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Are game console makers exploiting children, and their parents?

It seems game console manufacturers are working the psychology of children, making them want and want and want. Apparently, they are finding every angle to bleed parents of their hard earned money. Game makers have created games that now have separately purchased figures that are transported into the action of the game itself. The list of figures does not end. Other games have the ability to purchase "power-ups" right from the game. Others use AR Codes read from special cards that pull characters into games, again with no end to the number of characters.

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M. T. Dremer says

2 years ago
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    pctechgo 2 years ago

    Absolutely right, it almost defines capitalism and with the easiest of targets. A demographic that still does not understand the value of money and with an unquenchable appetite for new games and toys.

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pctechgo says

2 years ago
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    John Roberts (JohnGreasyGamer) 2 years ago

    Completely agreed, although in fairness consoles themselves last around 8 or so years; it's the games that change every fortnight or so.

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John Roberts (JohnGreasyGamer) says

2 years ago
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sheilamyers says

2 years ago
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    bethperry 2 years ago

    Very astute answer, Sheila.