Where To Find All The Characters In Dragon Age Origins: How To Find Dragon Age Party Members

The expansive RPG Dragon Age: Origins is home to a wide open world which features over a hundred hours worth of questing and exploring. Unfortunately, those who are looking to build their party up will often be at a loss as where to find all the party members in Dragon Age. For those suitably lost and confused, here's how to find Dragon Age party members.

BE AWARE: This guide contains Dragon Age Spoilers. The larger the spoiler, the further down the page it will be listed. Good luck, and have fun!

Players who are being battered by the difficult but satisfyingly strategic combat in Dragon Age: Origins should read here for some basic tips and tricks.

Looking for characters from the expansion, Dragon Age: Awakening?  Read more about how to get all the characters for Dragon Age: Awakening here.

Alistair from Dragon Age
Alistair from Dragon Age


Found: The Korcari Wilds

Class: Warrior (Templar)

Alistiar is the first character that joins you in Dragon Age. No real searching required.  Simply follow the quest Duncan gives you after your origin story and you'll find him arguing with a mage.  He'll join you and the other initiates as you head out in to the Korcari Wilds.  This gregarious Templar will be an invaluable party member early on and should provide adequate support for any of the first quests.

Morrigan (voiced by television's Claudia Black)
Morrigan (voiced by television's Claudia Black)


Found: The Korcari Wilds

Class: Mage (Shapeshifter)

Another easy to earn character, Morrigan will be offered to you as a companion by Flemeth after the battle against the Blight.  Simply remain polite to both mother and daughter and you will find this dragon age companion easy.

Morrigan is a powerful spell caster.  She does not start with any healing skills which can become a major hindrance.  However, her early skill set is diverse and great for dealing damage.

SirBarkso, who is the best boy? Is it you? IS IT YOUUUUUU?
SirBarkso, who is the best boy? Is it you? IS IT YOUUUUUU?

Your Dog

Found: Origin Castle (human nobles) Korcari Wilds (others)

Class: Dog

This unique party member is exactly what he seems: a mighty war dog. Humans will receive this party member early on as part of their quest. Others will have to make sure they do the appropriate quest before preforming The Joining and becoming an official Grey Warden.

Before heading out into the Korcari Wilds, be sure to speak with the Kennel Master. He's a little ways away from the gate. He'll ask for a flower found in the forest beyond to help heal a wounded hound. This flower is easy to find. PC gamers can hold the tab key down to find it almost immediately upon exiting.

Warning: BE SURE to turn the quest in before completing the joining to make sure you get the Dog (which you can name whatever you please). He will become available as a party member after the great battle. Don't be afraid if you don't immediately see him. He will come bounding up as a side scene after you attempt to leave.

Design work for Leliana
Design work for Leliana


Found: Lothering (Tavern)

Class: Rogue (Bard)

When you enter the tavern near the farmer's fields in the trade city of Lothering, Leliana will immediately try to intercede on your behalf after a group of warriors attempt to fight your player.  Agree to take her on with you to add her to your party. Easy!

Leliana is the first rogue team member you can add in Dragon Age.  If your own character is not a rogue, she is essential for lockpicking and trapfinding skills before you find other options.

Warning: Leliana is particularly pious and immoral behavior could cause her to leave the party.

Sten's Portrait
Sten's Portrait


Found: Lothering (Caged)

Class: Warrior

This taciturn warrior specializes in powerful two handed swords.  He can be found in the southern section of Lothering, caged.  Speak with him to find that he is being held for crimes by the Merciful Mother.  She can be found in the Chantry church near the entrance.

Characters with a silver tongue can convince her to let him free.  However, the easiest path to success is to simply request Sten be freed with Leliana in your party.  She will convince the priestess to free Sten.

DLC Only Dragon Age Character Shale
DLC Only Dragon Age Character Shale


Found: Honnleath

Class: Golem

Shale is only available to players who have activated the Stone Prisoner DLC.

By completing the quest and using the golem control rod, players can activate this giant warrior.  Surprisingly sassy for a construct, he is one of the most powerful physical fighters in the game. Players without the DLC should not expect to find him in game.

Wynne In Action
Wynne In Action


Found: Mage Circle

Class: Mage (Spirt Healer)

An invaluable party member, until there is a mage with access to healing, she is one of the most important characters to find in Dragon Age. She's easy enough to meet. Simply head to the Mage Circle and find her protecting the children at the end of the long hallway.

WARNING: Be careful if you have Morrigan in your party. She is an illegal mage and if your player character chooses to sympathize with her commentary on the Circle's laws, Wynne will attack the party during her recruitment conversation.

Oghren, down on his luck dwarf
Oghren, down on his luck dwarf


Found: The Deep Roads

Class: Warrior (Berserker)

Before you can bring Oghren into your party, you must first complete the king-making quest in Orzammar. Once you're ready to head out onto the Deep Roads, he will offer to join you on your quest.  Until then, he will not be available as a party member.

