Best Toys for Girls 2011-2012

This year’s nominees for Best Toy For girls 2011-2012 features tech savvy, creative and fun loving toys for girls of all ages. Though I am a little disappointed to see more dolls rather than activity toys featured in this list- I still think the Barbie I Can Be Doll Series was worthy of mention. Nominees for this year’s Girls toy of the year includes Dora Fiesta Favorites Kitchen by Fisher-Price, Inc., Fijit Friends Interactive Figures by Mattel, Inc. / Radica, Lalaloopsy Silly Hair by MGA Entertainment, Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse by MGA Entertainment, Monster High Doll Assortment by Mattel, Inc, Squinkies Adventure Mall Surprise Playset by Blip Toys and the Justin Bieber Rockin' Tour Bus and Concert Stage Playset by The Bridge Direct. Let’s take a look at why some of these top toys for girls are on the list for best Girls Toys 2011-2012.

Dora Fiesta Toys
Dora Fiesta Toys | Source

Dora Fiesta Favorites Kitchen by Fisher-Price, Inc.

Kitchen Play sets are one of the most sought after girl toys second only to dolls and doll houses. Apart from providing entrainment and hours of endless fun, kitchen play sets can also serve as an educational tool for kids to learn about the importance of healthy eating and about different food groups. It can also be used to teach kids about responsibility in the household not just in the preparation of food but also how to keep things tidy too.

The Dora Kitchen is battery operated with instructions from Dora in both Spanish and English.Kids can learn to cook Dora’s favorite recipes. The Dora Fiesta Favorite Kitchen may appear to be a typical kitchen play set with stove and utensils hut it also features a recipe book holder which comes with different cookbooks (sold separately) each with new accessories and play food to collect. From the 37 customers who purchased the Dora Kitchen 62% rated it 5 out of 5 stars for durability, educational and fun aspects while another 35% rated 4 out of 5 stars. It’s no wonder the Dora Kitchen is one of the nominees of this year’s best toy for girls.

Fijit Friend Willa
Fijit Friend Willa | Source

Fijit Friends Interactive Figures by Mattel, Inc. / Radica

Dubbed girls BFF, the Fijit friends are robotic interactive toys, each with a unique personality and the ability to respond to key phrases. Apart from personality the Fijit toys love music and they love to dance. There are a total of four fijit friends to collect and the new Fijit Newbie’s which sing in duet with each other and are capable of unlocking new content when combined with the Fiji Friends. Most parents rated these toys for durability and found buy did not find it very educational. Many also noted they have difficulty getting the Fijit Friends to respond to key words. For a full list of key phases check out the more detailed description of the Fijit Friends Toys.

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls
Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls | Source

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair by MGA Entertainment

Following the release of the original Lalaloopsy Dolls for the 2010 Holiday Season, this year’s Lalaloopsy toys includes the new Lalaloopsy Silly Hair and the Mini Lalaloopsy Tree house both by MGA Entertainment. Though the first series is worthy of merit-I find the second series aptly titled-Silly Hair Lalaoopsies-the new silly hairdo being the only feature of this new doll. Perhaps it would have been best to release Lalaloopsy Silly Wigs instead of creating a separate doll with Silly Hairstyle despite the apparent simplicity for parents the kids seem to love the silly Haired Lalaloopsy Doll. The Lalaloopsy Tree house on the other hand does invoke some sense of imagination serving as a play set for the dolls.
Lalaloopsy Silly Hair dolls features Jewels sparkles and crumbs sugar cookie dolls with new twisted spiral hairstyle.

Skull Sores Abbey Doll
Skull Sores Abbey Doll | Source

Monster High Doll Assortment by Mattel, Inc.

Monster High is by far one of the few dolls series worthy of merit in a long while. This unique concept of the children of Monsters sees the release of new characters and new doll series. One of the biggest appeal of the Monster high Dolls is that they are unique personalities-ones that do not adhere to stereo types but rather driven by the personality of the character. Monster Dolls on sale include the following series

  • Monster High series One
  • Monster High Dawn of the Dance
  • Monster High Gloom Beach
  • Monster High Dead Tired
  • Monster High Sweet 1600
  • Skull Shores

Squinkies Mall
Squinkies Mall | Source

Squinkies Adventure Mall Surprize Play set by Blip Toys

Since their first release in 2010 Squinkies now compare of am myriad do several collections including popular figures from the movie Cars, Barbie and Disney Princess. Each Series comes with different playsets and series to collect. It is nearly impossible to keep track of all the latest relapses. The Squinkies website allows kids to keep track of the latest releases.
The Squinkies Mall Surprise is one of the most impressive Squinkies play sets to date - comprising of an amusement park, water park and mall all in one. It comes complete with escalator too. The set also includes 8 Squinkies.

Justin Bieber Tour Bus and Concert Stage
Justin Bieber Tour Bus and Concert Stage | Source

Justin Bieber Rockin' Tour Bus and Concert Stage Playset by the Bridge Direct

Justin Bieber has gone from a YouTube success story to household name. It’s no wonder toys featuredin the young star are as popular as his music is. The Justin Bieber Rockin' Tour Bus and Concert Stage Playset have an MP3 connection and speaker which allows kids to connect their Mp3 player to the set. Other feature includes a spinning stage, real lights and a backstage lounge.

Which is the Best Toy for Girls 2011-2012?

  • Fiit Friends Intecative Toy
  • Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls
  • Lalaloopsy Treehouse
  • Justin Bieber Tour Bus and Concert Stage
  • Monster High Dolls
  • Dora Fiesta Kitchen
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