Why Modern Warfare 3 is More Balanced Than Black Ops

Both Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and 3 are more balanced than Black Ops – Black Ops wasn’t even balanced! I don’t know where all the talk of “Black Ops is the most balanced Call of Duty ever!” came from. If you wanted a definite advantage in that game, you only had a few guns to choose from – AK74u, Famas, and AUG. The AK74u and Famas were patched eventually, so the clear cut best gun in the game was the AUG. The fact that there was a clear cut best gun in and of itself proves that the game wasn’t balanced. It was so clear cut because the gun was so prolific at all ranges (it could hip-fire like a submachine gun and snipe like an M16). To maximize on chances of winning gunfights, there was no reason not to use the AUG.

The Type 95 from MW3
The Type 95 from MW3

This is why Modern Warfare 3 is more balanced than Black Ops. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3 feels remarkably (or unremarkably) like Modern Warfare 2. Modern Warfare 2 always was accused of being the most unbalanced Call of Duty. Whoever started the “Black Ops is the most balanced …” rumor probably started this one as well, and couldn’t be more wrong. Think about it (if you played MW2), what was the best weapon in the game? Unlike Black Ops, there was no clear cut “best weapon” in Modern Warfare 2, as well as in MW3 (so far). At long ranges, the no-recoil ACR competed with the M16/Famas. At mid-range, the UMP45 dominated. At shotgun range, the crazy-ranged SPAS12 and semi-automatic AA-12 were the best weapons. It doesn't matter the guns were overpowered, as long as there was more than one overpowered gun. That's weapon balance. Modern Warfare 3 looks like it’s like this as well, with guns like the Type 95 looking ridiculous at range, but much worse than the submachine guns up close.

The all-powerful AUG
The all-powerful AUG

The point is that there was weapon variety in Modern Warfare 2, whereas in Black Ops, guns were just either watered down/better versions of other guns. The AUG could be described as a Famas with slightly different recoil (same iron sights, fire rates, ammo capacity, etc.), and the M16 was like a bad G11. There were too many guns that were so underpowered that whoever used them would be at a severe disadvantage to Famas/AUG users (all the shotguns, any dual wield weapon, any weapon besides the Famas/AUG, really). I am by no means saying that Modern Warfare 3 is the epitome of fairness weapon-wise, but it’s at least looking to be far better in that aspect than Black Ops. On a different note...if you want to see better weapon balance, check out the Battlefield games; each of the guns actually have character and uniqueness.

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Hellodoods 5 years ago

all i got to say is Overpowered guns in MW3 guns that drop u in 2 shots unlike mw2 were it was 4 or 5... ya mw3 is really balanced.

ttocs profile image

ttocs 5 years ago Author

The UMP/Scar/Tar in MW2 + stopping power killed in 2 shots up close, the Famas and M16 killed in 1 burst with regularity. Same deal with MW3, if all the weapons are overpowered, then it's balanced.

Howpertise profile image

Howpertise 5 years ago from Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Interesting Info :)

ttocs profile image

ttocs 5 years ago Author


HI DEF 5 years ago

In MW2 the M4A1 & the M16 were definitely "Overpowered" so the 1st thing I did in MW3 was grab the M4A1 & take it out for a test.. WOW, ridiculous rate of fire, hardly any recoil.. especially at Long Range! If you think realistically, its because the gun now has a front grip that comes stock (built from manufacturer, no need to buy/equip) & the Mag size or Ammo Capacity its far better then some of the other guns in its class, attach a silencer & you wont be seen on the map, yet it still does the same damage at long range lol & this is just My rant about ONE of the guns!

@ttocs I TOTALLY AGREE with you, thank you!

ttocs profile image

ttocs 5 years ago Author

HI DEF - yeah, so many long-range-no-recoil-fast-firing guns... Thanks for the read :)

randomcommenter 5 years ago

In Black Ops, SO MANY people used the following combination or something very similar:

Assault Rifle (most likely AUG, Famas, or Galil) w/ silencer

Perk 1: Ghost

Perk 2: Sleight of Hand

Perk 3: Second Chance

Oh and don't forget rapid fire. AK74u Rapid fire anyone?

mw3 is too balanced 4 years ago

the game is too balanced. interactions in mw3 is mostly a crapshoot depending what gun you and your opponent is using. that's why a lot of the elite players stopped playing... and that's why i see half of my friends list have switched back to black ops. and casual nubs will still stay on and promote the craptastic gravy train that mw has turned into.

Someone 4 years ago

Ah well. At least cuz of this mw3 is more challenging.

4 years ago

Wow, yeah, I totally have never been shot in the back by the ACR or MP7. Oh, and the map designs are just awesome! Face it, Black Ops IS the most balanced COD to date, the maps are equal, there are no ruddy predator missiles being shoved down your throat and the map layouts don't look like a freaking car crash and you end up getting shot in the back! (unless you let your guard down of course)

Ray13 3 years ago

In my opinion, I have to agree with MW3 being more balanced. In Black Ops submachine guns rule. They are more powerful than rifles? Go figure. Also the spawns, OMG suck in Black Ops. You kill an enemy and he respawns literally right behind you. Ive played both and if you like running and having to watch your back after you first kill then Black Ops. But if you want a lagfree (another issue with Black Ops) with a variety of guns to choose from then MW3. Ive played back and forth between the 2 regularly. My 2 cents.

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