What is a Fushigi Ball?

What is a Fushigi Ball?

What is a Fushigi Ball?

Have you ever heard of a thing called a fushigi ball? Neither have many people – which is a shame, because it is a very relaxing and entertaining device that can become your next favorite hobby if you give it a try. A fushigi ball isn’t something that many people have heard of or even seen, which is why this article will explain everything you need to know about this intriguing topic that is quickly growing in popularity.

What is a Fushigi Ball? – An Overview

A fushigi ball is a clear ball made of plastic that is used in the art of fushigi – which is a therapeutic practice that basically, through entertaining and awe-inspiring illusion, allows the user to ‘defy gravity’ and do a myriad of highly-interesting tricks and techniques. A fushigi ball can be flown, spun, or levitated – although it cannot do these things on its own!

What is a Fushigi Ball? – How It Works

As mentioned, the fushigi ball doesn’t move around and pull off amazing tricks on its own. You control it actively through hand motions, by a technique known as ‘contact juggling’. This is a way to juggle that involves keeping the ball on the body, therefore ‘in contact’, instead of tossing it into the air. By practicing hand techniques and motions, you can make the ball appear to spin, levitate, and float, all without invisible strings or any other apparatus.

What makes the illusion work is that the ball is a sphere that looks the same no matter what the angle. This is because the surface is the same all over – which means an observer cannot tell that the ball is moving around a fixed contact point. It’s hard to see this in real life, but there are videos which point this out and make it apparent.

The best way to learn how it works, though, is to watch an instructional clip or DVD, so you can see the processes with your own eyes and listen to instructions on how to pull off these simple yet incredible tricks.

What is a Fushigi Ball?- The Purpose

Fushigi is a recreational and therapeutic art that uses skill to pull off relaxing yet entertaining movements. You can use fushigi to control stress, or to simply entertain others (and yourself!). Note that a fushigi ball is not a toy; with that said, anyone, even small children, can learn how to do it and manipulate the ball with ease.

Many today are picking up a fushigi ball and learning fushigi as a part of a growing craze over the art, owing to the fact that the art is very visually appealing and even challenging once you get up to the more advanced tricks. A good fushigi practitioner – who can be just about anyone – can take a 3-inch or larger fushigi ball and use it to seemingly create magic.

If you want to invoke a sense of awe in yourself and your friends and family, then picking up a fushigi ball and getting started might be for you.

Japanese Crystal Ball Performer (Contact Juggling with crystal ball)

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Comments 66 comments

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Thanks for introducing me to a Fushigi ball - a new lesson for me!

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Thanks to you for visiting.

You have great Hubs by the way :-)

Jeff 6 years ago

Hey, this is a nice, thorough introduction to the Fushigi ball and contact juggling. There's still some debate going on in the community as to whether Fushigi should be presented as a brand or an artform, but the Fushigi people are showing good faith by updating their website to emphasize the Fushigi ball's roots in contact juggling.

Is that you in the video? If so or if not, how long have you been contact juggling?

By the way, intesting articles on Hebrew tattoos! I didn't know Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears had them. Do you think it's partially because of the recent popularization of Qabalah?

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hey Jeff :-)

This is not me doing juggling there,i simply liked this video.

I simply write about interesting things i like.

I'm glad you liked it,and yes i think the popularity of Qabalah certainly helped.

Thanks again for the comment.

Wipeout666 6 years ago

This is a good way to relax!

Crazy man9 6 years ago

The fushigi ball rocks

D-dog 6 years ago

I can't stop thinking about my fushigi! It's coming In one week!!!!! :)

CJ 6 years ago

Fushigi is a ball used in the art of contact juggling. It is the perfect introduction to contact juggling. Great for beginners and safer then regular acrylics

USMC 6 years ago

Love the Fushigi ball, going to order one ASAP! Looks like lots of fun, and an easy way to relax and just waste some time.

deborah johnson 6 years ago

i ordered my fushigi ball on june 8th and still has not come i tried 3 times to email at your email address and came back every time whats' up?

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi Debora :-)

I'm not selling anything at all.

The links here are Amazon links,so if you bought from Amazon,you should contact them.If you bought somewhere else contact the place you bought from.I didn't get any mail from you ,and just checked again.If you want you can leave your mail and i will contact you or try again in the contact box above.Anyway i'm not selling the fushigi ball you should contact the place you bought from.

Thanks and good luck :-)

Andrew 6 years ago

It's a reflective metal ball. That's it.

Will 6 years ago

Andrew he just explained what it is up in the description...

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Andrew will is right and this is not a metal ball of-course .

Rich Shumaker 6 years ago

Dynamic Object Manipulation, Contact Juggling, Sphereplay & Fushigi. Similar names and concepts. The last two focus on the Ball or Sphere. Contact Juggling can include any prop that can stay in contact with your skin. Dynamic Object Manipulation can be done with anything is what Michael Moschen calls what he does including his 'Light' performance and work he did in Labyrinth the movie. Which inspired James Ernest to create a book called Contact Juggling thus coining the term that is now used by most to describe the art.

