Winning At Online Games

Online FPS Winning

Step 1 of 5

Playing and being bad at it.

This is the first step, and really, just skip this one if you can. :))

Step 2 of 5

Decide what the goal of the game is. Where do the main points and critical deciding factors in the game get scored? Some games the kill score, and others the capture score.

Step 3 of 5

Watch the people that are good, follow them around in spectaor mode if possible. Watch some home made movies of people playing. Get the idea of whats possible.

Step 4 of 5

Change or custom fit you controls more, this is so important. Set your binds, and get either your joypad or keyboard maximised with as many presets as possible. These quicker controls help you use more items quicker, combos of items, and selecting other options.
Then get used to using them & master them.

Step 5 of 5

Use your own strategy, which is your own perceptions into the game, how it should happen, what should go where who will go where, how you work with or try to beat. Play how you want, and enjoy it. Look at the timings of objects that may be important to you in the game, and how you can make sure you are picking them up often enough.

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