Free Webkinz Guide - Magical Charm Forest

Webkinz Charms

Buying 1 Webkinz Charm will give you a Feature Code to unlock the Magical Charm Forest, along with 1 row of 5 Forest Charms to collect. Buying a second charm will unlock the another row, and so on. Buying 8 different charms unlocks all 40 of the Forest Charms. After all the rows are unlocked, every new Charm Feature Code you enter earns you Kinz Cash prizes or exclusive items!

  • 1st -- Unlock the 1st Virtual Charm row
  • 2nd -- Unlock the 2nd Virtual Charm row
  • 3rd -- Unlock the 3rd Virtual Charm row
  • 4th -- Unlock the 4th Virtual Charm row
  • 5th -- Unlock the 5th Virtual Charm row
  • 6th -- Unlock the 6th Virtual Charm row
  • 7th -- Unlock the 7th Virtual Charm row
  • 8th -- Unlock the 8th Virtual Charm row
  • 9th -- 100 Kinz Cash
  • 10th -- 100 Kinz Cash
  • 11th -- 200 Kinz Cash
  • 12th -- 200 Kinz Cash
  • 13th -- 200 Kinz Cash
  • 14th -- 300 Kinz Cash
  • 15th -- 300 Kinz Cash
  • 16th -- Fairy Falls Fountain
  • 17th -- 400 Kinz cash
  • 18th -- 400 Kinz cash
  • 19th -- 400 Kinz cash
  • 20th -- 500 Kinz cash
  • 21st -- 500 Kinz Cash
  • 22nd -- 500 Kinz Cash
  • 23rd -- 500 Kinz Cash
  • 24th -- Super-Exclusive Charm Forest Item

Forest Charms

Once you have bought your first charm, every six hours you can search down one of four paths for Forest Charms in the Magical Charm Forest section of Webkinz World. Virtual Charms, and other exciting prizes are hidden in Pixie Pods, or sometimes carried by the Good Fairies you see throughout the Forest. Clicking on the fairy reveals what she is carrying. If you find a Bad Fairy disguised as a Good Fairy, you don't win anything, but if the fairy drops a key, you can click on it to pick it up, and search the forest for hidden doors which contain anywhere from 2 to 5 Pixie Pods! . If you find a charm it will be added to your virtual collection. If you already have that charm, you will be awarded 100 Kinz Cash instead! Collecting entire rows of virtual Forest Charms also earns you Kinz Cash and exclusive or rare items.

  • 1st (Virtual Charms 1-5) -- 50 Kinz Cash
  • 2nd (Virtual Charms 6-10) -- 100 Kinz Cash
  • 3rd (Virtual Charms 11-15) -- 250 Kinz Cash
  • 4th (Virtual Charms 16-20) -- 500 Kinz Cash
  • 5th (Virtual Charms 21-25) -- Charm Forest Flooring
  • 6th (Virtual Charms 26-30) -- Charm Forest Wallpaper
  • 7th (Virtual Charms 31-35) -- Fairy Flower Topiary
  • 8th (Virtual Charms 36-40) -- Charms Dining Set
  • All 8 Rows and 40 Virtual Charms -- Secret Grand Prize!

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Comments 141 comments

martinnitsim 4 years ago

hello again stevo i got it from a mate so i think this is there web address

filling address ,ring them if you need them in a hurry ,tell them netsimsy put you on

webkinzluver 5 years ago

I actually ment shuts and rare lol and ps everybody who has like 20 pets and think they are super duper lucky[i'm not saying they aren't]i have 83 pets look at my page again please i really need plumy, witch, swirl tiara, or mostly charm please i swear i will send shuts and two kinzstyle or something maybe even swan dress

webkinzluver 5 years ago

hi guys if you send me charm i promise i will send shuts i really have them but first add me on webkinz:sdg9132000 and i'll send you shuts or rare

miastorm10 5 years ago

Hey everyone. do u guys know if the swirl tiara is worth plumpy glasses? if you know the answer, plz coment!!! thanks, i appreciate it!!

