Weird Gifts!

Novelty Gift Ideas!

If you want to buy something different, something quirky to raise a smile or three, this is the Hubpage for you! Here you will find a large choice of gift ideas to suit everyone from those with the tightest budgets to those who can afford gold dust in their coffee.

Sometimes, a formal gift seems too formal - boring, even. Or maybe you just want a selection of economical gifts to amuse a particular fun-loving friend?  The range of items available is limited only by your imagination and your pocket - and fun need not be costly at all.

Choose from games, action figures, bizarre First Aid bandages and intriguing ornaments.


Fun Gift Ideas!

Many of the gift ideas here are suitable for an office desk or a car dashboard. Who could resist having your own set of glow in the dark zombies or finger drums? These take up very little space but will surely raise a few smiles.

Alternatively, check out the huge range of products at Spooky Cute Designs, which offers BBQ aprons, dog coats, mousemats, bags, hats, key-chains and a massive selection of t-shirts printed with exclusive images (see link below the photos on the left.)

Or perhaps you are simply looking for some interesting bric-a-brac for your home, something to add a splash of quirky individuality or a talking point? How holding about a game of Finger Twister next time your friends come around? And when did you last hear a pickle yodel? These simple yet amusing gadgets would be conversation pieces at any informal get-together.

Personally, I rather like the racing grannies which are cute and funny. I'm sure I saw a pair of these on the set of Being Human, on the kitchen shelf in the flat shared by Annie, Mitchel and George.

As for the stuffed 'psychic rat', I can't guarantee it will accurately foretell your future (or anything else for that matter), but you can sure this adorable purple toy will inspire a smile or two.

The wide choice of economical and amusing gifts is immense. These are just a few of the many things available but the ideas here should be enough to inspire your shopping.

Huge range of gifts at Spooky Cute Designs.
Huge range of gifts at Spooky Cute Designs.

Retired From Work not Life!

Slippers and socks may well be the mainstay of the stickiest stick-in-the-mud, but there are many alternatives to presenting gran and grandpa with boiled sweets and a pipe rack.  Use a bit of imagination.  Retired from work does not mean retired from life!  60 is the new 40.

Most retired people maintain full and active lives.  How about treating them to a keep fit class, salsa lessons, a canal boat tour or a beauty therapy course?  Or you might consider non-vocational college courses aimed at the over 50s, such as photography, creative writing, DIY or wine appreciation.  There are a huge range of such courses now available, and at a modest fee.  Some of these courses might be offered free of charge.

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Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv

Love it! Great hub idea!

AdeleCosgroveBray profile image

AdeleCosgroveBray 6 years ago from Wirral, Cheshire, England. Author


Manna in the wild profile image

Manna in the wild 6 years ago from Australia

Great ideas! Good hub too. I hope it does well.

AdeleCosgroveBray profile image

AdeleCosgroveBray 6 years ago from Wirral, Cheshire, England. Author

I hope so, too, Manna; and thanks.

iZeko profile image

iZeko 6 years ago

I like this weird stuff! Especially the “I see tall people” doggie shirt.

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