The Best Wii Games Ever

The Best Games for the Nintendo Wii

If you own a Nintendo Wii, then there's a good chance that you'll be looking for the best games to buy for it. Here is are just a few of them, compiled by some keen gamers.

If you know of a title for the Wii that you think really is the best Wii game ever, then submit it to the list at the bottom.

Nintendo Wii Games - The Best Games Around

by Sonny Castro

Nintendo Wii games are designed for a wide variety of tastes and age groups. They are great on their own, but with Wii accessories, game play becomes much more engrossing and fun. These games are inherently played without clutter or restraint through its wireless remote and are some of the best selling video games for this popular system.

Wii games included "in the box" alongside the Wii console are fun, but may not be as exciting as those hot new releases. Wii Points cards are redeemable in the online Wii Shop and players have a wide range of downloadable games and other accessories to choose from. These games are made to be played over time, with the ability to save games at different stages and come back later to pick up where you left off. Everything about Wii revolves around the remote controller and Nintendo Wii Games are no exception. So much for the "couch potato" image of video gaming as the intrinsic speciality of these games is the players' movement. Game consoles are generally tended to kids but these Games can be family affairs, they have the range.

The Nintendo Wii games have handy controllers and it allows players to move their whole body in order to influence what they see on the screen. It is this kind of advance in console game play that will help ensure Wii games keep up with market demand for innovation and originality. The good news is even parents are impressed with these games and how the gamer has to interact. There is already a good range of these games out on the market. You may want to have a look at the Wii sports game which incorporates a number of different sports games and an intriguing fitness test element. What you can be sure of, though, is that there is something for everyone on this game console.

Wii Super Mario Galaxy

Wii Super Mario Galaxy
Wii Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo Wii is also quite a popular gaming device which has redefined the whole concept of gaming. The games for the Wii rated for Teens sometimes have more intense challenges, stronger action, and plot lines that may be too complicated for younger gamers, but games rated "E" for everyone are usually fine for kids, especially if they are meant to be played with the rest of the family. Wii video games have entered a new dimension and Wii gamers will now never have enough of them. Nintendo Wii games allow for players to grow up with characters while enjoying games that continue to challenge them and their game playing abilities. These games will continue to make interactive games for all ages. Nintendo, is still trying to create more innovative games involving more physical activity.

Nintendo Wii games are fun to play thanks to its innovative controllers. These games are controlled by body movements and are highly interactive and a whole lot of fun to play. Nintendo Wii Games are sold mainly through the games store and are different from other computer games. No matter what anybody says these are some of the most popular games around are here to stay.

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Tell Me About YOUR Best Wii Games: 205 comments

SherryHolderHunt profile image

SherryHolderHunt 7 years ago

Oh man! This is right down my kid's alley. Great lens. ***** Favorited

jonarablu 7 years ago

Thanks for this! We just got a Wii last month and I was wondering what games were out there. This is a great lense that I will be looking at closely..and favoriting! P/S saw your post on Twitter :)

TheShoppingOutlet 7 years ago

My son found your lens! He has been looking for more of the good games out there!

Tiddledeewinks LM profile image

Tiddledeewinks LM 7 years ago

I like Super Smash Bros., but my kids always beat me!

WoWKing LM profile image

WoWKing LM 7 years ago

Big fan of MLB Power Pros 2008. Lots of baseball goodness in that one.

Catalysthere LM profile image

Catalysthere LM 7 years ago

Great Stuff, I had not realised there were so many games available for the WII you have made it to featured lens (again!!) in well done & where are the rest of your lenses??

MusicMadness LM profile image

MusicMadness LM 7 years ago

That's some great suggestions, but I don't see any reference to Wii Tennis. It's still our favorite, even though it's one of the older ones we have. Cool lens though, 5 stars for you!

WiiSociety 7 years ago

I'm loving the new Tiger Woods 2009 let me know your thoughts on my blog

flowski lm 7 years ago

I'll be honest, my favorite Nintendo video game series of all time is the Legend of Zelda. When Zelda came out, my thumbs almost fell off from playing it so much! But Zelda sure has evolved over the years and has taken me on some great adventures.

dc64 lm profile image

dc64 lm 7 years ago

We own Super Mario Galaxy and absolutely love it!

anonymous 7 years ago

What a fun lens! I gave up with Super Mario Brothers I think it was, the original one, way back ummm 15 years ago.... I'm not very coordinated LOL - Kathy

anonymous 7 years ago

Congratulations on your 2008 Giant Squid Awards nomination and good luck! - Kathy aka "Pretty Bullet"

clouda9 lm profile image

clouda9 lm 7 years ago

Congrats on 2008 Giant Squid Awards nomination...woot! (

InfinityMC 6 years ago

What about "no more hero's"

gabrielangel profile image

gabrielangel 6 years ago

[in reply to InfinityMC] I agree that No More Heroes should get an honorable mention. The "open" world parts should have been left out of the game, but the combat was fantastic. I am definitely feeling the need for more hardcore games with in depth stories. The next 2 years will more than likely make me happy in that respect. Even the most stubborn developers cannot ignore the install base. The large amounts of money dumped into developing the graphics for the other platforms can now be better spent on improving the story and adding depth with motion control.