ashley 5 years ago

pinky i will add you

wynner7 6 years ago

Omigosh, I got plumpy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just looking for jingle elf, wacky, and purple which now.

i really wanna a charm tiara!! :) 6 years ago

Oh PLEASE will someone here trade/send me a charm tiara??? I want one soooooooooooo bad!!! If you trade/send it to me I will send you anything you want back trust me I have AWESOME stuff like a million exclusives items and a TON of kinzstyle exclusive clothes!!! :) ok??? thank you please comment back here if you will be nice/kind enough to trade with me for a charm tiara I will be SOOOO happy!!! and I'm not lying I promise I will trade/send you back a super exclusive or kinzstyle item k??? bye, bye!!! :) im so excited if I get one!!!

SillyEmoChic 6 years ago

Hey does anyone have Charm Forest Tiara or Plumpy Glasses or Orange Army they don't want??? I will even trade you something for them :) I have Pink Bunny Ears and full Lion Costume :) I also have lots of kinz style. I know it may not be worth all most of the stuff I want but if your interested and you don't really wanted your Plumpy, Orange Army, and/ or Charm Tiara, then I am your girl!! :D My user name on webkinz is hanah11 add me and we can trade or if you want to send any of the items lie if your account is going to expire and you dont plan on renewing it. or if you plainly just want to get rid of your stuff because you plan on getting off webkinz. THANKS A BUNCH!! :D please add me and we can/send or whatever you want :) and answer me here! thanks!

craziegirl 6 years ago

i was wondering how i can get the charmf fairy outfit. i have the top and shoes but i want the pants

Gcatt 6 years ago

Smartie76 if you sent me purple which hat wz jeans and plumpy i will send the best three rare and kinzstyle I have. My username is glamourgirl35 and I'm usually in the light blue zone

random101 6 years ago

should i trade wacky jeans for swirtl tiara and purple slippers???

wynner7 6 years ago

Wait sorry Smartie76. I'll send you three pieces of kinz style.

wynner7 6 years ago

Smartie76, I'll send you two pieces of kinz style. Could you maybe send me maybe Wacky and a purple which hat? And maybe shutters? My user name is wynner7. I'm just looking for Wacky, purple which hat, and plumpy. If you have plumpy, please send it with wacky and purple which.

omg 6 years ago

how do ppl still play webkinz????? im the jakec98 person up at the top who says he needs secrets.. that me omg 2 years ago how can ppl still play? sorry but sad

katzrdabom 6 years ago

hey smile dude, what would you like for the swimsuit?

(other than what you have posted asking for)

katzrdabom 6 years ago


cheeseiscool 6 years ago


thanks a ton katzrdabom!!!!

I just sent them a request and they accepted, then I sent them purple slips and they sent them back with a panda slide!


katzrdabom 6 years ago

ok guys I am going everywhere posting stuff because I just had the greatest thing in my entire life happen to me!!!!!!!

I sent lps3cheese a love puppy couch and she sent it back along with 2 super beds!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooooooioo happy!!!

my friend saw a post about this awhile ago, and since I have been giving up on webkinz for awhile I decided to try it.

omigosh it worked!!

then my bff tried it and she sent her gold dress and got it, a golf cart, and a dragon super bed!

we are sooooo happy!!

ok buh-bye!

smile 6 years ago

Any of the things I listed :)

pandas rule! 6 years ago

I have the bed wat kind of stuff wud u trade for it

smile 6 years ago

Anyone have priceless cat costume peices?or the mystical panda bed?

I have

Charm tiara,woodland tiara,charmed dress,charm tophat,charm boots,retired green swimsuit*both peices,and a zum fountain for them?

I'm not a scammer.I want to meet in the trading room,because I don't like sending 1st

i have mystic panda bed 6 years ago

Ps in zone light blue

i have mystic panda bed 6 years ago

yes you heard me right i have mystical panda bed

i would like a puple witch hat for itfor trade

if you have 1 meet me in kinz chat plus trading room(2)

number 17, at 5:00 p.m. april 17 2010

6 years ago

wasnt talking about you bueary

i was talking about smartie76(his uer is pink555510)

ps smartie 76 is a lier! he does not send you stuff

Buneary13 6 years ago

I'm the same person ^^^

I meant my user name is Buneary13

NOT Buneary12

Buneary13 6 years ago

Hey guys :D

I'm not even kidding if you send kinz style i swear I will send rare sweet tooth tiger food AND cheeky dog and cat food.

