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I have seen one partcular hub that goes on and on and it has inspired me to start a hub with the sole pupose of going on and on and ... Unlike the previously mentioned hub which covers only one subject matter; I thought a hub that has diversity would make a hub that engages all who read it at some point. Hopefully this will compel each of us who visits to leave a contrbution.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and the effort you have put forth to keep this interesting and lively. Now let us get busy.

I would like to start off with language and words, they are essential to convey our thoughts and describe things we have seen to one another. I will not pretend to know a great deal about this, but I am thankful we have such a means.

My part in this will be on addiction and more specifically useage of the internet. Seriously I could practically live here; what with all the information one could find here I might never been able to leave this computer if not for the call of nature, lol. Truly though, before the internet came along I was a fair reader and as a child I could not get enough of our World Book encyclopedia set. I have been called this at work, the walking encyclopedia, but I am not as educated as I would love to be, I am more like Macgyver.

The most interesting things to me may be a complete turnoff to some, but there is a match for everyone and one man's trash is definitely another man's treasure. This is why I enjoy Jeopardy the tv show so much, I learn a great deal from it.

Now hopefully I have done a good deal to stimulate and promote an interest in contributing to this hub, but only time will tell. I will be checking back from time to time to comment on your comments and add content based upon what you contribute. Thanks again for dropping in on this hub.

A long story

Do you have a photo or video to share

As I have searched the internet for more on literature that has shaped and molded our society, I do not want to dismiss the role that photos and videos play as well. With the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm sure a video must be worth even more.

With that being said please feel free to include some of your favorites here as well. ☺


✍ So write all you can, on whatever subject you feel most comfortable with and allow me to share it with others through this hub ✍

Another very long story

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