Joan4 6 years ago

I love to bowl on the Wii with my 5 y/o grandson! Fun together! Congratulations on being the Best Gaming Lens in the Giant Squid Awards 2008!

aka-rms profile image

aka-rms 6 years ago from USA

Congratulations for winning the 2008 Best Gaming Award!

julieannbrady 6 years ago

Congratulations my dear!!! for winning the Best Gaming Lens in the 2008 Giant Squid Awards. Well deserved! We're hoping this year to get a Wii -- perhaps a Wii Fit! Best to you in the new year.

ThomasC 6 years ago

Congratulations on your Giant Squid 2008 Award! Very well done!ThomasC

greenerme profile image

greenerme 6 years ago

Congratulations on your Giant Squid Award! Those Zelda and Mario games look pretty tempting. Nice work!

DownloadWiiGamesAllDay 6 years ago

Great looking lens, good job!

DonutSedap 6 years ago

Best explanation about wii games..

heehaw lm profile image

heehaw lm 6 years ago

wow nice info on the wii games , thanks for sharing , 5 star

anonymous 6 years ago

Great lens as always. Partial to the Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess :o) 5 stars!

jlandells lm profile image

jlandells lm 6 years ago

This is a great lens! I'm curious though, how you got it on your own domain?-John.

fluffanutta profile image

fluffanutta 6 years ago from UK Hub Author

[in reply to jlandells] Hi John - you can make a lens just like this (with it's own domain) at

inkserotica 6 years ago

Consider yourself loved and blessed by a passing Angel :)

anonymous 5 years ago

I think some of the best wii games are resident evil 4, 007 Quantum of Solace, Mari Kart wii, wii sports resort and medal of honor 2 or something like that.

hossbyh profile image

hossbyh 5 years ago

My favorite Wii games are both Mario Galaxys, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Punch Out, and Red Steel 2.

anonymous 5 years ago

Nice lens!

racquetpro profile image

racquetpro 5 years ago

yeah!!! Smash brothers

anonymous 5 years ago

We love the Wii Balance Board because it enables all of us to play against each other. But I guess I am very biased, because my Wii Fit age is younger than my super fit hubby and son - heh heh!Lensrolled to my Wii lens.

brandonmotz lm profile image

brandonmotz lm 5 years ago

I just picked up Super Mario Galaxies 2 for my Nintendo Wii. It is an awesome game. Another great one I love is Zelda TTP.

anonymous 5 years ago

definitely super smash brothers

andysays 5 years ago

Zelda: Twilight Princess is still my favourite Wii game!

PhiladelphiaWri profile image

PhiladelphiaWri 5 years ago

totally love Lego StarWars. Best game out there. Thumbs up, fun lens

excessive34 5 years ago

Im not TO big on the wii console but I will say... the Wii Sports games are pretty fun, Tennis being one of my favorites. Gaming Forums href>

anonymous 5 years ago

I can't remember the last video game system I owned. If I had to choose a new one it would be the Wii.

cory_wilson 5 years ago

My best Wii games is still the regular tennis game that came with the system. We have tennis tournaments when friends come over.

flowski lm 5 years ago

This an excellent resource featuring the best Wii games ever. I visit often and it's always kept fresh and up-to-date. Lensrolled to my Boys Gifts.

betozg lm profile image

betozg lm 5 years ago

actually i prefer xbox 360.. but i like Zelda

VideoGameReviews 5 years ago

Thanks for this up to date article about video games and nintendo wii games.

free ebooks onl profile image

free ebooks onl 5 years ago

I love Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy :) I enjoyed Twilight Princess but it seems too old-fashioned already.

ShariBerry profile image

ShariBerry 5 years ago from Michigan

Cabela's Big Game Hunter is a favorite of my husbands and my grandkids love Guitar Hero. I guess mine would be bowling which comes with the bundle. We love the Wii. Love the lens.

CustomSquids profile image

CustomSquids 5 years ago

My favorite Wii game is Mario Kart. It brings back old childhood memories of playing it on the N64!

MikeEssex profile image

MikeEssex 4 years ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 all the way. Also I had no idea you could buy download codes for Wiiware games from Amazon. Neat.

