What kind of dragons are there in Skyrim?

The different kind of dragons in Skyrim. Photo: Wikimedia / Bethesda studios
The different kind of dragons in Skyrim. Photo: Wikimedia / Bethesda studios

What kind of dragons are there in Skyrim?

What kind of dragons are there in Skyrim?

Yes, what kind of dragons are there in the Skyrim world? In Skyrim, you will encounter several kinds of dragons. These dragons may appear at random times, sometimes in smaller cities (i.e. Riverwood) and sometimes in watchtowers. For example, the first dragon you encounter will be during the intro of the game, however you can not engage this in combat. Later in the story you will encounter your first dragon next to the Western watchtower, this will be towards the end of the Dragon Rising mission. This will be quite an 'easy' battle compared to the dragon battles which you will encounter later in the game.

There are 5 different kinds of Dragons in Skyrim:

  1. Dragon
  2. Blood Dragon
  3. Frost Dragon
  4. Elder Dragon
  5. Ancient Dragon

The dragons will, as mentioned earlier, appear at random times throughout the game. The first dragon you encounter will either be a dragon or a blood dragon, most likely. What kind of dragon you meet is decided by your character's level; so approximately your 5 five levels mean you will meet a dragon during your first encounter. Level 5-15 means you will encounter a blood dragon, whereas level 15-35ish you will encounter a frost dragon. When your character is above level 30-35, you will encounter elder dragons, and then later on you will encounter the strongest of the dragons; the ancient dragons. Naturally, the dragons are of various strengths, ranging from the weakest dragon till the strongest ancient dragons. The dragons may at some times be named, but at other times they will not have names; simply displaying the type of dragons they are.

As mentioned, dragons may appear at various sites around Skyrim; sometimes this will put NPCs at danger. For example, this is especially valid when going into smaller cities, i.e. Riverwood. During one of my first dragon encounters, a frost dragon descended upon the town of Riverwood. People in the streets started shouting: "Get inside!", but unfortunately... no one did. This resulted in a proper NPC slaughter... after a viscious battle fighting the frost dragon, the spoils of war appeared. The last onslaught occurred when the dragon decided to land next to the lumber mill, resulting in Sven, Sigrid and Alvor; running gung-ho over the the small wooden bridge which connects the lumber mill to the mainland, towards the dragon. Seeing what was about to happen I ran as hard as I could to stop the dragon from unleashing its frosty breath upon the three courageous (well, I think Sigrid was fleeing, her arms flailing in the air) warriors. However, it was too late... Sven, with his battleaxe got in one hit on the mighty dragon, but it did not affect it much. When it unleashed its frost, Sven and Sigrid were the first ones to get engulfed in the frosty flames... Sigrid dying instantly, falling like a ragdoll into the river, for never to be seen again. Sven, lasting a tiny bit longer than Sigrid, staggered to the ground as the dragon struck once again. By this time I was slashing and dashing the dragon with all my might, hoping to spare atleast some of the NPCs. However, the massacre was not over... suddenly I could see Alvor storming towards the dragon, and with one might blow; Alvor bit the dust... collapsing where only moments ago his wife had succumbed to the same faith.

These NPCs were now out of the game for good... meaning I had lost both a follower (Sven), a blacksmith (Alvor) and a pretty useless NPC; Sigrid. After the onslaught, HIlde came walking up to the body of Sven; exclaiming: "Oh.. what a shame." Showing no real emotion of her son's premature death. If you want to avoid this happening you should of course just load a game right before the dragon encounter occurred, but I have to say that letting the story take its toll on the NPCs makes the dragon threath feel a bit more realistic, actually having to fear that a dragon may strike at any time... killing not only yourself, but also random NPCs.

To summarize, there are 5 different kind of dragons.. these might kill random NPCs, sometimes people which you are done with (I think.. sure hope I won't need the fallen NPCs later in the game) in the story.

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JohnGreasyGamer profile image

JohnGreasyGamer 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

Some good info there on the dragons. I've only encountered the first three (Dragon, Blood and Frost types as well) in combat, but met the one who trains you the dragon-killing shout (or does he? Not too sure about it yet).

I must admit the dragon encounters in game are thrilling, but like Rift, when the encounter happens and perchance you get bored, it will become stale every time. Still, nice info as always! ^_^

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