Winter Sports on Wii

Now that our family has finally taken the plunge and entered the world of Wii, we're always looking for additional games and accessories. The kids love playing sports games on the Wii, and Winter Sports is no exception. Just think, the thrills of hitting the slopes without the freezing cold, the crowded lift lines, or the bulky coats and equipment!

Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge

With Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge, gamers can imagine they're competing at the Winter Olympic Games. The game includes all the fanfare, medal ceremonies and amusing sports commentators - it's fun for the whole family. It contains all the traditional winter sports from the Olympics, including skiing, ski jumping, skating, luge, bobsledding, and even curling. Note that manipulating the controls is a bit more advanced than in the basic Wii Sports game (the one that comes with the Wii console), so it may be frustrating for very young kids until they can get the hang of it. My kids ages 7 & 9 have not had any problems figuring out how to use the remotes.

We Ski and We Ski and Snowboard

Step into the winter wonderland of a state-of-the-art ski resort with We Ski or We Ski and Snowboard. With these games you can use the controller (with Wii Motion) plus the nunchuck, or the Wii Balance Board. Ski downhill trails of varying degrees of difficulty, do moguls, slalom, and jumps. The graphics and sound effects are pretty impressive. Your Miis can attend "Ski School" for some pointers and earn points to buy ski clothes and accessories. The game also includes an Orienteering aspect and a photo album feature. Up to 4 players.

Shaun White Snowboarding

For more advanced snowboarding fans, try out the Shaun White games. Shaun White is the Olympic and 8-time X Games champion skateboarder and snowboarder. In Road Trip, game players globe trot to different locales and events, with Mr. Shaun as a buddy and mentor. World Stage is the follow-up sequel to Road Trip; it's similar but adds a new stunt creation system using the Wii Motion Plus. You gotta have the Balance Board to really simulate the action of snowboarding with these games.

Both games have received thumbs up from reviewers on the overall game experience, with its excellent intuitive motion controls and Balance Board integration.

More Kid-friendly games

If the kids into Mario or Sonic (mine are), they might prefer Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, where their favorite characters from the wildly popular games will compete at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. All the major winter events are included here, plus the added feature of Dream Events. Here's a chance to have a virtual snowball fight! Another fun aspect of the game is the shopping at the Olympic village, where the kids can customize boards, bob sleighs, skiis, and outfits. The game gives you the ability to use the characters or import your Miis, sweet!

Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun offers a variety of activities featuring winter sports, competitions, playground and fun snow activities, and new brain freezing challenges. It's scheduled for release in early Feb. 2010.

A preview

Saving Money on Video Games

Many of these games are now available at discounted prices at local retail outlets or on Shop around online or on to find the best prices. One way of saving money on video games is to wait until the release is no longer new. Often when version 2 of a game is released, version 1 gets reduced in price. Another alternative is to rent them for a period of time from a Gamefly or to take advantage of pre-owned games at stores like Gamestop. Wii Winter Sports games are an ideal, low-cost way to get away for a winter break, without having to put the chains on the tires!

Basic Wii Equipment

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TnFlash 6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Very Creative Hub! When the HubMob said "Winter Sports" I never thought about the fact you can play winter sports on Wii. Good Thinking!

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dfelker 6 years ago from Southern California Author

@TnFlash -- thanks! Snow is fun, but only for so long. I'm just grateful I'm not in Maryland right now digging out of 2+ feet of it (but my mom and 2 sisters are there)!

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