Experimental_Blogging 4 years ago

My son absolutely loves the new Toy Story game. He can spend hours playing the same thing over and over. It is certainly fun to watch him have a great time!

Amelia7410 profile image

Amelia7410 4 years ago

My Fav is the Mario Kart!

russelljohn 4 years ago

Super Mario Galaxy!!!

XBlade 4 years ago

I agree with russeljohn Super Mario Galaxy is my best game too.

marsici 4 years ago

xbox 360 would have to be my preference too, oh, if it were the 80's, I'd go pac man.

AllPurposePapoon profile image

AllPurposePapoon 4 years ago

Smash Bros Brawl is the best bar none. You can solve the other games, but you can never get tired of pummeling your opponent into oblivion. Go Snake! Go Snake! Added this lense as a like.

ben-teen profile image

ben-teen 4 years ago

My favorite all time Wii game would have to be Call of Duty: Black Ops! Love playing it - love playing online in multiplayer mode - just a brilliant game!

Alienkie 4 years ago

I love the MySims series and a music game called Ultimate Band. Literally wasted hours and hours of my life playing them lol

bluemoon22 profile image

bluemoon22 4 years ago

I love the Wii Mario games. They are easily the best!

anonymous 4 years ago

Great collection of Wii games, I do love playing our Wii party games, it is so much fun.

DigitalBuilder 4 years ago

These are a very nice collection of Wii games and the lens is very well presented. Excellent lens.

lilyofthevalley1 4 years ago

Paper Mario for Wii is pretty awesome. Though personally, I like Thousand Year Door better.

theprintcenter 4 years ago

Really love the Wii Mario games. The Wii is such a fun console. Thanks for this lens!

hunksparrow profile image

hunksparrow 4 years ago

Every Mario game seems destined to be a classic and the Lego games are hilarious and fun to play.

Kipper25 profile image

Kipper25 4 years ago

@lilyofthevalley1: I liked The Thousand-Year Door better too, and the original Paper Mario for the N64 is my favorite game of all-time. I'm so glad to see they're returning to a gameplay style more like those games for Paper Mario 3DS.

Kipper25 profile image

Kipper25 4 years ago

Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There's just something so innately fun about the Smash Bros. games...

propertyandlands profile image

propertyandlands 4 years ago

Great lens, great content. Question; of the fitness games, which Wii game is best for adults who want to stay in shape? I am looking for a way to stay off of the couch in the evening.

studel 4 years ago

I love sports resort so much. We have the 'iron man challenge' of bowling, table tennis and golf on many a Friday night.

TeamDealStartsH profile image

TeamDealStartsH 4 years ago

I thought the Nintendo Wii was a drying breed, but I hear they're releasing the Wii 2! I also didn't know they had so many awesome games out! I regret selling my Wii! Thanks for the great lens!

johnbrite1100 4 years ago

PAC Man is d Best game

themoviedoc 4 years ago

I must say: Mario Galaxy!!

finalfantasyxvi profile image

finalfantasyxvi 4 years ago

Conduit 2 is the best.

Renquist profile image

Renquist 4 years ago

Monster Hunter Tri FTW!

Sawasdee Kub profile image

Sawasdee Kub 4 years ago

Super Mario Galaxy

anonymous 4 years ago

ANY of the Resident Evil Series are my favorites! Sometimes I still miss the Gamecube though.....Thanks for the interesting lens!

VANILLAREY LM profile image

VANILLAREY LM 4 years ago

All good games. Its hard to decide favorite. I think mine would be Super Mario Galaxy.

dashboardc33 4 years ago

I love the wii! Excellent article!

Trireme 4 years ago

Love Donkey Kong great fun

adamwilliams 4 years ago

Now a days various games are available, but i still remember The Roadrash i used to play in my childhood. :)

anonymous 4 years ago

I like to play a video games very much and thanks for your sharing.

Panela profile image

Panela 4 years ago

I definitely vote for Super Mario Galaxy - I steal the wii from my kids and I get lost playing...

phoenix arizona f profile image

phoenix arizona f 4 years ago

Super Mario Galaxy is a great game to play.

lapidus 4 years ago

My favorite console was Sega but today we have a lot of new consoles which have better graphic and animations.Wii is great console because you can play Tennis without wires you only can use controler with sensors. Wii rockss

AnongLans LM profile image

AnongLans LM 4 years ago

Legend of Zelda is great.

stevio 4 years ago

okami , sin and punishment 2 , muramasa , no more heroes are all real gems to look at also check out the neo geo stuff on virtual console. looking forward to skyward sword.

blessedmomto7 profile image

blessedmomto7 4 years ago

I love the Wii Fit. My kids have many of these games you have listed on here.

manchester lm profile image

manchester lm 4 years ago

Wii Sports Resort rocks my world. Sword fighting on that is brill... although it does have tendency to get a bit violent!!

