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Scary, Exciting Zombie Games

If you’re a fan of scary video games, chances are that you’ve played a zombie game or two in your lifetime. From Resident Evil to Sonny, from House of the Dead to the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, zombie games riddle the video gaming world with blood, guts and the desire of those who are supposed to be dead wanting to eat your brains. You can play them online, on the Xbox 360 or Wii, but however you play zombie games, the fact is – they’re great fun.

Zombie games have experienced an evolution just like every other genre of game on the market. As time goes by, players demand more gore, more outstanding stories, better graphics and clearer storyline advancement. There exists an underlying population of fans who, contrary to the “more, bloodier, better looking” players, want zombie games with campy graphics, nods to the zombie movie subculture, and comedic violence. Lucky for everyone who loves zombies/games, there is a zombie killing game out there for you no matter your preference.

Flash games are free to play, which can only mean one thing. Hours of fun with zombie shooting games, RPGs or even tower defense games with that zombie theme you love. Here are the top three zombie flash games being played online right now:

  • Sonny 2 – Sonny 2 is the second game in this series, and is a zombie game where your character (Sonny) is a zombie, and has to fight for his life, meeting interesting characters and gaining amazing powers along the way.

  • The Last Stand 2 – This is another one of those zombie shooting games where you kill wave after wave of zombies while trying to get yourself and your companions to Union City alive and safe.

  • Autumn War 2 – Another sequel to a story based zombie game. In this one, you take charge of soldiers, vehicles and fight off zombie hordes.

Given the popularity of zombie flash games, there are lots of series to choose from, some fun, some bloody and others that are a mix of both.

Other Zombie Games

Horror games featuring zombies have always had a place in the world of console games as well, with wide spanning stories emerging as fast as technology changed. You can’t go wrong with an old standby like Doom, but in the last few years there have been some amazing games put out for the Xbox and Playstation, with more to come for the Wii. Regardless, the most versatile experience to be had from zombie slaughtering is right here in front of you on your zombie games com puter.

Did you know that you can download mod packs for some of your favorite games that change your enemies into shambling zombie armies bent on chewing on your gray matter? Games like Doom, Call of Duty, and Half Life all feature the ability to install zombie mods to turn your boring shooter game into a wasteland of re-undead bodies. Just remember, it’s not murder if you’re killing dead people!

Tired of the Best Zombie Games? Want something a little less scary?

If you can't handle the shooting and killing of zombies, then maybe scrapbooking albums is for you.

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