Where Can I Buy Shnooks Zuru Toys?! Update

Tweeki Shnooks
Tweeki Shnooks

Shnooks, Shnooks, Wherefore Art Thou?

Flickering TV screens from across America have started airing a commercial for a brand new toy called Shnooks. Now, like many American children, my daughter wants a Shnook. She wants one for her birthday, which is next month.

There are twelve different Shnooks: Fershnizzle, Yengo, Woogie, Wawikki, Tweeki, Blizz, Teeki, Oogadoo, Nookoo, Kookajoo, Zazzee, and Shazzabamm, And no, I didn't just make those names up. But, I don't imagine a bunch of suits sitting around a board room table spending hours upon hours, skipping lunch, late nights, ect. coming up with Shnooks character names. But, they're cute. Who wouldn't want a Oogadoo or a Shazzabamm?

Shnooks In Action

Does Any Store Carry Shnooks?

Out of the scanty postings I found for these wild cotton candy-looking fuzzy toys that claim to expand to more than eight times their original size once its sealed package ("Schnubble" as Shnooks.com refers to it) is opened, I found they seem to only be widely carried in New Zealand and the UK.

And so, being the loving parent who wants to please her--probably spoiled--daughter, I did what I always do when looking for further information on a product: I turned to the Internet to see how much one of these must-have stuffed creatures costs. After surfing around a bit online, I found the task to be most unfruitful. Toys "R" Us doesn’t even carry them! Amazon now carry four types of Shnooks, I am happy to report. Their stock is minuscule, but they are there for the purchasing. Ebay is the other only retailer you can turn to. Again, a small supply, but readily available.

Birthplace of the Shnook

New Zealand has had these fuzzy-haired colorful dolls (think Trollz) since 2009 and the UK plucked them up in February, 2011. There is a cute website, complete with theme song and back-story at Shnooks.com. After clicking on a link labeled, “Find Us!”, I found the USA has its own distributor, Zuru.

Shnooks Have Been Spotted!

***So, yes, the ever-enigmatic Shnooks have been found! I received an e-mail from Cathy at "Team Zuru", the US Shnooks distributor. and she wrote that Toys "R" Us is expected to begin selling Shnooks in MID-March, 2011. And Shnooks are at all Walgreens stores now. However, my local Walgreens does not carry the hairy Shnooks, nor are they listed on the Walgreens website. In fact the store manager I spoke with has not even heard that they will be receiving a supply of Shnooks. (She didn't even know what it is.) I checked CVS too, just in case. They don't have Shnooks, either.

According to the Shnooks Facebook account (who isn't on Facebook?), the wacky hair-styling toy has been spotted by some fans near and far at their local neighborhood Walgreens. One buyer was in New Jersey and another in Virginia. Per their postings, however, it appears Shnooks supplies are low and they are quickly flying off the shelves.

Easter this year is April 24, 2011, so only time will tell if there will be enough stock by then to go around. Oh dear, it looks to be that Shnooks will be just as hot as the Cabbage Patch Doll was in 1985.

Opening Shnooks Tweeki

Shnooks Poll

Do you see yourself hunting for Shnooks in the near furture?

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Comments 23 comments

Nik  6 years ago

I was looking for a shnook for my daughter too, and I found your post, I don't know if you have found one yet , but i found them at our local walgreens pharmacy for

$7.99. hope this helps

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 6 years ago from Ohio! Author

Oh, that's good to know--and a good price, too!

MEEEEEEEEEEE 6 years ago

Hi! I really really want one of these "Shnooks" but I have no idea where to get one! I know they are at Walgreens, but I looked them up on their site and nothing showed up! Please someone email me where to get them! Also I want to know where to get the big shnook! My email: iamshort11011@gmail.com

Twister Gymnast 6 years ago

Uhhhhh! these things are cute but I cant even find their wbsite. HELP!!!!!!

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 6 years ago from Ohio! Author

The official Shnooks website is http://www.shnooks.com/ . I emailed the US distributor, Zuru, last week for where you can get a Shnook, but I have not heard back....Nik, what city/state did you find your Shnook in?