Fushigi the company is back ordered I know because I called them to find out where my order is. They couldn't tell me when I would get my order. I recommend anyone with an issue call the company especially if your emails are going unanswered.

The original Fushigi ad shows a clear ball not a metal ball. The website shows just the metal ball. The Fushigi ball is a ball inside a ball. A metal ball inside an acrylic ball.

Held right with the right light the clear part of the ball should disappear and show a metal ball floating above your fingers, thus 'Magic' 'Defy Gravity' effects. Many have 'issues' with the marketing fluff for the ball. Personally I am glad more people are being introduced to this amazing art form. Call it whatever you may or might.

Rock 6 years ago

Labrynth...good movie with david bowie doing that

ashley 6 years ago

It looks cool but I still don't believe it. Though I have not tried it out, I don't see how it could work like in the video up above.

Does the ball actually move or does it stay in place like it looks in the videos?

dann 6 years ago

so basically an updated version of benwah balls

BABaracusRaisedtothePowerofTwo 6 years ago

Thanks. I was trying to figure it out based only on commercials, and even though I did, it didn't seem to answer my questions. But now that you fully explain it it makes a lot more sense. Thank you very much.

ki 6 years ago

the fushigi's just an illusion but it still looks fun and and amazing................ps labyrynth GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

firerunt 6 years ago

just to let you all know that wasn't david bowe doing the tricks atleast not all of them they used someone who was very experienced with the fushigi balls there was something on the labrynth movie also a great jim henson movie

Mike 6 years ago

So it's just an over priced ball that you flip in your fingers... I'll stick with videogames for my "relaxing and entertaining device".

NoFads4me 6 years ago

There will be a lot of disappointed people when they get their ball. You wouldn't believe how many people ordered this thing, thinking that it was defying gravity. I wish I could be there when they open the box and see that its an over priced plastic ball.

SweetiPie 6 years ago

I already knew what a fushigi ball was, but i was still wondering how?, I have now figured it out, and hopefully I can convince my mom into letting me buy one. Just wondering But what is the age you have to be for you to be able to get fushigi?, If anyone knows can they PLEASE tell me.

-Sweetie Pie

jd 6 years ago

the ball takes forever to get in i order 2 weeks later they have to back order and here i am a month later no ball

Juggle4real 6 years ago

I would seriously advise anyone actually interested in furthering their skills in contact juggling against buying this product.

It's something like someone telling you that you can learn to throw a Frisbee proficiently by using a remote controlled flying disk.

Or that you can only run if you buy running shoes.

You need to be able to manipulate a contact juggling ball that doesn't have the assistance of a weighted center, so by purchasing this product all you're doing is significantly handicapping yourself and delaying your proficiency.

Not to mention seeming pretty ridiculous should you run into anyone who actually knows what they are doing.

Buy yourself a 3 inch acrylic ball and YouTube "Contact juggling" you'll have some genuine, unassisted skill in no time.

Coolmint33 6 years ago

Wow now I really want one.

jeramy 6 years ago

ok so yeah im glad i saw the explaination... i thought that maybe it was a ball filled with helium or something that was able to lighten it... still is kinda cool tho.. but not 20 dollars cool...

RichAzzJerk 6 years ago

just dont get it. To me it just looks like hes holding plastic or glass ball moving his hands.

Samurai 6 years ago

20$ just for an oversized marble? Get outta here. Save yourself the money and go buy a baseball to practice this with first. I've been contact juggling for 8 years, this "Fushigi Ball" is doing nothing but capitalizing on people's ignorance of the skill's simplicity. Just like Parkour, you don't need 50$ shoes to be good at it. It's all about what YOUR body can do.

Michelle 6 years ago

Looks pretty cool, dunno if want one or not. It does look like an overpriced marble. LOL. I could probably get four or five sacks of marbles for $20.

John 6 years ago

Some of the tricks in the Fushigi Commercial were not even on the DVD so I'm trying to find all the tricks on the web.

imani 6 years ago

cool awesome tight?!

Chet664 6 years ago

What is that saying about having too much free time? Waste of time, Dude!

CJ'er 6 years ago

I'd advise NOT buying a Fushigi ball if you want to learn this art. Get a standard contact juggling stageball or clear acrylic instead. Take a look on Youtube to find videos of the notoriously poor quality of Fushigi balls as compared to other contact juggling balls.

Acom 6 years ago


shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi CJ'er :-)

There are acrylic ball in the links to Amazon products above ,and also great vids about contact juggling in youtube.

Acom sorry to hear about that i hope you will get your ball.Again i just wanted to make clear that though i wrote an Hub about fushigi ball ,i don't sell the product and have nothing to do with the company.

