Answers To The Stupid Test 3

Stupid Test 3 Answers

I've always been a fan of these little mental exercise games. Love 'em.

Stupid Test 3 is just another one of these games. You can play the game and test your mental skills at Addicting Games.

Pointers on how to do the Stupid Test 3:

  1. Go through each answer carefully and think before you select an answer.
  2. Read the question twice. Once before you look at the answers and again after.
  3. Obvious answers may not be the right one.
  4. Use pen and paper if the need arises.

You don't want a computer game calling you stupid, do you?

Answers To The Stupid Test 3.

Ok I just took half an hour taking The Stupid Test 3. Its not half an hour long... I just too half an hour. But I completed it.

I put the type of question followed by the answer.

Stupid Test 3 Answers.

  1. Trick Question - Wrong
  2. Unscramble - Celery
  3. Unscramble - beans
  4. Progression - [in order] more, core, cord, cold
  5. Word - hannah
  6. Trick - The green button changes position after the second click - be careful when you click.
  7. Math - 5
  8. Unscramble - more scrambled eggs
  9. Unscramble - butter
  10. Math - neither ( the real answer is 54 and not 56. Choices have spelling error in them to throw you off)
  11. Trick Question - All of them
  12. Trick Question - Yes
  13. A coin collector
  14. Trick Question - He never boarded the Ark ( Moses didn't, Noah did)
  15. Trick Question - Earth can't be removed from a hole
  16. Unscramble - milk
  17. Unscramble - macromedia (has an 'r' too many but its the only answer that works.
  18. Math - 4
  19. Progression - [in order] call, ball
  20. Memory Test - This one is tricky - You have to remember the steps. The buttons change positions so you might need to write down the steps because they remove the instructions after you click. Careful when clicking because the buttons switch positions. Also after you click the yellow button twice it may appear there is no yellow button in the second row. Its right between the two green ones ( look really carefully - use your glasses if you have to).
  21. Unscramble - Numismatist

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Comments 141 comments

Mariah 9 years ago

Thanks for the tips! The 'Stupid Test 3' was pretty challenging!

lalalalalal` 9 years ago

this is a stupid game

i suck at mind games 9 years ago

i never beat these i really hate the impossible quiz lol

yeahyeahyeah 9 years ago

btw in the macromedia one there is one too many r's

bryan 9 years ago

numismatist is a big word

heheheheheheheheh 9 years ago

Thanks for the tips! They really helped. I could beat it without your help! thanks a lot!!!!!

yo dude 9 years ago

thanks. that quiz was pretty hardd!

guys i can't beat it 9 years ago

i can't beat the second last question, do EVERY THING right but it sends me back all the time

go philliezz 9 years ago

im phat =]

danx 4 da help phatty

This game is horrible! 9 years ago

By the way, the third to last question (math) does not calculate to 4. Try all number 1-9... the lowest number you can calculate is 5 (that is of course picking 1 as your starting number). Whoever wrote this test is really not as intlligent as they think they are.

This game is horrible! 9 years ago

Whoever made this game was not as intelligent as they think they are. The 4th from the last question does not calculate to 4, regardless what number you pick. The smallest answer you can calculate is 5 and that, of course, is using 1 as your starting number. Rediculous!!!!! How did you calculate 4?! I did not have any issues with any of the other math related questions... math is one of my best subjects. :/

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 9 years ago Author

They said to write down a number. Then they say to multiply by 2. They never said to use the original number so 0 x 2= 0. Add 12 = 12 and the rest is easy.

chazza 9 years ago


i completed the stupid test 3!!! thx 4 whoeva done diz cause i would not have done it

alexander 9 years ago

well this Stupid Test 3 is crap

if u want somethin challenging don't put the answers on the internet

Steve S 9 years ago

I love how the person that makes all these games can't spell at all.

crap game 9 years ago

this game is stupid a lot of things r spelt wrong and some answers r wrong to

George 9 years ago

Cheerz Kelly! U rock!

jason 9 years ago

this helped me a lot i hate this game to

jason continued 9 years ago

i was naked when i wrote this and when i was doing the game p.s. im with my girlfriend a hot blonde with big tits

jason continued 2 9 years ago

p.s. its my sister and i want to bang her

gfgyugfy 9 years ago


BURGER KING 9 years ago


hal152/cheergirl774/jadyn112266 9 years ago

the one with the yellow that is very tiny is funny becausei didn't see it

Schmuck 9 years ago

MACROMEDIA only has one fucking "R" They give you two, clearly stupid people made the stupid test

wulfboy8 9 years ago

Schmuck was right. macromedia only has one ****ing r and they give you 2. I h8 thi game!! :-(

^_^ 9 years ago

yeah the game has a few flaws, the 2nd math is worded almost the same as the first but you are supposed to start with 0 (a lot of the directions don't tell you to use the # before but you still do) anyways good guide kelly

Absolute Crap 9 years ago

Horrbile game, stupid questions, bad spelling, and the whole thing looks like it was done on paint and powerpoint? The maths questions don't make sense either.

