Zhu Zhu Pets Beauty Salon

Zhu Zhu Beauty Salon

Last year the latest craze in toys was the cute furry Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters. There was so much buzz and excitement that they sold out right before Christmas in some areas! Well this year they are back again (and still hot), and now they even have their own accessories including motorbikes, elevators, icecream trucks, and of course the Zhu Zhu Beauty Salon (which is what I'll be reviewing here).

It comes in cute pinks and purple colours which is perfect for little girl collectors that already own one (or more) Zhu Zhu pet hamsters and want some more accessories for them to play with.

The grooming salon allows you to style your hamsters and pamper them by giving them a 'makeover'.

Just place them in the chair and dry their hair with the hairdryer and use the included brushes, and other beauty supplies to make your Zhu Zhu hamster feel pampered and beautiful.

And then when they are done they can travel through the bridge back to their city.

All sounds very cute doesn't it - and it is of course (well for girls maybe, if you are a boy then you probably don't want a grooming salon in your Zhu Zhu city).

The execution is ok, and while the salon itself is a bit wobbly (it's only standing on three legs) its still good for some imaginative play.

This toy has actually been named as one of the top toys for Christmas 2010 so it's likely to sell in the thousands to owners of Zhu Zhu pet hamsters everywhere who want to expand their accessories for their beloved pets.

You can buy the Zhu Zhu pet hamsters at most major toystores including Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, eToys.com and amazon.com.

They recently won the Dr Toy Award for the 100 Best Products for 2010 in the categories of technology and social & dramatic play.

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