Arthur Christmas Toys Includes Santa's S1 Sleigh Arthur and Bryony Plush Toys

Toys from Arthur Christmas

Toys from this year’s animated holiday movie - Arthur Christmas - includes mini figures and plush toys of lead characters. Arthur Christmas is the tale of Arthur, the second son of Santa who makes Christmas perfect by delivering a present to a little girl who was accidentally forgotten by Santa’s Little Helpers. Bold animation combined with humorous antics for the whole family-Arthur Christmas brings back holiday cheer in theaters this Holiday season. Fortunately Plush toys form the movie is already out concurrent with the movies release on 23 November 2011.

The Arthur Christmas Vehicle with Mini Figures S1 Sleigh
The Arthur Christmas Vehicle with Mini Figures S1 Sleigh | Source

Arthur Christmas Toys

Arthur Christmas Vehicle with Mini Figures S1 Sleigh

One of the most sought after Arthur Christmas Toys is Santa’s vehicle with mini figures-unlike his father this Santa delivers gifts with the aid of little helpers and his super hi tech shuttle like sleigh (like something out of Star Trek).The Arthur Christmas Vehicle with Mini Figures S1 Sleigh contains Santa's sleigh and 3 mini figures of Santa and his sons Steve and Arthur. The sleigh does not have any remote control functions but can be rolled to initiate movement.

Arthur 6 inch Plush
Arthur 6 inch Plush | Source

Arthur Christmas Character Toys

Arthur Plush

  • Authur is the son of Santa. His older obnoxious brother Steve will become the next Santa but Arthur takes his job as Santa’s helper very seriously. He replies to kids letters. Arthur helps save Christmas when one little girl’s present gets left behind in the North Pole. Arthur with the help of Grand Father Santa and a few real reindeer help save Christmas-leaving no child behind!...without a gift that is.
  • There are two Arthur plush toys on offer; the first is a talking 12 inch plush with movable hair and a smaller 6 inch plush with a plastic head the 12 inch Arthur Plush retails from $34.99. (As advertised 23.22.2011) or view more offers below in EBay.

Arthur Christmas Santa Plush
Arthur Christmas Santa Plush | Source

Santa Plush

Santa is not just responsible for delivering toys to kids a Christmas but is also the dad of Steve and Arthur. Santa loves his job as Santa so much he finds it hard handing over the reins to his older son Steve. Santa Plush toys include a 6 inch plush with plastic head retailing from $ 11.75.

Byrony Plush
Byrony Plush | Source
Reindeer Plush
Reindeer Plush | Source

Bryony Plush

Bryony is one of Santa’s helpers in the gift wrapping section. Voiced by Ashley Jensen better known for her role as Christina in Ugly Betty).One of Santa’s Helpers-The Bryonyplush is a 6 inch plush retailing from $11.99

Reindeer Plush

  • Other Arthur Christmas Toys includes the 6 inch reindeer plush retailing form $11.99.

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Happy Feet Two Toys
Happy Feet Two Toys | Source


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