A powerful warrior, he can teach the rest of your warriors how to become a Berserker.

Zevran: Saucy,Bisexual, May Kill You
Zevran: Saucy,Bisexual, May Kill You


Found: Random Road Encounter (after completing a few starting quests)

Class: Rogue (Assassin)

You'll know you're close to acquiring Zevran as a party member when there are intermittent cut scenes showing him being hired to kill your player character. Eventually, while traversing the map, your party will become involved in a random encounter.  Zevran and his band of rogues will attack you.

After the battle, you have the option of killing him or speaking to him about his life. Engage him in conversation and he will offer to join you on your quest. Agree and he'll come along.

WARNING: If you want to keep Zevran, get him to like you as fast as possible. Otherwise, he may be convinced to betray you by his former employers.

Foe turned friend?
Foe turned friend?


Found:  Denerim Landsmeet

Class: Warrior (Champion)

Once your antagonist, once he is defeated you can insist he join the Grey Wardens rather than execute him. If you do, he will join your party as a powerful and inspiring warrior. However, his violence and treasonous ways may not earn your the favor of your loyal party members.

WARNING: Recruiting Loghain will result in Alistair permanently leaving the party no matter what. It is impossible to have both of them on the same team. Choose one.

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CA 7 years ago

Thanks, was looking for something like this.

i know haha 7 years ago

your missing a dwarf...

Len Cannon profile image

Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY Author

Uh, pretty sure he's there hoss.

MAKER 7 years ago


Len Cannon profile image

Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY Author

Be friends with Alistair.

Alter Ego 7 years ago

Buy the book for 15 gold after you leave lothering. you can also go back to the camp anytime from the map

Arthur Gulumian profile image

Arthur Gulumian 7 years ago from Pasadena, CA

Great game.

Allucard 7 years ago

There is supposed to be another Golem other than shale, Nameless and you heve to pull a sidequest to get him... Any Idea?

Mattis 6 years ago

Yes, you can sacrifice Oghren to be a golem.. or at least the option to "volonteur" (is that the spelling?) him for it, if it works I don't know, haven't tried x)

Me 6 years ago

You offer him but it is a joke...

GR33nyx 6 years ago

a great game i would give it 5 stars

the fat guy 6 years ago

great game... hi ethan!

Rus02 6 years ago

Is there posible to donwload DLC widouth ORIGINAL DRAGON AGE??

jordan 6 years ago

I made it to level 25 in 25 minutes

Justin  6 years ago

Jordan, you do realize thats impossible without some kind of cheat right?

Jordan  6 years ago

Yeah he cheated I have done this too... but i soon stopped playing that character and started anew... though it is a good idea to use this glitch to your advantage as it can be a pain in the A$$ to get to lvl 25 otherwise... I am looking forward to playing all the different character intros and being an evil bastrd

Naumster 6 years ago

too bad you cant get the blood mage on your side, i so badly wanted to have him just plowing down my foes.

Jokes 6 years ago

you cant get the blood mage? i just finished up the part killing the demon in connor

dan 6 years ago

how do i find the stone prisoner

bobblehead 6 years ago

i loved this game five stars ming glithched and i have logain and alastair in 1 party

fufodiakdsjklhqlakkfk 6 years ago

need more party members up with IRA

Reaperofsouls187 6 years ago

It did not give me the option to spare Loghain, Alistair just walked up and cut off his head. Do I need to fight him with someone other than Alistair?

NMR333 6 years ago

Yes, you need to fight him yourself or select a different champion at the landsmeet to acquire the dialogue afterwards. Alistair will simply chop his head off without asking!

But as mentioned above, Alistair will leave your party if you side with Loghain.

cronxs 6 years ago

hey ive comleted the game and i had every one as a party member but i didn´t receive the achivment there most be some else

Cofscott 6 years ago

Shales used to be a female dwarf lol

long hard 6 years ago

i like this game so much i could have sex with it !

Chet 6 years ago

Do u get achievement if u killed wynne cuz I killed her in some quest

Anders 6 years ago

As cronxs writes, I have also got all of these characters in my party but I didn't get the achievement either ?? Somebody knows of more characters ?

889 6 years ago


Trevor 6 years ago

Were do I go? I just collected the 3-4 people for army and now al earmon says that he wonders if howe s doughter is an ally? Were do I go?

mich 6 years ago

i missed the girl party member in town.

I didn't know by than that i could recruit her.

Now the town is destroit, and i can't go back in to find her.

or is there a possibility still recruiting her??

kit kat 6 years ago

hey guys is there any way to get shale on your team with out downloading it????

