You Know You're A Gamer When...


1) You are deathly suspicious of anyone who offers you cake.

2) You have a detailed zombie apocalypse survival plan.

3) You've been known to answer to your gamertag.

4) You know more about the people you game with than your neighbors.

5) You just remembered you had neighbors.

6) You have been eaten by a grue.

7) You frequently pre-order games months in advance.

8) Your daily vocabulary often includes the words "pwned", "newb" and "epic fail".

9) You envy anyone with a lower ping than you.

10) You know what a boomstick is.

11) You believe a meal consisting of beef jerky and energy drinks is a completely acceptable and balanced meal.

12) Your worst nightmares have involved the red ring of death.

13) You know what happens if you craft a stick and a lump of coal together.

14) You are curiously entertained by the joyful cheering and colorful confetti that is released after shooting a grunt in the head.

15) You own Super Mario Brothers and a Super Nintendo to play it on.

16) When you hear the word "camper", your first thought is not of a tent and campfire.

17) You've lost hours of your life trying to "catch 'em all".

18) You think WWII actually involved some type of Nazi zombie invasion.

19) When out in public and you see someone get hit in the head by something, your first instinct is to yell "Boom, head-shot!"

20) You can name every type of assault weapon but have never actually held one.

21) You have taken an arrow to the knee.

22) You own/want an Alienware computer.

23) You refer to your child as "player 3".

24) You don't get older. You level up.

25) You reward yourself for everyday accomplishments with your own personal achievements. "I only hit the snooze button twice this morning?! Achievement unlocked!"

26) You can speak simlish. Deg deg!

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greekwarrior profile image

greekwarrior 4 years ago from Sylvania, Ohio, USA

haha this was awesome :) rated up and funny

Choxy profile image

Choxy 4 years ago Author


le anonymoose xDD FEAR US!! 4 years ago

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS SO LE FUNNY XDDDDDDD GAEMERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E 9GAG ARMY FIND DIS FUNNI!!!!!!!!!!

Jaz 4 years ago

Yes, so very true.

neco555 profile image

neco555 4 years ago from Illinois, United States

Hilarious! Awesome hub....and, yes, I have varified I'm a gamer thanks to you! haha

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