Wuggle Pets Are DIY Plush Toys

Whats a Wuggle?

Mom’s and dad’s you may have heard kids singing this line from the catchy theme song of the Wuggle Pets Commercial and yourself wondering what are Wuggle Pets? Well they are nothing more than stuffed plush toys. What separates them from other plush toys on the market? Kids create their own plush pets with the Wuggle Pets Kit. Involvement in the creation of their own plush toy is sure to make the bond between kids and their plush pets greater – or perhaps only until the next toy fad appears. There are 8 Pets to collect ranging from puppies and teddies to dragons and unicorns. Like most plush toys Wuggle pets can be used to invoke ids imagination. These small plushies also come with clips to allow easy attachment to kids backpacks.

Wuggle Pets Kit
Wuggle Pets Kit | Source

How to Make Wuggle Pets

Each Wuggle starter set pet is sold as a kit including: a Puppy and a Unicorn pet. Unlike readymade plush toys-making a Wuggle Pet is something parents can help their kids with. The Kit includes a Factory, this is the machine which enables the Wuggle Pets to be stuffed, the set also included is 2 bags of stuffing, one for each pet as well as 12 personality charms –yes in addition to creating their own plush toys-kids can also chose their own personality for their pet too.

Where to Buy Wuggle Pets

  • Wuggle Pets retail from $12.62.

Wuggle Pets Commercial


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