You Find Yourself In A Room Text Adventure

A game that slowly realizes it hates you, and everything you stand for, You Find Yourself In A Room is perhaps the best text adventure game of all time. Even Kanye West couldn't come up with a better text adventure if he tried. (Okay, Douglas Adams' effort was pretty epic and will probably passed down from generation to generation, long after humanity has ceased to need bodies to survive, but we have digressed so far past the point that the point is now a mere speck in the ionosphere.)

You Find Yourself In A Room (henceforth to be known as YFYIAR for purposes of saving my poor typing nubs) is however, still a text adventure. What does that mean? It means you can anticipate electric discussions like this taking place:

For games that understand you, visit:
For games that understand you, visit: | Source

It should be noted that, as I surmised at the outset, there was a key under the bed. It's just that typing 'look under bed' won't work. You need to type 'examine bed', at which point you will find the key. Hoofreakinrah.

In spite of the usual challenges that come along with text adventures, YFYIAR is actually rather enjoyable once you start speaking its language. It constantly surprises you with events you weren't expecting and it's dark sense of humor is almost guaranteed to delight any gamer who can be bothered with a text adventure. That's the fun thing about text adventures, they rather select audiences likely to enjoy them, much like Dora the Explora and The View do.

The puzzles are interesting, but not too hard. I've a wicked and vicious reputation for becoming frustrated at puzzles and leaving the room to go and berate the grass for not growing fast enough, but I managed to solve most of the puzzles in the game with only a bare minimum of lateral thinking, which is good news for people who have already used up their allotted brain power for the day in the heady pursuits of navigating a Starbucks coffee menu.

There's actually a good reason for the challenges being so easy. It's because YFYIAR isn't so much a game as it is an excuse for a computer game to insult you. Before you've gone two rooms, the game is sneering at you with all the loathing of a mother in law, but with far more snap, crackle and pop to its taunts.

The writing in this game is, without a doubt, it's best feature. Without the writing it would be nothing. Literally. It would be a blank screen. Little comments like: 'You regret being born as an organic life form. You are as momentary as the lie you call love' really make the game what it is, a walk down someone else's existential crisis.

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