Wild Grass, Long Grass Minecraft Mod

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Have you ever lamented the perfectly manicured appearance of Minecraft grass? Have you wondered how it was that a world in which zombies can ride pigs is somehow immune to the presence of weeds? Well wonder and lament no longer, good Minecrafter, for there is a mod to fix that.

Wild Grass adds wild long grass to the game. Instead of walking around in an eerie world in which the grass never grows above the level of one's shoe leather, Wild Grass creates the capacity to walk through grasslands in which the grass has no qualms about growing as wild as anything else in Minecraft.

When you first install the mod, you may think nothing has changed. At first, you are adrift in a sea of short green material. But wait, what is that? Is that a sprout sprouting yonder? And under your feet too!? What madness is this? Before minutes have passed, the world around you becomes longer, lusher, more full of life and vitality. All around you, the grass begins to grow longer and longer. At first there is merely a little fuzz atop the green bed, but before long, proud stalks stand tall on the Minecraft plains, hills and valleys.

It is worth nothing that the changes resulting from Wild Grass do not affect the game intrinsically. There are no new block types, the changes are graphical and superficial only. Whilst this might sound like a bad thing, I must hasten to assure you that it is not. This is a mod that adds one thing to the game: ambiance.

Wild Grass is also a mod worth keeping one's eye on, for its future seems bright indeed. The following features are on the development list and will make your toes tingle with unbridled joy:

  • Customizing Wild Grass so that individual texture packs do not need to be updated in order to use the mod.
  • Addition of Lily Pads, flowers that spawn in lakes and ponds.
  • Addition of Seaweed, creating tall weeds that grow in deep water.
  • Addition of Hanging Vines in tropical areas.

Does the WIld Grass Minecraft Mod Work With Texture Packs?

Yes, but because it is a graphical change, for the moment you will need to update your texture packs with the Wild Grass manually. Instructions for doing this are included with the mod download.

How To Install Wild Grass Mod

Wild Grass is, at this time, only able to be installed using the 'old school' method of opening the minecraft.jar file and copying the files from the Wild Grass mod into it. You will also need to delete the META.INF file before you close the window. The minecraft.jar file is found in the 'bin' folder and can be opened with a program like WinZip or WinRAR.


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