3 Ways Cataclysm Fixed WoW, And Your Life

A mage I was forced to create because the idea of being able to get into any server my characters actually exist on is as ridiculous as it is laughable as it is doomed.
A mage I was forced to create because the idea of being able to get into any server my characters actually exist on is as ridiculous as it is laughable as it is doomed.

I once went on record saying that WoW was the worst game ever. That was obviously an overstatement, because anything that sucks people in, chews them up and leaves them desperate and alone must certainly have one or two upsides to justify its existence.

The Cataclysm changes have altered the game a great deal, and though change is rarely appreciated, there are some changes that this gamer found quite useful. I will list these changes in no obvious order, but rather as they come to mind. It should be noted that this is a far from comprehensive list, rather it is merely my opening observational gambit.

Teleportation at the End of Quest

When finishing a quest inside a cave with an NPC by my side, I was immediately teleported out to the quest giver who'd originally assigned the quest. This doesn't happen with every quest, but even if it only happens that one time its a great improvement on the old system of making you run back through a cave / dungeon, killing everything that had spawned again whilst you slashed away at the boss.

'Return To Graveyard'

Ever died and tried to run back to your body only to discover that you're hopelessly lost? The 'return to graveyard' option that now pops up when you say, accidentally step off what was once Stormwind Harbor and which is now a towering cliff of rubble and die is quite useful – though it's probably not going to solve problems for people who have a habit of wandering into high level zones, getting killed by mobs and then getting stuck in graveyards patrolled by creatures that could annihilate them with a whisker.

Finding your body is also made easier with the addition of a bulky new red arrow that points the way back to your body. There's now no excuse to lose your body – but we still will anyway. Because that's what we do.

New Ability Warning System

Cataclysm saw a massive overhaul of the spell book and abilities ledger, which now informs you when you've reached a level at which you can learn new spells and abilities. No more need to visit the trainer every single level to see if your lot might have improved.In fact, if there's a new spell or ability to learned when you level up, this fact is announced boldly mid-screen.

Bad news: Night elves will still be forced to fill phials, as if the very existence of Azeroth itself depended on filling tiny bottles with water from various wells.

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