What is evony free forever

What is evony free forever MMORPG

Evony free forever is one of the most populer browser based free online games. This game has a quite descent flash based graphics. Evony online game is a war strategy game where you can create upto 10 cities of your own, defend them from other players attack and attack other players to take their resources and even the whole city. This game is free to play. Anyone can play it for free as long as they want , but can also purchase things if they want to. You can interact with other players through chat and mail within the game. You can make your friend and of course enemies.

My Evony online guide

How to start playing evony

Starting Evony free forever is very easy. You just have to register with your email and choose a password. Then you have to select which server you want to play in. There are many servers and every server is a different world. So , when you are starting playing evony free forever the server you choose for the first time will continue to be your world. Always, select the topmost server as that is the most recent server. In older servers players have already started playing from earlier times and has already gotten very strong.

After you select the server , you will be given a city which will be your main base to develop resource and army. You will be in a 7 day beginner's protection mode , within this first 7 days no other players can attack you and also you can not attack any other players. This 7 days are the most vital time to make your self strong. If you don't paly correctly within these 7 days then whenever this 7 days are over other strong players will start attacking you and destroy your city( well almost destroy, because if you have only one city then that can not be taken from you but all your resources can be taken by other players ) .

There are three views of evony ,
Town view - where you can see the building inside town like cottages, barracks, walls etc,
City view - where all your resource fields exists
Map view - where you can see the other player cities and their coordinates.
You can change the view by clicking , town, city or map on the top right corner of your screen.

In evony free forever, within first 7 days you need to mximize the resource production rate and build defence. If your your resource production rate is good then you can build buildings and produce more troops.,and if you have a very strong defence then most of the players will not be able to attack and plunder( take all your resources). Without a good defence whatever resource you produce that will be plundered by other players, making it impossible to continue palying evony free forever any further.

Initially , you will start with 13 empty resource fields in the city(outside your town) , one townhall in your town and 5000 gold, food, lumber, and iron. You have to create resource fields like farms - which produces food, Sawmills - which produces lumber, query - which produces stones and ironmines - which produces iron. Each buildings can be upgraded to level 9 and with each upgrade it will produce more amount of resources.

The townhall is like the heart of your city. With each upgrade of the townhall , you wil get 3 more empty resource fields . When you upgrade any of the buildings it will take some time to complete and consume some resource. So, proper supply of resources are very necessary .

For defence, you have to build and upgrade the wall. The necessery precodition of building wall is the workshop. So you have to build an workshop before you can start building wall. On the wall they are 5 different units of wall defence to kill enemy troops. These are
Traps - the cheapest unit to produce. Build 100-500 traps.
Abatis This units kills only horsemen, so build 100-500 abatis.
Archer's tower - These are the most effective against all kinds of enemy so build as many as possible. Strong Players build around 13000 to 18000 Archer's towers on each city wall, which makes the city cery much secured.
Rollinglogs - Do not build more than 500 units .
Defensive Trebuchets - These are very expensive to build as it takes lot of stones. These units are one time shot units, which means it only fires once then gets destroyed. So do not build more than 100 of these units.
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