Where To Buy Long Sleeve Leotards For Girls

Finding the right size leotard for your girl’s dance class can be a challenging task, especially if the coach or dance instructor requires the leotard to be certain style and color. Long or short sleeve leotard, black or white - Target or Walmart may not always have the right size let alone the right style you need.

I remember having to drive 45 min. to some kind of dancing outfits store to pick my three year old's leotard which I had to previously order.

Amazon offers great selection of girls leotards, you can choose between different styles, find the right color and size.

The leotards for girls on Amazon are so adorable that you can even buy them as a gift for any girl who likes dancing. That’s what I ended up doing for my 3 year old’s birthday. We just can't have enough leotards at home.


Leotards for girls 2-6

Amazon offers a great selection of children's dance or gymnastics leotards of all popular brands like Capezio and Danskin.

Capezio leotards for girls are very reasonably priced, they are well made of thicker fabric and very durable. They are a great buy and I would highly recommend them.

Get free shipping on anything over $25 on Amazon.

Leotards tend to shrink a bit after being washed and dried several times. I suggest not using a drier, just have the leotard dry on a hanger. Having several leotards might be handy, especially if your little one has more than one dance practice a week.

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Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Ohhh, I remember the days of dance-for myself and for my girls. Capezio was always the one I preferred. Great info.

BTW I loved the video. It brought back some fond memories.

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