Closing of Winster gaming site and personal reflections.

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Last week while checking my e-mail inbox, I was shocked to open an e-mail from Winster. I've been used to receiving e-mails occasionally from Winster since July 2010. However, unlike the other e-mails that normally included good news, this one had a message I wasn't expecting. The e-mail basically stated that the website was closing soon. I definitely wasn't expecting to hear that. Now that the site is closing, I thought I would reflect upon my time on the site. Please read on...

What is Winster?

Founded by Michelle Kaplan, who goes by "Winnie Winster", Winster is an online social community gaming site where users can win prizes. Unlike most gaming sites online where players compete against each other , players on Winster have to work together in order to earn points faster. The social aspect of the Winster is what makes it popular among it's users. The site seems to be geared toward people 50 and over, but there are members from all age groups who participate. A standard membership for Winster is absolutely free. However, there are three different paying memberships that are offered. They are classified as bronze, silver, and gold memberships. Each of these memberships allow players to earn 4 times the points that a non-paying member would earn. Each day that a player logs onto Winster, they receive a set amount of spins based on their membership levels. The higher your membership status is, the more spins you receive.

More on Winster.

The spins given to members on are site go towards the various games available to members of Winster. The most popular game on the site is Slot Social. Slot Social is a slot machine style game where members hit the spin button in order to receive game pieces. Just like a standard slot machine, the pieces vary in points. The goal is to match five of the same pieces in order to achieve the highest point total possible. What makes it more interesting is that pieces can be traded among the players who are in the same room. For example, if a player needs one more cherry to make five cherries to cash out, they can offer to trade one of their pieces with another player who has a cherry. If the other player accepts, the first player receives the cherry, thus helping them to cash out and earn. This is where the social and friendship aspect of the game comes into play. Although Slot Social is probably Winster's most popular game, here is a list of the other games included on Winster: Poker Pals, Spell Squad, Matchmaker, Burger Buddy, Doku Deluxe, Bingo Bash, Picture Magic, Chain Gang, and Facets. Each game has a different style of play and various point values. There is basically a game that suits almost anyone on Winster.

How I came to know about Winster, and my time on there.

I became a standard member of Winster back in July of 2010. I joined the site through Sendearnings, which is an online earning website that I've been involved with for several years now. For every one million points I accumulated on Winster, I could request a prize of 4 dollars to be put into my Sendearnings account. Although this is the prize that I cashed out with most frequently, I also used my points to claim Amazon gift cards and other prizes through Winster. Some of the other prizes available on the site included: Fandango movie ticket prizes, Papa John's pizza prizes, Wal-Mart gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and various other prizes. I became a bronze member of Winster in the latter part of 2010, and I've maintained that membership up until the present. A bronze membership costs 4.99 a month. In my nearly two years on Winster, I've earned over 30 million points overall. I've also made some nice friends along the way. Some of them I've become friends with on Facebook, while others I have talked with on the phone frequently. Getting on Winster before going to sleep has become a regular habit for the over the last year and a half. Once the site closes for good, it will take some getting used to not playing on a daily basis.


As much as I hate to see the site shut down, I understand that all things eventually come to an end. I just wasn't expecting this with Winster, at least not at this point. Like I mentioned earlier, I've come across some nice people on Winster, and I plan to keep in touch with many of them. I also credit Winster for me getting into content writing online. I met a nice woman through Winster who told me about the various Internet writing sites out there. That encounter led to me getting into content writing, so I can definitely be thankful for that encounter on Winster. May 31, 2012 will be the last day the site will be available. I have accumulated 19 and a half million points that I've been saving to my account balance starting back last year. As soon as I reach 20 million points, I plan on cashing them in for the final time. I want to say thank you to Winster for allowing me to have a good time while playing on the site. I also want to thank Winster for allowing me to know some of the great people I've met through there. I wish everyone involved with the site the very best in the future. Thanks for reading.