Anders 6 years ago


mooglie 6 years ago

to become bloodmag choose to go inside coner yourself (only works if your class is mage) and instead of killing demon choose her deal and ask for power

Pointless comment!! 6 years ago

My bike was stolen yesterday..

Demaro 6 years ago

thanks for the help man im trying to get the achiv to get all party members i didn't know logaihn would join your party now i can get it thanks

Svr200100 6 years ago

For those looking for the achievement... go through each background storyline... you get followers that aren't gainable in game for some characters... for example in the mage storyline you get Jowan as a follower for a shor time... those people count too I think.

Jusey1 6 years ago

The game is fun but I'm missing 2 charz. The ones in Lothering. Didn't knew you could use them. About Loghain screw him! I wanted to chop his head off ever sicne he called that retreat!!

Ag85 6 years ago

Guys can anyone help me, who i supposed to give the 'gift' bones n meats or such? Cz can't give to my dog since it already had max apprval. Could be witherfang??

123boy 6 years ago

How do i get to lotheering it wont let me any more it just wont will i get to go back to lothering it says darkspawn attacked it

Chidix 6 years ago

To become a blood mage, do not kill Connor's demon, you will have to make a deal with you and she will offer you three thing, one is to teach you a skill you don't know and you will need to select blood magic. In exchange, she will come back for Connor 40 years later

Chidix 6 years ago

Ag85 - You give the bones and meat to your dog, you get the dog from a side quest in Ostagar, after you are rescued by Flemith, you run into the dog on your way to the first village

Tdub 6 years ago

I heard you give the bones and meat to sten, I haventtried but makes since given his attitude lol give it a try since dog is maxed.

asdes 6 years ago

i missed out on LOTHERING so i lost leliana and sten!

billy 6 years ago

haha i know... i wanted to kill logain to it pissed me off cause the king was coool hah ... and i got everyone. except wynee i killed her lol she pissed me off and turned on me so :(

Eddy 6 years ago

There is downloadable content to go back to ostagar and get the kings armour I am downloading it now to see if there all dead :P i also saw on the internet that duncan is a playable character? someone help me there thanks.

jamie greenwood rochdale 6 years ago

the expantion awakening got cancelled utta bullshit im sooo pissed off

Len Cannon profile image

Len Cannon 6 years ago from Brooklyn, NY Author

I'm playing the expansion right now sooooo you might be a bit confused.

Omertá 6 years ago

If you interact with one of the ?psychliaries? whilst doing the mage's circle, as a mage, you can obtain 2 "Power of Blood" skills "Dark Substanence" (Uses HP to regain Mana) and "Bloody Grasp" (Uses HP to inflict Spirit DOT). They are automatically added to your skill set and do not count as one of your two alotted class specializations.

kronik420 6 years ago

what about the other dlc character, hes a human warrior

Mark 6 years ago

Is there a way to bring back characters you sent away earlier? I got the assassin in my party the other day, but sent him away as I didn't trust him enough. Later on, I wondered if he would be useful anyways. Are there ways to bring people back somehow, or are they permanently gone?

Ebrithil 6 years ago

I gave the bones and meat to Morrigan! She accepted them, believe it or not, though only gave +1 approval...better than nothing, considering. :D

j45on 6 years ago

Those who don't do the ritual w/ morrigan towards the final battle, she leaves unless you perform the ritual

myasar 6 years ago

is those all the charecters ?

Joey 6 years ago

Shale is a 'she' not a 'he' XD

gregory hub profile image

gregory hub 6 years ago

Awesome hub, thanks! I'm so addicted to this game!

Faldina 6 years ago

Made a mistake..

Shale isn't in the expansion I think, but Oghren is in it.

If I missed anything just look at the site I posted earlier.

Faldina 6 years ago

err forgot Loghain also lol

James shadow.realms@hotmail.com 6 years ago

the last party member, i found him, it is that red-haired guy from the Castle Highever, of the Couslands, you can find him at lothering if you make the right choices. =)

ryan 6 years ago

yo you have to keep allister out of your party when you do the logain stuff to get the award because allister will leave when you recruit him but if he is at the party camp he does not leave until you go there granting you ALL the charactors.........and can you turn the dwarf into a golem?

ryry173 6 years ago

hey if you like dragon age play reppelz its a online game very very fun

sp47 6 years ago

can you use shale in awakening? i haven't downloaded the shale thing yet or awakening and i dont wanna replay the game just to use shale

Len Cannon profile image

Len Cannon 6 years ago from Brooklyn, NY Author

NOPE, nobody but Oghren and newbies in Awakening.

Erik 6 years ago

I have made it so far in this game doing every side quest and getting almost every character and when i go to the boat to go across to the wizards tower the guy agrees to take me across but then it just takes me back to be4 i talked to him like i never said ne thin ne help???

