Wuuthrad Retrieval (Skyrim Walkthrough)

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Wuuthrad Retrieval (Skyrim walkthrough).

After having ventured on several companions' quests you have reached the retrieval mission, in which you are asked by Aela the hunteress to please retrieve the fragment of the legendary Wuuthrad. You need to complete the mission The Silver Hand to unlock this mission.

After having ascended into the Circle which leads the companions; now sharing their bloodline as werewolves, Aela and Skjor take you to a Silver Hand stronghold to fulfill the ritual... unfortunately Skjor falls in battle and this is where your next mission begins; a mission not only to retrieve the fragment of Wuuthrad... but also a quest for vengeance against the Silver Hand.

Mission objectives:

1. - Retrieve the fragment of Wuuthrad

2. - Return to Aela

1. Retrieve the fragment of Wuuthrad

The Silver Hand is holding a fragment of Wuuthrad at the Lost Knife Hideout, close to the Eldergleam sanctuary. Your mission is to retrieve it for the sake of the companions. Arriving at the icon of the Lost Knife Hideout you will have to enter the Lost Knife Cave, and make your way from there to the Lost Knife Hideout centre. After venturing through the caves you will enter the Lost Knife Hideout. When you reach an area with multiple steel cages, look in the chest to retrieve the fragment of Wuuthrad (along with some mighty fine ebony weapons and other valuables). However, as you may have overheard earlier... one of the Silver Hand leaders is edging people on for a duel, and you will find four mighty Silver Hand warriors right next to this area, best advice is to sneak up on the spectators watching the duel area, so that you have the element of surprise on your side and thus get the sneak attack bonus. On another note, this is probably the best place to practice conjuration. Just keep summoning 'familiars' and let the Silver Hand leader kill them off, while your conjuration skill improves drastically.

Ps - There is a master chest located next to this room, just head towards the small stream of water, and then you will find it on the left. The harder to lockpick, the better the prize.

After dueling with the Silver Hand Leader you should head for the exit, to meet up with Aela the Hunteress.

2. Return to Aela

Fast-travel to Whiterun. You will find Aeal the hunteress in the house of Jorrvaskr. Talk to her. She congratulates you on your work well done, and informs you that there is more work to be done.


- 300 gold

- Lots of great loot and gold during the mission itself.

Next Companions' mission: Stealing Plans

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