What Does NERF stand for?

Nerf Gun

the nerf soccer ball
the nerf soccer ball

Every child has at least one time or another played with Nerf ball or a Nerf gun, but does anyone know what NERF actually stands for? Nerf was started by the Parker Brothers in 1969 starting with a 4 inch thick polyurethane ball. The Nerf ball was created as an indoor safe ball. Nerf was started and the company name stands for "Non-Expanding Recreational Foam."Over the span of time Hasbro has since aquired the company and have come out with several other lines of toys including Nerf Guns and Super Soakers. In 2011, the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS won "Boy Toy of the Year" as well as the Nerf Super Soaker Shot Blast won "Outdoor Toy of the Year."

These childhood weaponry toys have shaped a lot of young lads childhood.

Nerf gun
Nerf gun

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Cole123456789 2 years ago

what does NERF stand for????

cdog 2 years ago

"Non-Expanding Recreational Foam."

benny reich 2 years ago

Never Ending Real Fun lol

drfc 2 years ago

my friend said it was never ending rapid fire

Jeff 2 years ago


Non-Expanding Recreational Foam

Gvido 18 months ago

National entertainment rifle factory

Bob 14 months ago

Never Eat Rotten Farts lolololololol

Tim 13 months ago

Nerds ears rip farts

juan 12 months ago


machinegun3007 4 months ago

NERF Stands For Noobs Eat Rubber Foam

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