I hope you can contact them and solve the problem.

thomas 6 years ago

Contact juggling takes scores of hours just to master the basics. Ive been doing it for years.

Madison 6 years ago

:) Contact juggling was used heavily in the cult classic Labyrinth- my first introduction to this art! I have fallen in love, it's so cool! Haha.

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi Madison. :-)

I totally agree.I love it too :-)

emily112 6 years ago

I wanted one, but now its like all it is is a plastic ball that does nothing..I am not sure if I should get one, because everything says it is just a normal, high-priced plastic ball that does abselutely nothing. woops I think I spelled that wrong but anyway someone please tell me if this ball actually does something and if I should get it or not. thanks

Yaron 6 years ago

Contact juggling is great fun,but one needs to invest time and effort in order to do these lovely tricks.

I use Acrylic balls and not the fushigi ball and the Acrylics are great.

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi Emily112 :-)

You can read about the fushigi ball in the Hub and in the comments.You should buy it only if you intend to learn contact juggling ,otherwise you shouldn't.

Thanks yaron ,i totally agree.

jugglingjoe 6 years ago

Hate to break it to you, but the Fushigi ISN'T a radical new form of "Therapeutic Relaxation," it's a badly made contact juggling ball.

Contact juggling has been around for decades, and Fushigi is just a cheap spinoff of the phenomenon.

Do yourselves a favour and take advantage of the Amazon links to buy yourselves a REAL, properly made acrylic contact juggling ball.

WoodsmensPost profile image

WoodsmensPost 6 years ago from Arizona

Interesting, first time I have seen these. Nice hub

Roo 6 years ago

As a professional contact juggler for several years, I can tell you that

1.) Fushigi balls are a waste of money, being of very poor quality (scratching easily, problems with the middle metal ball being off centre, not even completely spherical in some cases)

2.) the guys running Fushigi are a bunch of money grabbing charlatans, who have seen someone who has spent years practising contact juggling/sphereplay/ whatever you want to call it and has decided that they can buy a chinese ball factory, make a snazzy advert and undercut hard working juggling shops and suppliers purely for profit

and 3.) That while some contact juggling moves are easy to pick up straight away, it took me nearly 8 months of solid play (I'm a professional Juggler,so think SOLID play) before I was able to link up enough moves to induce the 'Magic gravity defying' effects they claim are so easy, and in juggling circles that was considered speedy.

It is worthwhile, but not from Fushigi. Don't give these Shamsters your money!

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi Roo :-)

Thanks for the comment.

You are welcome to write a bit about your experience as a juggler if you like ,in the comments.I will gladly approve.

mandi 6 years ago

This product SUCKS!!!! I bought it for my son who has been witing for it for months. It os not as easy as it looks. DO NOT buy this for your children!!!

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi Mandi :-)

As i said before ,i'm not selling this ball and have no relations with the company which sells it,but i have to ask you : What did you expect?

Did you expect the ball the ball to jump and start doing tricks by itself?

Bicycles riding,swimming,or any other sport or hobby are not as easy as they look as well.

If hard work wouldn't be a part of it,it wouldn't be fun.

Brian Brown 6 years ago

The fushigi ball is fun its not meant to be a rip off its meant to have fun with so that when your ready to do the real thing you can get a acrylic ball. Although the fushigi is heavy enough that its basically the same thing anyway. I have a fushigi and it took me and my friend a little less than two weeks to get it, and we both got two fushigi balls for like 20 bucks. So everyone quit crying already buy one if you want and if you don't want one quit trying to ruin other peoples fun and just quit commenting.

Person 6 years ago

@ Brian: We're Just trying to stop people getting scammed !

Kyle 6 years ago

I just bought one of these a couple of weeks back, and I'm completely addicted to it! All of my friends are constantly playing with it when we're sitting around hanging out. My sister's kid loves playing with it too! The cool thing is, for someone who previously had never heard of contact juggling, you get a DVD with it to help show you the ropes. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a unique way to have some fun and relax.

WoodsmensPost, while I respect your opinion as a purist to your artform, I feel that your negativity is counterproductive to spreading the joy one can derive from contact juggling. Remember, not everyone has access to juggling shops and suppliers. Also, Fushigi informing the masses about contact juggling (which I had never heard of previously, and I'm sure many others haven't either) only makes you more profitable as a professional contact juggler due to heightened interest in the art. Heightened interest simply equals more avenues for you to perform and further spread your artform and also derive a personal profit.

