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Power Level Yourself in World of Warcraft

Ever since they shut down my beloved MMOglider I had been looking for an easy way to level my new characters. Well, I had no luck with alternate bots (most are just horrid) so I decided to try a goal of mine and 2-box a couple characters to level 60. Now, all the World of Warcraft veterans will no that getting to level 60 isn't that big of a deal anymore (with the level cap at level 80 at this point), but I wanted to try it. I had previous experience 2-boxing in Everquest back in the day so I figured that doing it in World of Warcraft would be easier.

What is 2-Boxing? And why would I do it?

2-Boxing is simply playing two characters at once. What you need to do it depends on how you plan to do it but there are a few ways to go about it. Here's a few:

  • Use 1 computer, put World of Warcraft in 'windowed' mode and alt-tab between both screens, controlling one character at a time
  • Use 2 computers and have each computer control one character. Of course, you would need 2 of everything (monitors, mice, keyboard, etc) to do this. This can be done fairly cheap since World of Warcraft will run on a toaster.
  • Use 1 computer and AutoHotkey to play two characters at once. This is the easiest way to play 2 different characters and is what I did when I leveled my Hunter/Mage combination

What does AutoHotkey do?

To put it simply, AutoHotkey allows you to control two or more instances of World of Warcraft on one computer by allowing any keystrokes you select to be 'copied' to the other character. So, let's say you have '5' on your key mappings mapped to 'Fireball' for your Mage. If you had a second Mage running, both Mages would hit '5', or 'Fireball' at the same time. Cool. But that's just the beginning. For example you could play two different classes and have a hot key set to do something specific. When I played my Mage/Paladin combo, I would play the Paladin as normal; rounding up 5-7 mobs at a time and pull them near the Mage. I'd then tab over to the Mage and AoE the mobs down with Blizzard. If I saw the Paladin needed healing, I would hit the '5' key on my keyboard which would tell my Paladin to heal himself

Oh yea, you get 3x experience with Recruit-A-Friend

The best benefit of all this? Go to Blizzards web site and under account management you will see an area for Recruit-A-Friend(RAF). Send a RAF invite to yourself and create a trial account with the CD key they send you. Once you have the account sent up, start an instance of World of Warcraft for each account and configure your AutoHotkey.

Your main account and the new trial account are now 'bound' together, so whenever they group together they will experience triple experience for both mob kills and quest turn-ins. In a word, it's fast, way faster then if you botted or paid a power leveling service to level your character for you. I can typically get 2 new characters to level 60 in just under 2 days played. I'm sure there's some hardcore people that can do it a lot faster.

So that's it, do your research on what I talked about here and try it for yourself. The RAF trial and AutoHotkey are free so you have nothing to lose.

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