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Despicable Me Toys
Despicable Me Toys | Source

What Do Despicable Me Plush Toys Cost And Where To Buy Them?

There is no news of future Despicable Me toys on the movies official site though there are all sorts of sites popping up with 'despicable me toys' in their urls. The two most reputable sellers online at the moment are Amazon. Click here to view available Despicable Me Toys. As is the case with most hit movies you can expect to pay the price for Despicable Me plush toys too. There are currently just seven Despicable Me Character plush toys available. No sign of popular characters like Gru and Vector. Available toys includes the cute pill shaped Minions plush for Jorge, Dave and Stewart and the Orphan girls Margo, Edith and Agnes.

Despicable Me plush toys prices ranged from $12.99-$26.99 in the first week of the movies release. A few days later Despicable Me plush toys cost you $ 14.99 for a Margo Doll up to
$44.99 for a 10 inch Plush Minion. Smaller 6 inch Minions were priced from $19.99. The current price of Despicable Me Toys stands at $45-$69 for minion toys.The most affordable Despicable Me Plush Toys at the moment are the Margo and Edith Dolls at $ 9.99 each or the cow noise making cans at $1.90. Despite the nearly despicable price tag these toys are selling fast-especially since moms and dads find the minions as adorable as the kids do.The toys are currently only available online.

Minion Jorge
Minion Jorge | Source
Minion Dave
Minion Dave | Source

The Despicable Me Minions Plush Toys

There are hundreds of Minion working for Gru but only few have been given a personality
Tim the Minion, Bob the Minion, Mark the Minion, Phil the Minion, Jerry the Minion, Dave the minion, Stewart the Minion and Minion Jorge. So far only three of the minions have made it into plush toys.

Plush Minion Dave

This Minion is always messing about and always in trouble with Gru.The plush minion.Dave is available in a 10 inch or 6 inch doll.

Minion Jorge

Stewart loves to laugh, the Stewart minion doll comes with his smiling facial expression.

Minion Stewart

This one eyed minion is the cutest minion of them all. Minion Dolls are availbe at Amazon.

Despicable Me Plush Dolls
Despicable Me Plush Dolls | Source

Orphan Girls Despicable Plush Toys

Margo, Edith and Agnes are available in 18 inch plush figures.

Agnes Plush Doll

Is the adorable youngest girl in the group. The Agnes plush doll is soft and life like with
clothes and movable hair.

Edith Plush Doll

The Edith loves splashing in puddles and making mud pies. Her plush toy comes with pink
hat and sweater.

Margo Plush Doll

Is the oldest sister, she is mature and responsible.The Margo plush comes dressed with
cardigan and skirt

The Unicorn Toy

Gru wins a unicorn at the Fair-this is a nice replacement for Agnes old unicorn, which Gru
had destroyed.

Despicable Me Books

If kids love the animated movie then they will love the Despicable Me: The Junior Novel By
Annie Auerbach.Kids can unleash their

Despicable Me Sleepy Kittens Book
Despicable Me Sleepy Kittens Book | Source

Despicable Me Books

If kids love the animated movie then they will love the Despicable Me: The Junior Novel ByAnnie Auerbach.Kids can unleash their imagination as they read about the schemes and plot of Gru and his minions. This edition of the book is also available as an audio book or ebook. Other Despicable Me book titles includes Despicable Me: The World's Greatest Villain by Kirsten Mayer Despicable Me: My Dad the Super Villain by Lucy Rosen. Despicable Me Books also includes the Sleepy Kittens Book from the movie which Gru uses to read to the girls.The book comes with finger puppets included.

Despicble Me Movie

Despicable Me-Steve Carrell (Of Evan Almighty and Get Smart Fame) goes from super bad to super dad in the latest Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment animated adventure. Carrell plays the role of Gru (the second most evil man in the world...according to the movie’s plot that is). Vector the number one most evil guy has just stolen the Pyramids.

Gru is not content with second place so he has to have a bigger heist by stealing the moon! Gru and his minions then plot to outwit the evil Vector but his plans are setback when he adopts three adorable orphans in an attempt to outwit Vector. The little girls Margo, Edith and Agnes change Gru from 'despicable me’ to super dad. Despite the name the movie is fresh and full of comedy, 3D animated fun, authentic characters and a good few morals thrown in for both kids and adults.The movie also features Julie Andrews as Gru’s Mother and Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario, his sidekick.

Despicable Me Cast
Despicable Me Cast | Source

Despicable Me Cast

  • Gru -Steve Carell
  • Vector - Jason Segel
  • Dr. Nefario- Russell Brand
  • Margo -Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly fame.
  • Edith- Dana Gaier
  • Agnes-Elsie Fisher
  • Tim the Minion / Bob the Minion / Mark the Minion / Phil the Minion / Stuart the Minion voiced
  • by -Pierre Coffin.
  • Dave the Minion - Chris Renaud
  • Jerry the Minion -Jemaine Clement
  • Gru's Mom - Julie Andrews

Despicble Me Costumes
Despicble Me Costumes | Source

Despicable Me Costumes

Adroble Charcter costumes includes Minions Jorge and Dave and Agnes, Gru and Vector too Read more details here.

Despicable Me Games

Games from the movie includes Minion
Mayhem and Despicable Me: The Game.
Both of which are available in popular gaming
platforms like Wii and PlayStation or Xbox.
The game was also released earlier this year
in anticipation of the movie so these are
widely available in most stores while the plush
toys are limited.

Despicable Me Soundtrack

The Despicable Me Soundtrack includes the music of Pharrell and The Bee Gees. Tracks

  • Dispicable Me -Pharrell
  • Fun, Fun, Fun- Pharrell
  • Minion Mambo -The Minions
  • Boogie Fever - Sylvers
  • My Life - Robin Thicke
  • Prettiest Girls -Pharrell
  • Rocket's Theme -Pharrell
  • You Should Be Dancing -The Bee Gees
  • The Unicorn Song -Agnes

Despicble Me at The Box Office

Competing with top contenders like Toy Story 3 and Twilight Eclipse Despicable me currently sits at Position 2 of the weeks latest Box office stats. Grossing $118,434,555 after 2 weeks on the circuit compared to the $362,965,378 earned by Toy Story 3 from its run of 5 weeks.

Minion Dominator
Minion Dominator | Source

Despicable Me Official Movie Website

The Despicable me official movie site is jam packed with fun stuff for kids to explore.You
cannot buy Despicable Me Toys on the movies site but here's what you can do on the official
Despicable Me website:

  • Play Minion Dominator
  • Create your own Minions in 3D.
  • View trailers and pictures in the gallery
  • Book Tickets and check out show times and much more.

Gru Tube

The latest Despicable Me craze is GRU TUBE the official youtube channel for the movie. the site is full of clips and official trailers. The channel features over 40 clips incluing the Minions and Agnes 'It's So Fluffy ' Clip. The channel to date has recieved 8,563,005

Grugle Earth

Check out all the latest Minions sightings in your area on Grugle Earth. Buy Despicable Toys and Minion Dolls. View available toys in Amazon.

Despicbale Me Agnes Unicorn Video

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