How to Play a YouTube Snake Game

What, a YouTube snake game you say?

Yes indeed, you heard us right. Apparently, you can do some things on YouTube other than watch videos of cats playing keyboards, or of a certain Hungry Bear admiring a pair of rainbows like nobody ever admired a pair of rainbows before.

It turns out you can also play a snake game on YouTube.

Here's what you have to do.

Step 1) Go to the YouTube home page. This game does not work on embedded YouTube videos on other sites so you'll have to do it on the home page.

Step 2) Just choose and click on a video to watch.

Step 3) Press the left and up arrow keys on the keyboard at the same time. It doesn't matter if the video is playing or paused.

Step 4) A transparent snake will appear. To play, direct the snake to gobble up transparent dots that appear on the screen using the arrow keys. The game ends if the snake hits the edges of the YouTube player or any part of the snake's body.

That's it. Enjoy

Here's a demonstration of the game.

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