What are good stuffs to do when you are at the beach?

 Besides the usual swimming and tanning, there are a lot of fun things to do at the beach. Some beaches offer recreational activities, parks, and even grills. Some fun ideas include having a picnic, playing volleyball, finding shells, reading a book, renting a canoe or paddleboat and even just people watching can be interesting.

   Each year, my family gets together at the beach for a reunion. The kids' are instantly running to the water. We build sand castles and dig moats. We also use a t-shirt to catch minnows. The kids love seeing the tiny fish. Two adults take the four corners of the shirt and hold it to the bottom of the water. When the minnows are above the shirt, the adults just lift the shirt fast to keep the minnows from swimming away. Burying the kids' in sand is also a blast. Just remember not to cover their heads.

   Volleyball is played best when played at a beach. Most beaches also offer horseshoes and some even provide baseball diamonds. Sports provides fun , entertainment and even some exercise. If you do not have enough people, ask other beach goers and you will be surprised at how many would love to engage in activities with you. This is a great way to make friends as well. Even throwing a frisbee can bring your inner child out.

   Renting a paddleboat or canoe will give you a chance to enjoy the water in other ways besides swimming. Both require a lttle effort to maneuver, but the ride on the water is worth every bit. These activities are both relaxing as well.

   Finding shells and reading a book are fun ways to occupy your time at the beach whether you are alone or with others. These are good for those who just want to "hang out" at the beach.

   Even at night, some beaches offer special events. For example, the beach at Bishop Lake recreation taught us about the constellations at the beach. I have never seen the starts as they looked from the beach. Since there are no trees, the view is one of a kind. This was an event for the family and a great memory for my son and husband as well as myself.

   Whether going to the beach alone or with others', there is always something fun to do. Going to be by the water is satisfaction in its' own. Doing other things while at the beach, just makes it that much more pleasant. If you go, the fun will find you! 


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Charmaine T 7 years ago

thanks lipshooter!

sarahlynn1996 6 years ago

thaks! this is really helpful!

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