Joe 9 years ago

this is so easy i mean i can finish it in 1 minute and 20 seconds(OWNAGE)

all you need to do is go to the foollowing url i will send u in 5 minutes

joe 9 years ago

here click here for m site and see the easy way to win

I love you brandon 9 years ago

wow this games stupid but i love it anywayz

ronburgundyjr 9 years ago

contineNts...not continETS, stupid

wwwweeeee 9 years ago

the second math works if you add step 6: subtract original number

(tho that isn't there it shud be!)

Frank Tha Tank 9 years ago

You saved me HOURS Kelly! God bless you! And reading the other comments confirmed what I was thinking about some of those other questions - the make no since at all. Well anyway, thanks Kelly!

markion 9 years ago from London

ahhh, crazy game!

kk 9 years ago

HHow do u go on to the next question?? on the 2nd question how od u move on the enter button wont work!

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 9 years ago Author

Is that the one with the arrow? Click on the arrow point.

lord of the ladies 9 years ago

jason that blonde is ur mom isn't it

lord of the ladies 9 years ago

u know how i know that its cause im with her now

oh ur sister needs her braw back

35secondsex 9 years ago

wow thanks

i needed that

only35seconds? 9 years ago

i needed that

myparentscamein 9 years ago

i really needed this site

oooh...toobadforyou 9 years ago


srah 9 years ago

on question 20 i did the blue button on the top row but it just brought me back to the main screen

drewfus 9 years ago

the continuing math question is completely wrong. and if your supposed to use the number 0 to get to 4, then why in the hell does it say to pick a number 1-9? 0 is not between 1-9. dumb as hell.

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 9 years ago Author

Its also a trick question. They say pick a number but they never ask you to use it.

exinco profile image

exinco 9 years ago from Malaysia

ha..ha funny and challenging also blurr my eyesssssss.....

Kelly 9 years ago

holy crap i wuz as scared as hell when it said "WOW YOU WON KELLY!" i thought it actually knew my name

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 9 years ago Author

Lol. When you get to the end of the game just delete all the words except the WOW and it will say that... except for your name of course, it doesn't know that.

wtfff 9 years ago

wtf the second to last question is retarded!!! i lick the green button and it fucking leads me to the main screen

i hate these game creators who can't make a games to save their life!!!

sftbalgirl3 9 years ago

This was sooo much easier than the Impossible Quizez

sftbalgirl3 8 years ago

thankz for the answers!!!

Taz 8 years ago

Man, this is easy if you want a challenge do The Impossible Quiz it is truly amazing.

Taz 8 years ago

this is so easy i really mean it try any but but it

Jack 8 years ago

the progression question:


Why doesn't this work:


COLE is a type of cabbage, i.e. coleslaw.

Is it because all the words have to share a letter? As in the example with the L's?

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 8 years ago Author

Hmmm. That works...not in this game but it does work. I guess they didn't think of that. Or it could be that they have a required number of steps which is longer that your short version...who knows?

Tchick 8 years ago

MY friend took that quiz and missed eery time but now i can tell her about the cheats and then she might use them thnx

Sully 8 years ago

This game is fine u just need to be smart enough to spell i got to admit that the answer 4 is very idiotic

lololol 8 years ago

thank u so much i couldn't of done it without u

brittany 8 years ago

i couldn't beat it without your help thnx a lot!

hey you 8 years ago

try the stupid test 4

i need major help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im stipud 8 years ago

I failed the stupid test 3 even with answers !

i need money fast 8 years ago

What ??? even with the answer you failed........

