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Patch 4.3 Brings New Gem Cuts

With this last patch coming out for the latest version, the news that new jewelcrafting vendors would be included was a major piece of information. What is even better is that these vendors will have plenty of epic cut patterns as well. If course, they won’t come cheap – the price named is five Illustrious Jewelcrafter’s Tokens. So it may well use up a whole week’s worth of dailies. The good news is that if you are cheap, and a bit of a gambler, you can also roll and buy a Tome of Burning Jewels to learn a random cut. This way of approaching it will only cost you four tokens.

With the market for red gems low because they are the entry point, your best bet is to concentrate on orange and purple gems, when it comes to pricing for cuts. The price difference between raw and cut gems should make it worth your while in the long run.

So your best bet would be to start stocking up on your jewelcrafters tokens now, as this is going to cause a bit of a run on raw jewels initially. You want to be ready when that happens. Go for the cuts that will give you the highest profits first, as they are going to see a quick run when this patch comes out. Good luck!

Popular World of Warcraft Names and Meanings

World of Warcraft is the world's largest MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. A player has the options of social interaction within the game, an in-game culture that keeps the game challenging. Characters can often be customized quite extensively with new choices added over time by the game designers. Of course, the first choice that all players have to make when designing a character is a name.

The game allows for the player to choose a random name from a name generator but most players choose to make their own names that usually have some special significance. Sometimes people just choose a name for their character because they think it sounds cool but, more often than not, the character name means something to the creator. For example, if you are in the game and you see a character named Kannabis, you will likely wonder to yourself "smoke much dude?". A name like Amoalf can have meaning only to the creator of the character. Amo is Spanish for "I love" and ALF stands for alien life forms. But there is no way to know that without getting the information from the creator of the character.

Other names are more obvious, such as Kali, considered the goddess of destruction, which makes a good name for a warrior. As far as the names of the characters created by Blizzard, the creators of the game World of Warcraft, they can have many different meanings. Abyss – lord of chaos. Aciel – the god burner. Adatiel/Agiel– lord of calamity. Ambriel– the changer. Arathron– lord of sorrow. Eksusha -Garn – a lost king. Zagam– lord of forgery.

World of Warcraft Names

World of Warcraft Guild Names

Each character on World of Warcraft belongs to a guild which will also have its own name. Guilds are groups of players that play together to complete raids and conquer dungeons. Some examples of guild names are Order of the Clan Glove, The Council of Psychopathic Knights, Dark of Delu Knights and Undercity Raiders. In game play, the players name is displayed above their head with the guild name displayed below it.

There are realms in World of Warcraft that are specifically meant for anachronistic Role players and these characters take naming more seriously for their player characters. Role player realms are called RPG (role playing game) realms where the players actually create a back story for their character and give them a name that means something to the life of the character they created. For instance, a player may name his character Drunken Mage because that is the role his character plays. They also tend to use names that might be considered more realistic for a fantasy world like Anladon or Finladern which are more consistent with the role the players are trying to portray. Most of the role playing realms take naming more seriously and they often require their players to use Old English when they speak and request that the player remain in character during play.

World of Warcraft Lockpicking

World of Warcraft Lockpicking

In the online game World of Warcraft, there is a player skill called lock picking which is only available to rogues.  It is an important side skill that many rogue players do not even know they have.  At one time, the rogue player had to complete a quest in order to have the Lock picking side skill.  It is used to unlock doors and boxes that lead to more treasure or just create a shortcut through dungeons.  Lock picking is not a skill a rogue can simply learn by adding skill points.  They actually need to go through a quest to obtain this skill. 

Obtaining the levels needed for the lock picking skill is not easy.  Rogues can open trainer boxes until they reach a certain level and then they need to keep finding higher level boxes to train their skill even further.  Higher level boxes are rare and hard to find. 

There are guides that tell the rogues where to go to train their skill on locked doors.  The players kill monsters to complete a quest and to raise their experience level.  They receive loot and some of it contains boxes.  At the lower levels, these boxes can be easily opened by using keys that are made by a blacksmith or by getting the rogue to lock pick it.  After that, higher level boxes require a high level lock picking skill for opening. 

Rogues also depend on these high level boxes so that they can max out their lock picking skill.  Players would leave tips to rogues who help them open these boxes and lock picking was a money maker for them.  Then in dungeons, players would enlist the help of rogues to pick locked doors.  This is for speed runs where you would skip hunting down the monster that has the key and jump straight to the boss.

Also in the dungeons, players can find treasure chests that contain loot.  Locked treasure chests contain the best chance to get rare loot.  Dungeon groups would need to bring a rogue in if they wanted to open the locked chest.  However, with the latest expansions, it appears that Blizzard (the creators of World of Warcraft) seems to feel that the player community has been too reliant on the World of Warcraft lock picking skill of the rogues. 

In the lastet version, Wrath of the Lichking, it seems that they have reduced the need of have a rogue in a party by making newer dungeons without any doors needing lock picking.  They also gave blacksmiths the ability to make higher level keys to open higher level boxes.  However, the materials required for the blacksmiths to craft the keys are hard to come by.  In the end, most parties still rely heavily on rogues for lock picking.  The skill works well, but the problem with lock picking is trying to raise your skill level.  It is often a boring and tedious process but since it is such an important skill, lots of people work on this skill. 

Many players have created guides for rogue players to find information on how to best level up the lock picking skill.  One such site is WOW Horde Lockpicking Guide. also has a lock picking guide for up to level 300.

World of Warcraft Lockpicking Guide Video

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