Xbox 360 4gb Buyer Beware

To slim or not to slim

So, you're looking to buy a new Kinect ready Xbox360, or maybe your old one is on the fritz with an impressive red ring light-show every time you boot it up. The new Xbox360 Slim 4gig might be an attractive choice as your browsing through your local retail store. Low storage space, but built in WiFi adapter and its black sleek silky look, and wallet friendly at $199. But wait a second, lets think this through for a second or two. 4 gigabytes of might be thinking I don't download content, arcade games, I will NEVER use 4 gigs of space. Well, lets just think of the Microsoft updates, the first of which will happen right when you boot up your Xbox for the first time. Suddenly your 4 gigs is 3. Not to mention all those classic xbox games you love that all require updates, and all of your saved profiles, you will eat up the 4 gigs within the first month.

Ok, lets take another second to relax now. If you're like me, you probably have an abundance of dead xboxes lying around, and your closet probably looks like more than a couple consoles exploded. you have an old Xbox360 harddrive? If you do, the 4 gigabyte option might not look like such a bad choice. Few people realize that there is an expansion bay on the side of the new Xbox slims. If you are even remotley good with a torx screw driver, you should have zero problem installing your old harddrive into your brand new Xbox360.

Ok, so what if you want to just want to buy the 4gig, just to play, I don't know...Halo: Reach with your buddies. Well that is all fine and dandy if you aren't looking to do any sort of Co-Op play over the internet. Various features of Reach requires you to have a harddrive. Reach does not recognize the 4gig flash memory as a "harddrive". That little nugget of information could have really saved me some grief, and i'm sure there is a lot of disgruntled people that made the same mistake I did, buying the 4gb slim in hopes of just playing one or two games, over the net with my buds. The built in WiFi is nice, and if you're looking to buy an adapter for your old 360, well that will set you back about $100. So why not put that towards a new console that is Kinect ready and has lovely built in WiFi?

Well the moral here is, If you have a harddrive laying around, just pop for the 4gig console, as it will save ya about one hundo. If you don't have spare parts, spring for the extra hundo for the 250gig version and just put it out of your mind. One thing I did notice however, is that my xbox360 is nowhere as sleek and shiny as it looks on the box. Hmm, maybe I grabbed the wrong one? A brief tutorial on how to swap harddrives can be found here.


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