago

Sorry i meant underground stronghold not underground ruins.I need the 12 souls to get in and the cow one is glitched I killed him 5 times. At daytime it's lvl 94 and nighttime it's lvl 66.

Tiff 4 years ago

Rat claw & shadowtown?? Every other question answered but those. Help!

Kkjiiu 4 years ago

Shawton opens at the end of part 1 before you get the dragon soul.

I'm stuck at Dealer Roha's "ghost search" quest in part 2. Does anyone know how I can light up the pillar?

jeroen 4 years ago

the pig you must a lot of healt and than slam the big and the box or how you name it thake allot of time i neet dragon claw where i can find it?

Jasz 4 years ago

How to get rid of johan?? Im stuck in that quest please help me thanks :)

Luna 4 years ago

I'm stuck on the quest Roha gave me, it's called Ghost Search 2 and I know which pillars I have to light (the ones at 12 and 6), I've done the one at 6 but I can't seem to do the other one ... help please?

Luna 4 years ago

Nvm i got it ...

@kkjiiu light the one at 6 when the time is also 6 o'clock, and light the one at 12 when the time is also 12 o'clock.

Jasz 4 years ago

Im stuck on the quest FACING JOHAN AND SOUL OF HEAT how can i get rid of johan?? Please help me

Mafred 4 years ago

How do you defeat the four blue circle in ice wall in order to defeat karak?. JOHAN could be defeated by using blood sucking or any damaging traps when the sandman appear and wasnt killed by the traps keep attacking till it disappear for you cant use trsps or restoring item while his on.

Mafred 4 years ago

How can i defeat the boss chicken? In part 1 i just waited for day break and luckily got the soul but on part 2 it doesn't seem to work please help... thanks

Aswin 4 years ago

hey, do u know that we can multiple an item in the storage in eirne ? example: we have 2 dragon claws, to multiple it, move ONE dragon claw to the storage, then, in the storage the moved dragon claws = 2 *(not 1) then move it again to our inven, just repeat it to make more

awd 4 years ago


bob 4 years ago

How do i defeat the snakes?

Gus posted this 4 years ago

I've just started the game and I can't figure out how to get some rabbits' paws or sheep's hooves. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Gus posted this 4 years ago

Yeah... Forget the previous post....

Rufflion 4 years ago

hey guys, just to let some people know, a lot of animal parts, like rats paw or sheep hooves, drop from da animal its stating. If u havent seen any of that animal, just keep going. Ders a map on top right corner dat u press to see wer areas are. Now i got a question. Wats the letters and numbers for? Anyone know yet?

Mei 3 years ago

How to find the lady thats in the skin care quest? and how/when can you go to carrot forest?

Mei 3 years ago

How to get a liver of a fearless rabbit for the quest "Dora's Wish"

Mei 3 years ago

No need i dont it

Saya 3 years ago

Where can I find cricket please help me !

karseidon 3 years ago

@Saya : cricket? frozen underpass or another icy area i think..

anybody got a trick to defeat the man with cow soul?? hafff idk how to do it -_-

Xiiao Weii profile image

Xiiao Weii 3 years ago from Bukit Mertajam

still cannot find the cricket !! help !!

eve 3 years ago

Crickets I believe in icy areas not positive, if in episode 2 of game u can get them from your farm (the guy standing upper left top but have to pay to activate ) I found that if u usemskill points to make your traps stronger all or most bosses are easier to pass :)

the letter and numbers are a few quests in episode 2 u have to spell words out, I havent really paid attention to those though cuz not enough space in bag for it :/

Xiiao Weii profile image

Xiiao Weii 3 years ago from Bukit Mertajam

eve,, thx ^^

now i can't find underground stronghold,, do anyone knows where is it ??

lsun_strikel 3 years ago

@xiiao weii, cricket can be found from ice area. If you can't find them, it's probably bug. I could't find any cricket in ice area in a game. However you can get it from your farm either erina or shadowtown. Just purchase get or purchase the right to farm from npc.

lsun_strikel 3 years ago

@eve, those letters are used by 3 npc for quests.