Jamie 6 years ago

Is there a way to go back to lothering to get sten and leliana after it's destroyed??

will 6 years ago

@jamie not as fair as i knw ive tried with all ma characters

Some dude.. 6 years ago

I completed the game at just level 20 and am wondering if higher levels wre possible? And if so, what's the maximum? Thanks. :}

Genesis 6 years ago

@ some dude.. Yes, but you have to get a certain DLC. The new maximum is lvl 30.

wilberarthur 6 years ago

yo how is Awekening i am thinking about buying it and i need sum 1 to to give me a 1-5 star rating

matt069 6 years ago

i do know this is a dumb ? but what is the dlc to be able to get shale...and i also wanted to ask is thir any way to get logen and keep alistar???

matt069 6 years ago

i have just got the game...cause i heard it was great....i do think it is a great game so far.... i have posted a ? befor and i was sill woundering about that cause i read some post up earlyer...and im woundering if you can get logen and keep alistar...tryin to get the all character achevment...i am now also wandering how do i get the REANGER spspecialization!!!thank you

Mark 6 years ago

Umm shale is actually a female...

GOLOLOL 6 years ago

is it possible to become a Golem??? if so plz tell me!

me 6 years ago

if ur a dwarf,and you dont destroy the anvil of void,can u be a golem?

me 6 years ago

no are you stupid dude regarless the anvil is a huge joke bro you can't turn into a golem or anyone else for that matter

matt 6 years ago


bob sagat 6 years ago

I was wondering why Wynne randomly got mad at me and left my party. She said that i told some men stuff and lied to them and that she knows that i'm evil and she just left. She started the dialogue so i couldn't prevent it and idk wtf i did. It was in the camp after i finished the Cadash Thaig thing. idk if this is a glitch or not but someone help me please :(

Borgy 6 years ago

Wynne is extremely sensitive to your morale actions even when not in party, if you perform to many evil choice or your party dissapproves of you wynne will leave, had this problem as well finally figured it out re-loading and choosing the good options avoided wynnes being upset

dragon01 5 years ago

i started playing dragonage about 3 weeks ago, i really like it but i'm really confused, are you meant to do the quests in a certain order? and also if Alistair apparently loves your character, will he still leave if you get Loghain to be in your party?

fart 5 years ago

does anybody now how to get the duelist in denerim after you beat up the mercenaries

YODHAI 5 years ago


cartman 5 years ago

oi how do go back to lothering to get the two charracters. a lot of people hav asked this but know one seems to have an answer. any help

Rachael 5 years ago

Other games like Dragon Age Origins?? How about Never Winter Nights?

wow 5 years ago

go to dragonage.wikia.com.

research people research.

you can't go back to lothering to get leliana and sten. you can keep alistair and loghain if you tell alistair that everyone is out for themselves when he wants to see his sister goldanna. they list all the characters on the wikia and where to get them. they also have many other valuable resources. google people, google. giybf - google is your best friend.

kaiserdragon 5 years ago

i have found a secret charicter in dragon age ,A (BLOODMAGE)u gan get her in the tower of magi

Joe 5 years ago

How do you become a "rever" on dragon age??

I completed the game but I couldn't find any reavers!!


Len Cannon profile image

Len Cannon 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY Author

If you want to end up a Reaver, you have to choose all of the "evil" choices when confronted with the dragon in the mountains.

Phoenix 5 years ago

Just wanted to say to the ones that max level is 30 in the dlc, its 35 in awakening, if anyone wondered. I got to it by importing a lvl 22 warrior. also try playing lelianas song, awakening, and golems of amgarrok, then replaying Origins, you'll have a few new weapons and armor.

ashwolf83 4 years ago

I am stuck at Redcliff Castle after the landsmeet I defeated the monsters there but there is no messenger to talk to, to let me in the castle which i need to do to move on to the next part of the story.

Walkingbomb 4 years ago

Shale, the Golem? You know that's a female yes? so it's not "He" it's "She"

dracowolf6267 4 years ago

they changed dragon age 2 WAY to much i liked the Dragon Age 1 gameplay & graphics A lot better

Mad boy 101 4 years ago

How do you continue after freeing your caricter at the keep

jjp868 4 years ago

i sten but not the girl in lothering is there anything i can do to get her?

UG x Magicz 3 years ago

shes in the tavern.

and how do you marry queen anora {xbox360}

seems pc has way too many in game extras.

and how do you win landsmeet xbox gameplay.

Willsummerdreamer profile image

Willsummerdreamer 3 years ago from Marietta, Georgia.

Wish I had this the first time I played DAO. Ah well, good guide though.

andrew 3 years ago

For everyone whos curious you can recruit a bloodmage, just not jowan, you can recruit the blood mage you attack at the circle during the abomination crisis, but the recruiton only works for mages

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