Katrina 8 years ago

Okay, the stupid test three is really fkn stupid! Honestly... I'm doing everything right, and I know that. The "last two questions" part; the one with the colors? I click the blue ONCE and it automatically goes to the beginning of the test, like I failed it. CAN SOMEONE HELP!?

caroline 8 years ago

wow thanx so much

Marium  8 years ago

It is so hard too beat this game. Actully not really it isn`t

Smart... 8 years ago

Wow. Smart "this game is horrible!" You criticize the game, yet you spell ridiculous as rediculous. Really reallly smart.

louisa 8 years ago

i really think that was the easiest game ever.!!! I got all the ?'s right on the first try haha.

eMiLy 8 years ago

look love half the questions are wrong lovey so get the stories strait!

jessica,12 8 years ago

WOW!! that really helped thanks a lopt for whoever pout that on there

me 8 years ago

that's hard and rubbish ! i did it al then lost on the llats question !

Mrs. Nick Jonas 8 years ago

This quiz confuses

DancingQueen_x 8 years ago

Thanks I really needed this site, do you do other Answers?

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 8 years ago Author

Sure. Do you have a request?

????????? 8 years ago

boring game its so easy wen u know how!!!!!!

Cacaman 8 years ago

This was a great game! Not as long as the impossible Quiz 1 and 2 but every time I messed up I hated how you had to start from the beginning so after some time it got sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring! Fix this stupid game up please! DUDE 'SUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. (My friend told me to say DUDE 'SUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

carlina skipito 8 years ago

that is so easy i yall did't git it how stupid are yall?LOL!

ANA 8 years ago

THIS IS EASY lOL !!!!!!!

Wendall 8 years ago

This test would be significantly more fun if they spelled the words correctly themselves. I also question their second match test (I believe a step is missing as you only will get the number 4 if you start with 0 which is not what the instructions imply or state). The stupid people on this test are those who wrote it.

fatguy 8 years ago

That was frekin' hard but I managed to get through it without passing out,I. THAT WAS WICKED AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJ 8 years ago

4 the last 1 all u have to do is click the red in the second row 1 time, the blue in the first row 2 times, the green in the 2nd row 1 time and the yellow in the 2nd row 3 times. be careful they move and in the yellow for the last click its in between the green ones but its really teeny tiny!!! :)

Goku 8 years ago

That was VERY challenging!-Goku

erica 8 years ago

this was so dumb and you are dumb

hannah 8 years ago

how do u play

hannah 8 years ago

how do u play

hannah 8 years ago

how do u play

yoyoyoyo! 8 years ago


Coolster 8 years ago

WOW without those cheats I would of ripped my hair out tring to figure it out!!!!

Erin 7 years ago

ur all so stupid if u losed at the stupid test tht means ur smart.....if u won tht means ur an idiot

HELP 7 years ago

i can't get the button part (last part) when i hit the right ansr it goes back 2 start

CHEATER 7 years ago

Just right click and then press play over and over

some u gotta answer but da rest you can SKIP!!

Puro69 ;) 7 years ago

I hate this game :/

james 7 years ago

that was gayi won then nothing happened

heather 7 years ago

this game is kinda cool, but how many people cheated!?!

its a waste of time just copying from the answers. pretty funny though if you have nothing better to do...

Alana roxs 7 years ago

look thoese cheats are helpful but to many people then just cheat

aoife 7 years ago

the 3 last a question call-ball wont work

shaza 7 years ago

thnx it really works

Natalie 7 years ago

Thanks so much don't think i would of ever finished it without u

Keely 7 years ago

Wow. Hard

Sophh 7 years ago

this games soo hard, i had the answers and still got some wrong :O, thanks kelly :L

Michelle 7 years ago

i freakin finally passed if you think about it though its actually not that hard (only if ur stupid is it hard)!!!!!!

ellaha 7 years ago

hey! waz up??

this game is soooooo easy !!!!

it is soo stupid!!


ttyl i gtg bye!!

nicole 7 years ago

hiya people this game is so stupid x(L)

pepe 7 years ago

yo dogy D im chillin

dawnmcmillan :D  7 years ago

emm ^o) the micromedia wan isny wurken fir me its taken me bk to the start : i copy and pasted the answer you gave us and it disny work :S

yo 6 years ago

it wont let me pss 7

do u rly want to know. 6 years ago

This is just STUPID! its called the STUPID TEST 3!!! and for a very good reason!!! its RETARDED!!! u don't even need to give answers!!! nobody should play it. some kid wanted to see if u were dumb, and wanted to seem smarter... WELL GUESS WHAT!!! if u have a "cheat sheet" aka their brain, since they made the answers they know everything. NOT THAT SMART!!

