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Did you collect baseball cards as a kid? What happened to your collection?

I had a great baseball card collection, including cards from the late 1940s and early 1950s given to me by an older neighbor. Somewhere along the line, the collection disappeared. It's almost a cliche that moms threw out their kids' baseball card collections. If you had a card collection, what happened to it?

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Best Answer David (adjkp25) says

4 years ago
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jaydawg808 says

3 years ago
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dblyn says

4 years ago
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    Brian Lokker (brianlokker) 4 years ago

    Keith Hernandez is one of my favorite players (and broadcasters). I did some collecting in the 1980s, mostly Brooklyn Dodgers and the Mets. I still have those cards but they don't compare to my original collection.


Gusser says

4 years ago
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