I'm not kidding!I might send coupons too (I have 32)

I've been a member ever since the start of Webkinz

Don't belive me, Ask Milk561

By the way my Username is Buneary12

READ this for SAFENESS 6 years ago

the person who said he would give items like plumpy and stuff if you sent him rare and kinz style is a LIAR!!!!!!

i sent him 2 purple kinz stlye cow girl hats and a rare item

and he did not send any thing.

and his user is pink555510

do nt send him anything you will just lose the items you send

mangoloves1 6 years ago

o if you still visit here (or have your account)

you can pick the rares/kinz style

sometime i will list the ones i have

(and i have been trying for ever to get a purple witch hat i will give any rare/kinz stlye that i have or can get)

mangoloves1 6 years ago

hi smartie76 i have some rares and kinz style i don't need

please respond!!!

(ps. this was posted sunday march 21 of 2010)

kayla19 profile image

kayla19 6 years ago

hi peoples :)

PeaceLover21 profile image

PeaceLover21 6 years ago from California

sorry i dont hav 1 ninjagirl!

Ninjagirl50 6 years ago

hey can someone please send me a witch hat i want one so badly my user is Ninjagirl50

happy7 6 years ago

make me your friend my user name is 2008heart and my site is going to expire plus i dont play webkinz that much so if any one sends me some exclusive rare trophy clothing any kind of item i will send them some items from the trading card series egiptian and lots more i have (i chosse randomly first to send items gets the best items like beds and couch intead of chairs and tables anyway send me a trophy or something like that and i promise u will ge a rare exclusive pet specific item even in return (i do not scam i am tired of webkinz and would like to give my items away before my account expires

webkinz eager beaver 6 years ago

i have 42 webkinz includind the new ice fawn and i have 67 rooms in my house and i have 2 trophy rooms and sooooo many rare itams i also have some extra crown of wondres if anyone wants them but i want good items in return!

smartie76 6 years ago

thanks for writing stuff about me! usually not many people do that for me.

chocolate101 6 years ago

at first i didnt believe smartie76 , then i sent her one kinz style,pink knit capelet, and she sent me a charm tiara and plumpy glasses! she gained my trust, and now i wil send her more stuff and make my friends jealous!!! i hope you go to heaven, smartie76!!!!

vanilla twilight403 6 years ago

smartie76 is awesome! i sent her a rare swan bed and a wedding dress, and she sent me a swirl leaf tiara and a purple witch hat!!!! im so happy!! im gonna stock up on rare and kinz style:)

party_in_the_usa 6 years ago

thanks smartie76! you gave me the best items!(wacky jeans and red lava and shutter shades, and i only sent you holnwon golf shoes, freeworld rocking pants, and red dotted party dress.) i will SO send you more stuff! you are the best person ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smartie76 6 years ago

hey guys! my account is expiring, so i am giving all my stuff away, but i wanr to like die rich, sort of like expire rich. i got lots of cool stuff, like 27 red lavas, 14 purple witch hats, 21 wacky jeans, 12 plumpy glasses, 7 charm tiaras, 5 swirl leaf tiaras, 1 year one trophy, 1 year two trophy, every signature pet item, and 30 shutter shades. if you can send me any rare items or kinz style( cuz they sell for alot) i will send you two items i randomly choose(no joke!)i am pink555510 and one more thing. if you send three rare items, three kinz styles, or a mix of kinz style and rare, you get three items, not two. i hope this helps anyone that want priceless items! by the way, i will never run out of items because my parents OWN webkinz but i got tired of webkinz

ameline 7 years ago

does anyone have all the charms?

lilpig526 7 years ago

I love webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It would be terible if there was no such thing as webkinz!!! I have 23 !!!!O even have a webkinz note book. It has everything about webkinz.