Duran Bobb 6 years ago

I just bought a Fushigi because it looked relaxing - and it is! I practice for about an hour, doing tricks that I thought I would never be able to do in my life! When I did my first windshield wiper, I dropped the ball and bust out laughing into the mirror! :D I forget about work, family problems, which is a treat for me! It clears the mind. I don't give a rat's ass if it's ancient or new...I found it through Fushigi. I can't plug it in, it doesn't make noise, and I have to use my imagination and skill to use it. It is helping me to build my manual dexterity, too. Seems like more kids could use a little of that. These days if it doesn't make sounds or perform on its own while kids zone out, parents don't want anything to do with it. I'd highly recommend for someone overworked, under-appreciated, who's looking for some meditation. :)

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi Duran :-)

I approved your comment ,however i think most people will need much more time than an hour of practice to master the skills for doing these tricks.Contact juggling

needs a lot of hard work and the fushigi ball is not a magic ball.

One should really practice a lot ,in order to succeed and people should know it.

Anyway i'm glad you visited. :-)

john 6 years ago

I bought 1 about a week ago. Of course I didn't expect a "magic anti-gravity device." It is pretty clearly written on the box that it is an illusion. Bottom line for me is that I would have never heard of contact juggling without Fushigi. Also, like anything worth while - some practice is needed. I love mine, if anything it's unique, and I HARDLY feel like it's a "rip-off." Too damn many negative people here trying to be pseudo consumer saviors. If you don't like the thing, don't buy it - leave the rest of us "dummies," alone!

jamie 6 years ago

Its the best thing I ever played with I love it

Carrot 6 years ago

Kyle and Duran sound like Fushigi shills to me, since they use terms employed in the advertising. On several occasions I've tried to learn normal juggling, it ain't easy, and at first it isn't relaxing either.

At any rate, I found this hub to be well written and a good read! I have read a lot that indicates the Fushigi ball isn't the best quality product, though, so probably those interested should start elsewhere. But those moms who bought this for their kids who thought they'd become real magicians, I guess it's just a life lesson, huh?

Also, the illusion works because of the reflective nature of the ball. Since the reflection of the horizon on the ball never changes, it looks like the ball isn't rotating as you use it.

Wayne Harmon 6 years ago

IMHO, this is a great toy for older kids and adults, but not for younger kids. If they want to do magic, get them a good magic book. If they want to do contact juggling, start with something like a Lacrosse ball that has less chance of putting out a window, or bruising their siblings.

Wayne Harmon 6 years ago

P.S. Enough of that "this is a rip-off" silly rhetoric. A 3" acrylic ball from Dube is close to $20, and is also not a 'ripoff'. The Fushigi comes with a nice DVD. I saw the TV commercial and got what I expected and my money's worth.

niken 6 years ago

hi im niken i been wanting a fushigi ball for ever thank you who ever made fushigi.

Samantha 6 years ago

I like them, but they are not really for kids, unless thay are very skilled.

Christina 6 years ago

Hey there!

After receiving a Fushigi ball for Christmas this evening, I googled and came across your hub!

Actually, I first came across page after page of people complaining, "it doesn't defy gravity!" I was honestly surprised, though I ought to have learned by now. Does *anything* defy gravity? Even the box states "Learn Dozens of Illusions"! They were frustrating to read through. I did learn that the 800 number is full of problems...upsales and such, that are common with 800 numbers. Mine is from Bed Bath and Beyond, though I've seen them in Walgreens. In-store is the way to go! The cost is blacked out so I don't know if my dear Aunt paid the retail twenty bucks or not.

Once I got past the complaints, I discovered the illusions are through "Contact Juggling". I've never heard of such a thing! I have always enjoyed Chinese Medicine balls (way different than Ben Wa balls, btw :P) and enjoy the feel of this Fushigi ball. I'm unsure if I'll ever be skilled, but I'm looking forward to giving it a try! And if nothing else, it is quite attractive.

As far as a gift for children...I don't know. The box suggests it is appropriate for those 12 and over. It is a bit larger than I thought. I have small hands and the ball does fill my hold. Also, to repeat the point that kids lose interest without multimedia fascination....it's true. Perhaps giving them something physical and mental to do would be good for them! I'd probably advise to make sure learning contact juggling is something they would enjoy....and to make sure they understand it's something *they* do. Not the ball.

Overall, I don't understand the outrage over the product. Advertisements always show the ideal side of what they're selling. Fushigi's package has the words "hand manipulation", "appear", "illusions", and "maneuvers" all over. $20 to explore a new hobby seems reasonable to me, and as long as you avoid the 800-number, I approve.

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Thanks Christina ,Samantha and all of you for the comments .

Happy Christmas :-)

Gallway Meg 6 years ago

Don't give a Fushigi to a child. Even teens are questionable. We have to replace a sink because it was accidentally dropped which put a good 4 inch hole in a porcelain sink. Wishin' I never saw a Fushigi!

bob 6 years ago

it's a con....you can do it with a softball....check youtube.com.....and then they call you and ask for your credit card over the phone.......caution

kevin 6 years ago

Fushigi is just awesome

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