What Is The Microsoft Kinect And How Much Does It Cost? The Xbox 360s New Motion System

Microsoft has been showing off a new motion console since 2009. Previously referred to as "Project NATAL", the new system has been branded the Xbox 360 Kinect. Taking the motion controls of the Nintendo Wii a step further, the connect requires gamers to move their entire body to control the onscreen images.

This is accomplished using sensitive motion capturing video technology, like an advanced version of Sony's Eyetoy brand. In preparation for E3 2010, Microsoft let the first pieces of information regarding this new consoles future and the games it will be featuring.

Using a 3D camera, it is actually able to correctly model not just the area of the camera view a body is taking up, but to actually render a body in 3D space and represent it in a virtual space accurately. Microsoft has bet big on the Kinect being a Wii killer amongst families and the non-core gamer demographic.

Amazon Preorders of the Kinect are slated to ship on November 4, 2010.  The ship date for the Kinect seems pretty firm, so those interested in one should preorder now.

Microsoft Kinect Driving Gameplay
Microsoft Kinect Driving Gameplay

The First Xbox 360 Kinect Games

Here is information about the very first 360 Kinect games being produced by Microsoft.

  • Kinect Sports - Proving that there's no such thing as an original idea, the very first game available for the Kinect will be a sports title. Wave and dance and compete against friends and family in soccer, table tennis, boxing, and three other sports games.
  • Joyride- The game being played in the photo to the right, the Kinectic Joyride will allow players to "really" drive a car by steering with their hands.
  • Kinectimals- Microsoft's Kinect game for the Farmville crowd. Raise and cuddle lions, cheetahs, dogs, and a whole mess of other animals.
  • Dance Central- Produced by MTV Games, players can expect hot music licenses to provide the background to this full body dancing game. Imagine Dance Dance Revolution, but for your entire body.
  • Kinect Adventures- Kinect Sports for the extreme sports crew. White water rafting and other hard core sporting events can be enjoyed by up to four players.

As shown at E3, Star Wars and Disney games will also be available on the Xbox Kinect. The Star Wars game will feature lightsaber fighting, just like fans want. It seems that Microsoft had keened in on gamers wishes for the original Wii release.

How Much Will The Microsoft Kinect Cost?

The earliest release of the 360 Kinect will be priced at $150. This is about the price of the Nintendo Wii, the market MS is obviously targeting for. It is expected to be available in retailers by this time this next year.

Although not quite ready for release, demand for the Xbox Kinect is already huge! Amazon.com is already excepting preorders for both the Kinect and many of the Kinect's launch games. If you're interested in purchasing a 360 Kinect for your family, place your orders now to ensure you get it on launch day!

Those who remember when the Nintendo Wii was first released will recall that it was extremely popular and very difficult to find for nearly a year. By preordering your Kinect System, you will ensure that you get it the day of release. A perfect early Christmas present for the entire family, this new Xbox console is sure to be a major hit.

Launch games will also be in high demand. Check out the exciting games slated to be released alongside Microsoft's Kinect console.

An Xbox 360 will be required to play the Kinect. It will attach to a USB port on the side of the console.

Read more about the differences between the Kinect and the Wii so you'll get a good idea of the pros and cons of these two systems. 

Watch Microsoft Kinect Gameplay Footage

The Xbox Kinect and the Slim Xbox 360

In addition to showing off the Kinect, Microsoft also announced a day later that they would be releasing a brand new Xbox 360 model called the Slim Xbox 360 (AKA: The 250 Gig Elite). This new console will feature a special USB port designed specifically with the Kinect in mind. If you are planning on purchasing a Xbox 360 to use the Kinect accessory, this will be the one.

Expected to retail at $299, it is currently the best Xbox on the market. They are already available in stores, so order right away as they are a hot item.

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CheapMobilePhones profile image

CheapMobilePhones 6 years ago from UK

This is the First time I am hearing about motion controllers for Xbox360

Abwaan profile image

Abwaan 6 years ago

That is amazing!

x23 LauraK 6 years ago

Can't wait! It's here for today, ready for tomorrow :)

Already spending about $2,000 in my head watching E3

sporn profile image

sporn 6 years ago from Australia

"it is currently the best Xbox on the market"

.. is the hardware upgraded or anything? Or is it just slimmer?

Len Cannon profile image

Len Cannon 6 years ago from Brooklyn, NY Author

I have another hub that goes into detail on the differences, but in addition to being smaller it has more memory, a different cooling system, built in wi-fi, and a less failure prone hardware design (haven't examined it myself yet, gonna have to take the news feeds word)

Kelly 6 years ago

WOW this is really cool xD CANT WAIT :]

VazDrae 6 years ago

Hmmm.. were have i seen this before... Oh yeah, the Eye Toy... Yes, this whole thing has been done before with Eyetoy on the PS2, and some things with the Eye on the PS3, but the games and features they showed for the Kinect, is pretty much the same stuff you can get with the Eye Toy...

chrisb 6 years ago

I disagree, the eye toy only meausures movment infront of it on a 2-dimensional frame, this however measures in 3d and although the concept is the same there is far more technology required to make 3d motion capture possible.

BOB the great 6 years ago

I think if you have the budget, you should get the new ps3 motion bundle

Sid 6 years ago

The PS3 motion bundle "Move" is just a copy of the NIntendo Wii and after the first month and the hype dies down people will see that, and it will be just at the time of the launch of Kinect which is something new and has many other uses other than just games.

KInect comes with a game and allows TWO players to play straight out of the box and does NOT need to recharge anything or need controllers. (It will also plug directly into the new 360 S Kinect port with no exteranl power supply needed)

The Move however has hidden costs and to have TWO players costs every bit as much as Kinect and does less for it, the time you buy the add ons needed and a game(No game included in In Europe etc version of Move) it works out very expensive

Also each game played om Move "ALL" controllers have to be Calibirated "every" time you change games !!!!(it's automatic on Kinect and you never even need to use a controller) and then there is the charging PS3 MOVE for two players will need "4" USB leads and they will not fit into the poor PS3 slims 2 only ports so more money for Move to buy some sort of docking system to charge up all those controllers every half an hour or so.

Kinect requires no recharging

PS3 Motion is poor in features and it's game value whereas KINECT is the far better all in one system.

Shardul Kavale profile image

Shardul Kavale 4 years ago


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