Erina npc in the farm need: GAMEQ2

Cemetey jungle npc need: EXITIUM

Duskvilla npc need: COSMICSTAR

Other letters are useless.

You can get those letters from trade if the seller set the price reasonable. Or you can get it for free from the Janey the rider in every places that has magic box. Try to talk to her everytime you see her but she will give you randomly only once per visit. What you can do is to get into the area then talk to her. Whatever she gives you or nothing, just simply run out of that area and get in again. Repeat it till you get all of them. Don't forget to use multiple items trick from your storage. I don't do this trick except duplicate these letters.

lsun_strikel 3 years ago

Btw I am in part 3 endless mode but I forgot where is the rat soul. The place that we have to kill 100 rats in part 2. Got all 11 souls in part 3 except the rat soul. Somewhere in the jungle area.

lsun_strikel 3 years ago

A bit advise for newbies.

1. Choose to start with bow for defend bonus. Put all stats on def as other stats are not really useful. For atk, you will realize later that all traps are much better than your weapon damage. For dex, it does not help as it describe even you upgrade your weapon material specialize skill. For hp and sp, you do not need high ho and sp cause you just eat food and soup instead.

2. Max your bomb trap and poison trap skill first. Then max vampric trap skill. And lastly max electric trap skill. Always max all other skills except duration and dash. Extra food and extra trap maker are very useful cause you will always use traps, food and soup. Sell them for extra gold if you do play without using duplicate item trick.

lsun_strikel 3 years ago

Nevermind, I got the rat soul in part 3 now.

mark 3 years ago

where can you get beef chunks for the chief?

Hiten 3 years ago

How to complete the skin care quest given by Liza? I can't find Beth. Pls help

mark 2 years ago

wheres the chicken and pig soul at?

profile image

msibey 2 years ago

underground stronghold is at the citadel can only get in with all the souls intact

paulosarapat profile image

paulosarapat 2 years ago from Lucban, Quezon

where can i have magloo trap?

BonnieLee 2 years ago

I can't defeat the tiger in part 2. I have to use sticky trap but it's only effect once T.T Please help

profile image

summerss 2 years ago

in part 2 i have gone to the underground ruins,then how to find an escape route,where is it?help,ths.

profile image

Iam kudos 2 years ago

I had branch once but since the bag has low space i had to crush them, now i need this item for forging a material and i forget where to get this branch.. HELP! It irks me i cannot seem to find a branch.. Anybody, do you know where i can get it?

profile image

Iam kudos 2 years ago

Helppp!!!! How to defeat the druken tiger??? All traps seem dont work.. Does anybody know how to defeat it?

profile image

Iam kudos 2 years ago

Fuck! I really need help im so desperate to defeat the drunken tiger in part two.. It seems like it will take a day or so to defeat it!!! Does anybody know or can tell how yo defeat this tiger???? I got 3 max set of food and sp food plus the sticky trap thought it might help... Dang nabbit!! Pls HELP ME. i need detail by detail in how i can beat that drunken tiger!!! :( im stuck.

caloy1819 2 years ago

where can i get the other equip materials such as holly bush?

GoddessOfTheGrid 2 years ago

Where do I find sheep marrow in the quest for restorative food. Where I get sheep marrow for Abbott

moon 2 years ago

you have to put the sticky trap at just the right angle (where the barrels are, or near them if they haven't been destroyed yet). don't waste your traps here as they will not be of much use. whenever the tiger gets ahold of the sticky trap, it will look like he's choking and that's the only time you can do damage, just keep attacking it. and repeat. :)

moon 2 years ago

can anyone tell me where i'd get the dragon soul from? i'm in episode 2 and it's the only one I haven't found yet. I can't enter the citadel of flame dungeon to defeat Naraka unless I have all souls. :(

moon 2 years ago

found the dragon soul in underground stronghold, there is a door just next to where you go through to fight Naraka. :/

Does anybody know how (or possibly when it can be expanded) to expand storage in the house in Shadowtown?

lea 2 years ago

how do i expand my inventory slots?

i'm now in part 3 but i forgot where the sheep soul is. pls help.

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