haenc profile image

haenc 7 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

HELLO PEEPS! srry i am bored

jadelust 7 years ago

awesome i will add u and give u somethin good!!! promise! and if u want to add me on msn mine is if u want to add me... ill add u on webkinz perdy12

perdy12 8 years ago

Hey desi and jadeldust, I have a aztec wading pool. I am adding you 2 to my friends username is perdy12. eather of u want it? send me somthin good and i will send u it. PROMISE! check out my mypage for truth! ON WEBKINZ! THANKIES!

jadelust 8 years ago

i am very sad right now........because..... on cp their is somany glitches on my file! ill tell u wut ones...........whenever i go to put some clothes on it wont let me when i try to take my clothes off and press x to get out of my player card there still on....... and it wont even let me play card jitsu! and it says i have black bely but i only have brown.......and black belt isnt in my inventory! idk y these glitches r happenin to me! :(

fine man2 profile image

fine man2 8 years ago

u go on google images tipe wut u want and wen u found wan save and put as pic :)

jadelust 8 years ago

kool graden? how did u get those pictures of stewie? when i try to get a picture out of google it wont let me cause it said i needed to download something help me plzz!

fine man2 profile image

fine man2 8 years ago

i one of u ad me on webkins and send me an exlusive item ill send you some thing back and im not lying. :)

fine man2 profile image

fine man2 8 years ago

does any of you have guitar hero ???????? :)

fine man2 profile image

fine man2 8 years ago

i have webkinz ill ad you and maybe send you something (maybe) k

jadelust 8 years ago

maybe u can maybe u wont!

SnowberryStorm 8 years ago

Hey 4 people on webkinz...can I have a rare item or something cool? my username is SnowberryStorm

Desi7 8 years ago

cool =)

jadelust 8 years ago

again my website is

jadelust 8 years ago

u guys i edited my hub page now i figured out how to put pics on!

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.


Desi7 8 years ago

yeah lol

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

i do! o wait, desi u alredy know that!

Desi7 8 years ago

ok thats fine

jadelust 8 years ago

no i dont

Desi7 8 years ago

no problem! :D do you have an email?

jadelust 8 years ago

Thanx desi

Desi7 8 years ago

i am one of ur fans

jadelust 8 years ago

desi7,haenc can you plzz become one of my fans?

Desi7 8 years ago

oh, ok ill check it out

jadelust 8 years ago

ok you guys this is kind of a fun site its its Kinda fun but webkinz is alot funner ratings: aplus math 30% webkinz1,000,000,000% more funner

jadelust 8 years ago

my site is named its pretty cool

jadelust 8 years ago

my files cool

jadelust 8 years ago

haenc will you give me the new exclusives if i give you something back

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

yea i do, haenc is my username, and my other 1 is haenc2

Desi7 8 years ago

i want the new exclusive items

jadelust 8 years ago

ohhhhhhhhhh! so thats what it is! haenc can you add me on webkinz? I MEAN if people give me exclusives i give them one back my user is jadelust or else otherwise you can tell me your user name! DO YOU HAVE COOL EXCLS?{exclusives}. please please please?

haenc profile image

haenc 8 years ago from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

class griddle not glass griddle. u get it for finishing level 5 on the cooking class at kinzville academy

jadelust 8 years ago

what is the glass griddle?

Desi7 8 years ago

yeah my username is deshero!!!!!!!!! well i do have a superbed and potm (the TV thing)item and a whole bunch of exclusies. i am looking for these items: cooking class griddle, big city window, and any egyptian item. thankssss

jadelust 8 years ago

whoa, sorry to hear that so is you username actually deshero and what stuff do you have?

Desi7 8 years ago

whoa, some one was acting me i DO NOT have all that stuff!

jadelust 8 years ago

no i do not want that if you like, ill trade you the scaucer for the super stunt unicicle

Desi 8 years ago

want the elephant fountain?

jadelust 8 years ago

ann add me my user name is jadelust add me if you send me exclusives and ill send you rare exclusive or pet of the month items please?

