Bakugan Free Online Games

Where To Play Bakugan Games Free Online

Parents one of the safest and most resourceful sites where kids can play Bakugan free online games is the official Bakugan site Once you enter the home page simply click on the country or language you wish to process in. For example if you choose U.S.A then you will be redirected to the U.S site. Simply wait for the page to load then click on the menu which says fun stuff. Under this menu you will find a series of kids Bakugan activities including E-Card Creator, Comic Strip Creator and Comic Book Creator

To pay Bakugan free online games simply follow this link to Once in there kids have the option to play three different Bakugan games. They can create their own virtual Bakugan collection, Train their Bakugan and even learn how to play the game and discover the abilities and weakness of all their favourite Bakugan characters.

Bakugan Games To Play Online

The First Game is Bakugan Battle Launcher .The aim of this game is really simple. All you have to do is use your mouse to aim your battle launcher on the oncoming Bakugan balls. It’s a really fun, yet simple game.

Best of all its on the official Bakugan site so there is no unnecessary pop up ads which kids may accidently click on, it’s just good clean fun.

The aim of this Bakugan game is concentration. This game is allot like solitaire but a great way for kids to improve their knowledge of Bakugan crads. Kids have to remember which cars are matching pairs then click on them to eliminate them. Is real fun yet great for their mot skills too.

The third game is called Shun’s Puzzle Brawler. Its witty clean fun. The aim of the game is like bejewelled where you have to match like coloured Bakugan in the same row or vertically.
Kids can also connect on the official site by creating their own Bakugan blog and keep up to date with the latest news. Best of all they will require a parental release form before signing up so you will know exactly where they will be.

Once registered kids can upload photos and videos of their Bakugan as well as art work and participate in competitions.

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Doris Fowler 5 years ago

My niece and nephews got crazy at the mention of the name bakugan. It makes me wonder how to play it since we had a great collection of bakugan toys in our home and the looks of them got my interest.

eeeeeee 5 years ago

gasti se

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