World of Warcraft - Cheats, Cracks, Codes, Hacks, Video Tutorial

Review of the video....

  • More than 11,000 Gold on this character in just 10 days.
  • Not much time invested.
  • Completely 100% legal and no risk of breaking the law.
  • Do it easily without cheating.
  • No need to farm for hours and hours on end.
  • Absolute proof of how to make lots of money on War Craft.
  • Make 200 Gold per hour by using strategies that can't fail. The only time spent will be in enforcing the strategie s - once you have done that you can almost leave your characters to build you up lots of money!
  • Different strategies for people of all different levels.
  • Video Evidence from a real server, no fakes.
  • Tips, tactics and strategies from the best WoW player in the world!

Chat Window Codes...

Try these wicked commands that should be entered when you are in the chat windows. Other players won't know what has hit them!

Enter these commands whilst in the chat window to the responses listed!

/gremove - Remove a player from guild
/gpromote - Promote a player one rank within guild
/gdemote - Demote a player one rank within guild
/gmotd - Set guild's message of the day
/gquit - Remove self from guild
/groster - Give entire guild roster
/gleade - Set another player as the guild master (guild master only)
/gdisband - Disband guild (guild leader only)/ginfo - Basic information about guild
/g - Send chat message to all guild members
/o - Send chat message to all guild officers
/ginvite - Invites player to join guild

Macro Bots

World of Warcraft can be played automatically by your very own bot who will run around a farm for you all day long without you even touching your computer. However you need to be able to create the Macro that works well for you - and that is by far easier said than done.

Here is a Macro Bot that has already been programmed. The video shows you where you can find the bot and how you can install it to your computer. Enjoy...

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