Whooops Young At Heart

WhoOOPs - Young At Heart Edition

A Promise is A Promise

As promised, here is an excerpt from WhoOOPs - Young At Heart Edition.

If you missed reading my introduction to WhoOOPs, you might want to read this first:

Young At Heart?

Young at heart as in you and me or for anybody from 5 to 105. I'm talking about our ages and not necessarily our intelligence quotients or IQs.

How to Play?

  • There is nothing to it, each number has a list of names just choose who is WhoOOPs (out of place) by writing the Letter corresponding to the one who you believe does not belong in that list.
  • The Clue is just some sort of a guide for that particular list, yes much like Jeopardy.
  • And one last thing, if you want to play, just leave a comment. And I'll let you know how much you scored.
  • Play fair, don't look at the answers above you, no changing of answers, no asking for help, don't go googling it or something and you only have 10 seconds to answer or you'd miss your turn. Put a dash to indicate you ran out of time for that question. Or better yet, just guess, at least you have a fighting chance.
  • There is always one out of the group who is going to be Out Of Place with the rest. But every so often, everyone are all in so to speak, so if that is the case choose NoOOOPs (or No One's Out Of Place) and if you got that right you get three points. All other correct answers are good for two points. And you get one point if your answer falls in what I might consider a probable logical answer depending on the many ways one can look at the group.


WhoOOPs Young At Heart Edition:

1. Clue: Kid's Television

  • (A) Po
  • (B) Laa-Laa
  • (C) Dipsy
  • (D) Tinky Winky
  • (E) Eh-Oh
  • (F) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

2. Clue: Colorful Sealife

  • (A) Larry
  • (B) Patrick
  • (C) SpongeBob
  • (D) Squidward
  • (E) Mr. Krabs
  • (F) Plankton
  • (G) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

3. Clue: Games We Play

  • (A) Mario
  • (B) Wario
  • (C) Luigi
  • (D) Frog
  • (E) Princess Daisy
  • (F) Yoshi
  • (G) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

4. Clue: Colorful Family

  • (A) Bart
  • (B) Lisa
  • (C) Meg
  • (D) Homer
  • (E) Marge
  • (F) Selma and Patty
  • (G) Eddie and Lou
  • (H) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

5. Clue: Saturday Morning Classic

  • (A) Shaggy
  • (B) Fred
  • (C) Daphne
  • (D) Barbara
  • (E) Velma
  • (F) Scooby-Doo
  • (G) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

6. Clue: Jonas Who

  • (A) Frank
  • (B) Kevin
  • (C) Nick
  • (D) Joe
  • (E) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

7. Clue: Whar's Up Doc

  • (A) Bugs Bunny
  • (B) Daffy Duck
  • (C) Porky Pig
  • (D) Tweety Bird
  • (E) Elmer Fudd
  • (F) Marvin the Martian
  • (G) Tasmanian Devil
  • (H) Lola Bunny
  • (I) Sylvester
  • (J) Coyote
  • (K) Road Runner
  • (L) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

8. Clue: Made In Japan

  • (A) Naruto
  • (B) Sasuke
  • (C) Sakura
  • (D) Kakashi
  • (E) Tenton
  • (F) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

9.  Clue: Dragon Ball

  • (A) Goku
  • (B) Piccolo
  • (C) Gohan
  • (D) Vegeta
  • (E) Doctor Evil
  • (F) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

10. Clue: Star's The Limit

  • (A) Luke
  • (B) Anakin
  • (C) Han
  • (D) Chewbacca
  • (E) Darth vader
  • (F) Princess Leia
  • (G) Yoda
  • (H) Lando
  • (I) Jabba
  • (J) Obi-Wan
  • (K) Darth Maul
  • (L) NoOOPs (No One's Out Of Place)

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whooops profile image

whooops 6 years ago from Southern California Author


Somebody commented that maybe I can do vote capsules, I'm still figuring out how or if I can use some of the other capsules.

Anyway I have decided to not approve your comments as of now & I am probably going to just give out your name & your score. How is that?

whooops profile image

whooops 6 years ago from Southern California Author

Here is the Score of Faybe Bay: 13

Here is her link: http://hubpages.com/profile/Faybe+Bay...

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Interesting game but I guess Im stupid cuz I don't have a clue. LOl

whooops profile image

whooops 6 years ago from Southern California Author

Oh c'mon Ladyjane, give it a try...

whooops profile image

whooops 6 years ago from Southern California Author

Thanks Ladyjane1

I'm not laughing you didn't do that bad, you got 9 points.

The first half was bad but you heated up with last 5 answers, great job thanks!

Here is her link: http://hubpages.com/@ladyjane1...

blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 6 years ago from australia

Isn't nooops the correct answer in each category?

whooops profile image

whooops 6 years ago from Southern California Author

To blondepoet, why not try to answer and post it here to find out.

But to answer your legit question, no.

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