do u rly want to know. 6 years ago

hey erin!!! let me guess... u lost, so ure smart.... by ure WRONG theory!!! u think ure sooo smart, its called the STUPID test because if u lose ure stupid, got it! (btw, im talking in one of those baby high-pitched explaining voices) btw, im smart, i did algebra in 5th grade, and i won!!!! ruined ure theory!!!! u r not funny trying to make everyone who won feel bad... just because u lost... POOR LIITLE ERIN, tiny, little, baby erin!! btw, PLAY THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!!! its more fun!!1 don't waste ure time on this s***

BlahBlahBlah 6 years ago

hard dose

kiya 6 years ago

burger king is right jason is a faget

bgjmbnvmv 6 years ago

this game is hard

KK 6 years ago

thanks a lot i really had a hard time doing it by myself and the reason u can't do it is because the guy who posted the answers capitilized the firt letter just don't capitalize it

kk 6 years ago

what is url?

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 6 years ago Author

url is like website address.

zo 6 years ago


wow 6 years ago

i can't get through even with answers this game sucks its way to hard I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

private 6 years ago

hihi you be strupid wow how is it hard im 9 its easybv expecially with the answers

COOLIO 6 years ago

people arent stupid they put extra things and spell things wrong for u to correct then that's why its called a stupid test its supposed to be stupid

bookworm 6 years ago

when i spelled the word "Numismatist", it brought me back to that supposed to happen? cuz i cut and pasted the word


Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 6 years ago Author

Maybe you cut and pasted with an extra space. That would mess it up and take you back to the beginning.

DON'T RUDE 6 years ago


Kara Leigh 6 years ago


Irina 6 years ago

thanks i needed the tips for the last couple they were getting kinda hard :)

BabaaayBriiiiii(; 6 years ago

BOO YEAH. i wooonnn. =DDDDDDDDDDDD yayayayayayayayaaaayyyyy. IT WUSZ ALL MEEEE BABESZ. ?

Josh "APEX" Morris 6 years ago

wow... i now have a head ache, whatever little POS NERD FAG made up this quiz needs to go give himself a swirly and weggie himself from a building! I hate him, and it makes me even more mad that he is probably sitting at his computer just laughing his ass off because he made a dumb quiz with the most random answers, and he thinks he's the most hot shit in the world! well i'll go to his house and literally blow it up, like no more nerdy fag. stupid stupid questions like his "magic math" continued, and he doesn't right in the last question on subtract your original number, like everyone is just supposed to randomly know to do that? i hate him, i don't hate a lot of people that i even know, and i don't know him at all and hate him so much. if the creator of this quiz happens to read this, message me on MySpace, ... seriously, we have some things to "discuss", and i was just kidding about the "blowing up your house"... maybe. ;)

nikki 6 years ago

omg!!! i love this game

xXxlynx636xXx 6 years ago

its cool that you know the answers but its a bit suss. Did u make the quiz?

Kelly Comas profile image

Kelly Comas 6 years ago Author

No I didn't make the quiz. It took a while for me to get through all the questions but I eventually got them all and recorded the answers.

bluegh 6 years ago

i didn't now the answer 2 any of these questions, so it was nice 2 see the other side of the quiz instead of being sent back 2 the start

kassidy 6 years ago


YUNG TEEZY 6 years ago

right click then press play then it will skip to the next level

^__ 6 years ago


Lily Farahannah 6 years ago

It was sssooo easy for me!

Xavier 6 years ago

AGAIN my answer didn't work! No.2...Typed in ''celery'' and pressed enter...didn't work!

me is cool 5 years ago

the second question is imposable but what u posted it did helped me not a lot because i always got it wrong jerk

Amanda 5 years ago

The answer for #2 that u gave me is wrong! It is saying to me it is wrong! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

joira 5 years ago

is hard there buttons

samifly 5 years ago

wow that really helped me since i used the answers 1 time i remember all the answer thanks for all the help and number 2 is right it worked for me

Me 5 years ago

i still can't get the next to the last one!!!!

Lala 5 years ago

They're right. This is a 'Stupid' test, because who ever made it, clearly has an IQ lower than a fcking potatoe. PLEASE learn how to spell, and use the RIGHT answers, next time you decide to make another game like this. Really. Waste of time for everyone who plays it.

aadam 5 years ago

this game was stupid the most stupidest game

Tyler 4 years ago

btw there is one last test. They mispelled aren't in the congratulations

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