Amelia 6 years ago

Shnooks are huge, My cousin in Australia has told me and I have seen her Shnooks when she visited me two years ago. I am so happy that they are in the States. I have just had a look at the website and you will see they are being sold everywhere.

Susan McReynolds 5 years ago

I gave up and sent for some Shnooks overseas....my granddaughter thinks the Easter Bunny is bringing her one, compliments of the TV commercials. I paid $20 postage, but I figured all in all it was worth it. We don't have many Walgreens near me, checked one out-no Shnooks.

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 5 years ago from Ohio! Author

I just received an email from Zuru, the US distributor of Shnooks, and they said all Walgreens are carrying them (not so for me, either as my stores didn't even know what they were!) and in MID-MARCH, all Toys "R" Us's will carry them....Easter is April 24th this year, but I'm not sure we'll have these Shnooks by then.

Traci 5 years ago

I am in Atlanta...The Walgreens by me is not going to carry them, so I drove up to two more stores. They had full displays. I don't think they are popular here yet as the commercials just began airing this week...only about once a day on Nick. I purchased several one day...went back to the same store several days later and the display was left as I first found it...no one else had purchased any!

They are on Walgreens.com, but the add is hard to figure out...they have two different pics up and say there is an assortment...then they say you get the color posted. Which is it, do they randomly send you a color or do you get the purple one? (I think the series 3 Shnook image is an error).

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 5 years ago from Ohio! Author

The Walgeens website does show a Shnooks toy now. However, it states it is a special Collector's edition--Walgreens states, "This item is an assortment. Picture is representative of what color you will receive." I will see if I can get a clear answer from Zuru about that as it's very confusing.

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 5 years ago from Ohio! Author

The picture of the Shnook on Walgreens' website is Woogie-the one of her in the package and the one of her outsde of the package...so, I don't know if that's the only Shnook Walgreens is offering online or if that's just a picture of one of the six dolls...? I will post here if I find out.

Amelia  5 years ago

Thank you Rosefall! so happy that Walgreens has Shnooks online and only $7.99.

Amelia  5 years ago

I just ordered a Shnooks from Walgreens and under your order for additional information you can write the color you would like as a request. I looked at the website shnooks.com and under meet the Shnooks you will see the colors.

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 5 years ago from Ohio! Author

Amelia, let us know if you are able to get a different Shnook than what's listed. I sent a message to Walgreens a couple days ago asking if only Woogie is available on their site and they have not yet responded. The Shnooks website lists more than the 6 Shnooks sold in America; you can't get all of them here.

Amelia  5 years ago

I have been on Shnooks facebook page and Toys R Us will have them next week. And that you will be able to pick the one that you want. My Shnook hasn't arrived as yet, will let you know when it arrives. In the meantime you should contact Walgreens again before they are sold out. I was also told that they are not in all Walgreens stores. That's why they are hard to find.

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 5 years ago from Ohio! Author

I am curious is Toys R Us will have the same price as Walgreens and if ALL Toys R Us stores wll carry them...and how many they will have on hand. It seems kinda strange TRU and Walgreens would carry them. Just an odd combo, I think.

Traci 5 years ago

Walgreens is a pot luck assortment. They have tons. I ordered two and received the yellow and purple one and the pink and yellow one. Toys R Us is known for hiking to prices to double or more on a popuplar toy. Right now you can only get series 1. The other 6 are not available yet.

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 5 years ago from Ohio! Author

That stinks you can't choose which Shnook you want from Walgreens.com. I wonder why they don't let you choose.

MyBlizz 5 years ago

They are fantastic! I've got Blizz and I love it sooo much!


Anna Banana 5 years ago

Shnooks series 2 are coming to America this year! Maybe as soon as July/August! :)

Jewelee 5 years ago

Hi amelia,

My name is Jewelee.

my birthday is coming in 3 days.

and other day i found my shnook at toys r us.

and they have 13 of them.

have a wonderful day!

Blizz Shnook 4 years ago

I lov shnooks i got 1+1+1=

A.B 9 123456789 4 years ago

Im so exited ...............

im having a shnook

TODAY HORAY ............................................................................................













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