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Arren123 profile image

Arren123 4 years ago from UK

Sadly everything comes to an end at some point Brad, great read, not heard of this site before until now, Wow 19 and half million points, some going voted up and tweeted :)

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

You're absolutely right about that Kevin. Glad I was able to bring this site to your awareness before it shuts down. It took me almost a year to earn the 19 million points. When I reach 20 million, that will be 80 dollars worth of Sendearnings money. Not too bad if you ask me. Thanks for reading sir, and for your continued support. Best wishes as always :)

greg2099 profile image

greg2099 4 years ago from Miamisburg, OH

Great article. I too have been at Winster for a few years now. Have made many lifelong friends there that are now part of my Facebook family. Many more have joined me there to stay in touch since the announcement. I never really saw this coming either. Hit me like a ton of bricks. I will certainly miss it. Thanks for a such a thoughtful article.

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hi greg2099. Like you, I've noticed that many of my friends on Winster are joining me on Facebook or leaving me their e-mail addresses so we can keep in contact. I definitely hate to see the site go. Thanks for your kind words and for taking out the time to read my article.

Robin 4 years ago

Great post, Brad and I think I was a member of this site but never did participate too much.....As Kevin said, all good things come to an end, unfortunately.

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hey there my good friend Robin. It would have been cool if you participated on there more and we were able to play together. That would have been pretty cool :) Yep, Kevin is correct. All things do end eventually. Both good and bad. Thanks for reading my article. I've missed your great comments :)

Donna Livingston 4 years ago

How do I claim prize or money for the points I have earned up and till the network went down. I am sorry to see that I can no longer play. I really liked Winster. It was great.

Please reply as to what I do with the almost 4 million points I have accumulated so I do not lose them.

Thank you, Donna Livingston - my e-mail address is

busymom3970 4 years ago

Where are winster members playing games now? I would like to find a new website now that winster has shut down.

buffybuffybuffy 4 years ago

I really didn't believe the site was really shutting down,until -- after 2 yrs. -- I played "slots" and was informed this would happen. Still I didn't believe it; felt someone was pulling my leg. Soooo, I got busy again and didn't go back until yesterday and was shocked. I was extremely disappointed, because after searching all over for the correct name (I would only remember "West Minster," and finally realized it was "WINSTER"), I recommended the site to my sister who loves the types of games like the ones on Winster, especially "slot".

My fun was so short lived; sorry I got busy and stayed away too long. Now I have more time and ask the same question that "busymom3970" asks.

By the way "prospectboy," your article was very positive and informative.


prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hello there busymom3970. At this point I'm not really sure where most Winster members went following the closing of the site. I've heard that Pogo is one of the sites that a few have joined. All of the friends that I've made from Winster that I keep in touch with haven't mentioned joining any sites. However, I do know that a few of them are searching. I hope this information is useful for you. Thanks for reading.

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hello there. The only way to have been able to claim your prizes was if you done it before the site closed. If you didn't do it before then, your points were just lost. I hope you were able to claim them before the site closed. Thanks for reading my article, and like you I hate to see Winster go as well.

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hi buffybuffybuffy. Yes Winster closing down was definitely a shock and surprise to many, including myself. I enjoyed my almost two years on the site. Thanks a lot for taking out the time to read my article, and I wish you all the best :)

mkays00 4 years ago

schrameck Winster wouldn't give me the code necessary to claim my prize. Did I read something about an after-closing meth0d to acquire pts?

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hey, how are you? After you requested your prize, Winster should have sent a claim code to your e-mail address for you to redeem your prize. I'm pretty certain that you didn't read about redeeming points after the site closed. The site e-mailed members several times leading up to the closing to remind us that there would be no way to redeem our points after the site shut down. I'm sorry that you weren't able to redeem your prize. I can somewhat relate since I was close to having enough points to redeem one last prize. I hated seeing the points I had left going to waste.

Southerngirl09 4 years ago

I don't know if Yall seen this Yet on and Facebook said coming back this month which is October ((: I hope one Yall see this didn't know was supposed come back

prospectboy profile image

prospectboy 4 years ago from Texas Author

Hey Southerngirl09. Are you the southernchick that I used to play with on Winster? Anyway, I've heard that Winster is coming back. I've yet to receive any e-mails from them though. If you find out for sure, please respond back and let us know. Thanks for stopping by.

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