Ann 8 years ago

i have 107 webkinz and im still getting more! so haha

jadelust 8 years ago

i hope you win im rooting for you!

Desi 8 years ago

sure. ooooh i have a soccer game i am so nervous!!!!!!

jadelust 8 years ago

i made a mistake on the first line above this ok if anyone will ill trade them something good for the super stunt unicicle!

jadelust 8 years ago

ok um..... now i just traded someone my cloud machine snowmachine and the stellar star blaster if anyone has those will anyone trade me desi if you have those will you trade me? please? i was attached to those but i got something better but now i kinda miss em but super stunt unicicle and when should i trade you today?

jadelust 8 years ago

ok desi what stuff do u have that u want to trade?

jadelust 8 years ago

ok ill give somthing real good for the super stunt unicicle even one of my pet of the month items how about my flying saucer {pet of the month} for a super stunt unicicle if u want to trade

Desi 8 years ago

ok, i think i can do that!!!!!!! but the only problem is, i really wanna keep some of my stuff..... im kinda attached to them. i dont really wanna trade some of my things..... i do have a trading card bed if u want it, actually. but ill onlt take somethin really good for it

jadelust 8 years ago

or actually the super stunt unicicle please? ill give you something good! i promise!

jadelust 8 years ago

ok sorry bout that dont worry ill send you pet of the month or better exclusive if you promise to send me something good back tomorrow when i send you something exclusive can i have the eagle chair cause i really want that please?

Desi 8 years ago

ok, well for the music box, ill send u an exclusive. i am looking for trading card stuff as well, but i have a webkinz cares tv.

jadelust 8 years ago

desi i know i sent you a music box thats exclusive its just that one time some one said they gave out exclusive items and i trusted her but then when i gave her an exclusive i didnt get anything back but once i know youll actually send me stuff itll get better i promise! trust me i wont let you down i pinky swear! once i trust that you ill send pet of the month items for something good hope you get my gift see you!

jadelust 8 years ago

ok i thought of something does anyone have the exclusive frome the silver back gorilla and the webkinz seep cloud blower if so ill send you something like a exclusive or pet of the month bye

jadelust 8 years ago

awsome i just sent you a message for friend list! dont worry desi i have good stuff you wont be dissapointed, by the way do you have stuff from the trading card theme? if you do want to trade for something? ok ok im gonna think of stuff that i want later till then bye

Desi 8 years ago

I have all of those! my username is deshero, but you have to send me something first.

jadelust 8 years ago

ok when i give you stuff this is the following stuff that i want: hot air balloon,the chipmunk barbecue,the floppy pig bath tub, bat chair eagle chair,dexs lugbot look out,kinzville kookoo clock,magic 9 ball,strengh tester,newtons giant cradle,party machine,playful picture,super stunt unicicle,steam powered tv, stellar star blaster now for super beds for that game i said earlier: king of the castel bed,lunar moon bed,apple pie bed,fantasy coach bed,flower power bed and the sleeping dragon bed.

jadelust 8 years ago

ok one more thing i have 24 webkinz and i go on webkinz every day! and on halloween im nhaving a haloween party on webkinz same with christmas i only do this once a year so you might want to come ill tell you when it gets closer to the time now goodbye

jadelust 8 years ago

ok you guy please add me i have 4 room fulls of exclusive pet of the month and rare items i even have the bowling ally and the hot air balloon so please add me youll be happy if you do. again my user is jadelust. i have a hole bunch of exclusiv pets even the floral fox. and i made up a game who ever sends me a super bed i will either give an exclusive rare or pet of the month item back its awsome all the people i added are very happy..........bye

jadelust 8 years ago


Desi 8 years ago

it doesn't have to be from there....... anything you have, just tell me and i will trade some superbeds yay! :-) trust me any rare stuff you have its all good with me

nora101star 8 years ago


Go to charm forest. then do alyssa's star challenge. its the excact same thing as gem hunting but you look for stars!!! I JUST GOT 100 BIG BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

add me at nora101star

webkinz of course

nora101star 8 years ago

Hey guys my username is nora101star on webkinz.


