World of Warcraft Warlock Leveling Guide

If you are playing the evil warlock in WOW, then this World of Warcraft warlock leveling guide will come in very handy for you. Most players enjoy playing a warlock class because of the great skills it has. It doesn’t matter whether you are using your warlock for PVE or PVP, the best thing about a warlock is the ability to use curses and spells enabling it to be a killing machine and that is what makes it the most intimidating class in World of Warcraft.

To begin this World of Warcraft Leveling Guide, you need to know how to start putting fear unto your enemies. You must know about being a warlock is that it is it a crowd controller for the game, thus, you will need to equip your warlock with the Fear spell. Warlocks are very useful when fighting monsters and other players as they can make use of their Fear spell. A warlock has to make sure that he casting Fear on the monster properly or it might go back to its camp and bring all the monsters towards you once the curse has been removed. Using the fear spell in PVP can also keep some of the enemies away for the meantime as you and your party can focus on killing the others.

The next thing to be taught in this World of Warcraft warlock leveling guide is that you should equip your warlock with the affliction skills. With affliction, the warlock’s dot ability will greatly improve and when grinding, you won’t even feel your mana decreasing as it always stays around 100%. Because of this, you won’t have any problem with mana and mana regeneration making you a killing machine especially during grinding sessions.

One of the skills of a warlock is to control different pets or demons as they call it in-game. You can control various demons that can aid you in your battles. There are different demons that you can summon and you can use them in different situations. If you want a demon that is a damage dealer, you can go for Imps and if you need a tank, the Voidwalker can be of service to you.

How should you gear up when leveling? You need to make sure that you have enough bags for all the loots you will be getting. You might get equipments that you can use for yourself and other loots to sell for gold. If you are just leveling, you don’t need extravagant equipments, you can just use the equipment rewards from quests. This World of Warcraft leveling guide will be best applied to the early stages of your warlock.

Deal Great DPS Damages with World of WarCraft Weapon Skill Leveling

Weapons are important in many online games and for you to become a good player; you should master the art of World of WarCraft weapon skill leveling.  There are many different job classes in this game and most have different styles in combat and weapon use.  There are many things that you can do in the game like fishing, mining, gathering items, and completing quests, but the most important aspect of the game is fighting – and of course, being able to fight well would mean that you should be properly equipped with a good weapon.

Many players in the game do not know how to use the World of WarCraft weapon skill leveling to their advantage.  Many focus on other aspects like gaining gold, or trying to power level their characters as fast as they can.  Of course this is important, but you will not be able to do any of these as efficiently if you do not have the right gear – armor and especially weapons, to take care of the monsters and complete the quests easily.  Quests provide you with plenty of experience points and gold rewards, but if you are struggling to complete any of them because of your weak gear, chances are you will not be able to go farther in the game.

In World of WarCraft weapon skill leveling, you should know that high DPS (damage per second) weapons are important to take out your enemies fast.  These are really important to have, especially when you join parties that do dungeon runs or guilds that do raids.  In these runs, everyone must be able to deal damage to the monsters as much as they can, else they will become dead weight in the party.  Some epic runs require twenty-five players to participate, and even if only one of you are not damaging enemies enough, this will be a big blow to a party and you might get wiped eventually.

Be sure to take some time in improving your equipment in the game, especially your weapons.  There are many kinds of weapons that can be used by the different job classes in the game like daggers and knives (primary weapons of rogues but are also usable by other job classes), staves for magic users, bows and guns (exclusive to the hunter class), swords, clubs and many more.  You should be able to use them properly to deal great damage to your enemies so consider the benefits of World of WarCraft weapon skill leveling.

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