I dont see the theme you want. Where do i go to get you something from there?

Desi 8 years ago

hey guys anyone wanna trade with me? i give superbeds for your kinz style clothes or trading card stuff. ok?

iluvwebkinz!!!!!! 8 years ago

i luv webkinz so much!!!!!!! It is so much more fun than club penguin. i stopped playing that "game" as soon as I got on it. I LUV WEBKINZ!!!!!!!!!!

nathan 8 years ago

i luv webkinz and im a boy

Farmboy 8 years ago

omg, guys i sent Desi a webkinz cares couch and she sent me 3 superbeds back! isn't that awesome? I think the whole offer was if you sent her something from the webkinz cares theme or kinzstyle shop, then she would send you 3 superbeds!

Desi 8 years ago

see just scroll up you posted that comment twice!

raindeer8008 says:6 weeks ago

hello my name is amira my user name is raindeer8008 add me on webkinz and if u have the charm forest tiara thing and/or plumpys glasses and/or the raindeer horns and send them to me i will give u my weding dress (full outfit) rare pink butterfly dress and the rare pretty purple summer dress! I AM NOT A SCAMMER!! my dad just died 2 days ago and im hurting really really badly in inside! so please help me heal!! have any questions or concerns e-mail me at, thank you!

raindeer8008 (amira) says:

2 days ago

hello my name is amira my user name is raindeer8008 add me on webkinz and if u have the charm forest tiara thing and/or plumpys glasses and/or the raindeer horns and send them to me i will give u my weding dress (full outfit) rare pink butterfly dress and the rare pretty purple summer dress! I AM NOT A SCAMMER!! my dad just died 2 days ago and im hurting really really badly in inside! so please help me heal!! have any questions or concerns e-mail me at, thank you!


if you want me to trade with you, just say! i don't think your dad died twice.

Desi 8 years ago

i know for a fact that your dad didn't die 4 days ago cuz you posted that comment ao another hubpaes about a month ago......

raindeer8008 (amira) 8 years ago

hello my name is amira my user name is raindeer8008 add me on webkinz and if u have the charm forest tiara thing and/or plumpys glasses and/or the raindeer horns and send them to me i will give u my weding dress (full outfit) rare pink butterfly dress and the rare pretty purple summer dress! I AM NOT A SCAMMER!! my dad just died 2 days ago and im hurting really really badly in inside! so please help me heal!! have any questions or concerns e-mail me at, thank you!


Desi 8 years ago

oh ok. thanks........ ill email you

kimshel 8 years ago

I'm really sorry Desi! I goofed on the address - it's I hope I hear back from you.

kimshel 8 years ago

This is confusing with the back and forth. Can you write me at and we'll figure it out. I thought you had the buttterfly dreams bed? I'll wait for your reply as to what you have to trade. Any halloween items? I'm sure I'll have things you're interested in as well.

Desi 8 years ago

hmmmm um well it doesn't have to be anythin from the trading card theme..... do you have any of these items?

autumn paw print window, autumn sunset toque, butterfly dreams bed, jumpin jukebox..........

if you do i will gladly trade with you!!!!!!

kimshel 8 years ago

I have added you on my phone.

Is this offer still good:

hey my username is deshero if you send me anything from the trading card series 1 room theme, i will send them a haunted painting, a balloon blower, and a butterfly dreams bed! :-)

I am also looking for Frightening windows and other Halloween items.

What would you like?

Desi 8 years ago

ok...... um whats your usename? mine is deshero and i will gladly trade with you.......

kimshel 8 years ago

For Deshero - I have trading card series 1 item

CIA:-) 8 years ago

club penguin rules! oh desi i sent you sumthin from the theme thanks for sending me all that stuff back!

Desi 8 years ago

hey my username is deshero if you send me anything from the trading card series 1 room theme, i will send them a haunted painting, a balloon blower, and a butterfly dreams bed! :-)

raindeer8008 8 years ago

hello my name is amira my user name is raindeer8008 add me on webkinz and if u have the charm forest tiara thing and/or plumpys glasses and/or the raindeer horns and send them to me i will give u my weding dress (full outfit) rare pink butterfly dress and the rare pretty purple summer dress! I AM NOT A SCAMMER!! my dad just died 2 days ago and im hurting really really badly in inside! so please help me heal!! have any questions or concerns e-mail me at, thank you!

Deshero 8 years ago

hey! I'm Deshero! but its not like Deshero. It's like Des-hero!

jazmin 8 years ago

why do u lie to people ? 8 years ago

I'm looking for a Rocking Jukebox. Please let me know if u have, will send you something. If u have secrets for Curio, would like them. Thanks.

add me 8 years ago

anyone can add me my user n is prittynpink 010 i have 17 webkinz and counting so yha

webkinz123 8 years ago

can some one give a code for webkinz charm forest and clothing

iiop 8 years ago

i want a webkin!

puppy 8 years ago

also my user name is PUPROCKZ6 all caps and don't tell everyone because i'm only friends with the best and you could be that. remember if you want a super gift send it to me. also you will get invited to my monthly super party i invite everyone on my friendz list and the ones that send me stuff get first pick at the exclusive hot ridez also i pick me new webkinz online boy friend who getz to pick any exclusive item of mine and my boyz need a girl so he can send a gift to them

puppy 8 years ago

i want some exsclusive items and if you send one to me i will give you some thing special and if you want some thing in particular you can write it on this site and i can give it to you and i can get plumpy my friend to add you and she will send you some thing super special believe me i have ways of getting any item you want!

Nikimapita 8 years ago

Oh yeah, our Webkinz username is Nikimapita

Nikimapita 8 years ago

Hey, my sister and I do Webkinz... we currently have 22 Webkinz and plan to get many more. Please add us to your friends list, we basically pick a random friend every week to spend special rare items to, so it's pretty fun. Also, if you do add us and you have some Halloween items, please send them and we'll definitely send you some really great stuff in return, promise. Obviously, with two people using the same account we tend to accumulate a ton of Kinzcash and rare items, so we will send you stuff of the same value.

gogo 8 years ago

yo I misedspeled my user name it is Freddy357

gogo 8 years ago

yo can I have a rare item my user name is freddy,357 thanks

WebkinzUsr 8 years ago

Yo, Im new here anyone want 2 be my friend? I give out rare stuff.Im always on red zone. My acount Twilona. Just send stuff back!!!!!!!!!! plz. thnx.:]

resa 8 years ago

i will trade anyone 89 beds of your choice for a webkinz account my user name is resa2000

add me people 9 years ago

yo add me my user name is corona600 and my dogs name is midnight plz add me if you want to be my friend post your user name on this site and i will respond thank you

ha ha 9 years ago

i have 20 webkinz, u dnt ha ha i do u dnt ha ha i do u dnt ha ha i do u dnt ha ha ok im done now im goin to go play wit mi 20 webkinz!

yosho 9 years ago

gimme account 1 plz

webkinzgirl 9 years ago

yo i am 11 and i babysit for a girl who has 27!!!!! webkinz im not joking.. i have 3. the lil kinz frog and panda, and the webkinz b-stallion,im getting b-lab for halloween and next month I get the pet of the month, that is the black bear. for xmas i get the webkinz clydesdale... heres a lil advice. for the pet of the month u need to get the webkinz version the lil kinz version dont work, theyre trying to scam a bit.. well I also have some charms. i have the google,polor bear,wishing well,wheel of wow,and chiuaua.. if u have been helped by this just post in this site.. i will check this site often so if u need help just post a comment im here 4 u

KinzKong 9 years ago

I had 20 Forest Charms. For some reason they disappeared!! Anyone have any reason why??? THANKS!!!

Need to know secrets on webkinz 9 years ago

Hello everyone i wanna know if you know any secrets on webkinz, if you do contact me on my email, ( or on webkinz, my username is jakec98.

mstoven 9 years ago

I have every Webkinz that has been released to date. Them I am keeping and I have tons for sale. I love webkinz and have two accounts.

Any questions contact me at

I have tons of Webkinzs for sale.

poop 9 years ago

i love weebkins

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