linux2aixdotcom 4 years ago

I was hoping the WII will have some controller free console before Xbox, but I was quite disappointed. As I am not in love with Xbox, I would really hope Nintendo offer something similar or even better soon. Hey sony wake up where are you of this game!!

kotik0 4 years ago

I love "just dance" its so much better than zumba :] and i have them 2 I love wii

bestgiftz profile image

bestgiftz 4 years ago

I am partial to Super Mario Galaxy, but I have to say that the Xbox has some great zombie games.

wildman1717 4 years ago

Super Mario Galaxy and Wii play are two of my favorites. 'tanks' on Wii play is my favorite game. I have a high score of 196, which qualafies for a record on twin galaxies, I just haven't submitted it yet.

WondersNeverCease 4 years ago

Zelda Twilight Princess was just awesome.

clicks-4-bricks profile image

clicks-4-bricks 4 years ago

Any game with Legos - my favorite is STAR WARS III: The Clone Wars. You can play as any of the minifig characters. I also enjoy Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

squid-pinkchic18 profile image

squid-pinkchic18 4 years ago

These are great suggestions. My favorites are the new super mario adventure, mario kart and my most recent favorite is biggest loser! lol thanks for sharing this lens!

Eriksson 4 years ago

This is a great lens. I really got som help. I even bought the Zelda game after reading this lens.

kayelex 4 years ago

My kids love the lego games. Great content on this lens

trahiz profile image

trahiz 4 years ago

Great suggestions. My favorite is Super Smash Bros. definitely :)

NickT84 4 years ago

My all time favorite game for Wii has got to be Zelda Twilight Princess. It's purely epic!

ben1hen 4 years ago

New Super Mario Bros - 4 player.Its an unbelievable gaming experience, mixing the best of retro and Wii.We were arguing for accidentally killing each other like we were kids again!!!!

davidcam 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing nice suggestions......I love the super mario.......

neoglitch17 4 years ago

Twilight Princess was an excellent adventure; I enjoyed it a lot. And Super Smash Bros. Brawl is one of the best (if not THE best) multiplayer games EVER! God, me and my friends love to get together and beat the crap out of each other with Nintendo characters! xDSo... who is getting a WiiU here? :D

Restaurant-Grade-Equipment 4 years ago

no Super Monkey Ball?!

LostWolf 4 years ago

My favorite Wii game has got go be either Super Smash Bros Brawl or Mario Kart

InternetContentCreation 4 years ago

I love Super mario on the wii, also Goldeneye, also wii fit

MelissaRodgz profile image

MelissaRodgz 4 years ago

I really like this lens. It's got a lot of cool games on it. My kids loved Super Mario Brother Galaxies but there are some games I have not heard off.

cmontijo 4 years ago

Twilight Princess <3!!!

anonymous 4 years ago

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle was just awesome.

anonymous 4 years ago

Bit gutted that I sold my Wii. Some great games featured here!

ErHawkns7100 4 years ago

Playing Zelda right now.

Quirkyart 4 years ago

Try Bomber Man Land it's a Nintendo classic remade for wii. We just love it.

zarometro 4 years ago

Xenoblade Chronicles... awesome game... old school RPG

HuntAndFishGuides 4 years ago

Although some will disagree with me, I have to say that Mario Kart Wii is the best game, followed closely by Donkey Kong Country 2

markettrol profile image

markettrol 4 years ago

I have been looking for Pac Man...someone told me that they were coming out with a new Pac Man game for screen etc you know anything about this????

desa999 lm profile image

desa999 lm 4 years ago

Yes Mario is my favourite as well although I haven't played him for quite a while.

Iamsteven LM profile image

Iamsteven LM 4 years ago

Zelda is extremely underrated, i've been enjoying that game for some time. great lens

nexusx2 lm profile image

nexusx2 lm 4 years ago

I like Zelda, Mario cart, and Black Ops. Great lens. Thumb up

goodeboy09 4 years ago

Yeah, that Legend of Zelda looks awesome. Can't wait to play it!

mercin12 profile image

mercin12 4 years ago

Yes, I love Zelda, too. My kids love the New Super Mario Bros.

MyDestination 4 years ago

I love Mario Party! Awesome lens, now I know some games to get for xmas!

Philipuk1983 4 years ago

Guitar hero 3 has got 90% of my total wii play time :-P

guyfawkes7 3 years ago

Definitely loved Twilight Princess and I cannot wait to play the new Zelda, Skyward Sword. Awesome lens by the way!

karelito profile image

karelito 3 years ago

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is my definite fave on wii.

triggerboy 3 years ago

Yes have to agree Super Smash Bros. Brawl is top of all

h2ofs1 3 years ago

Sorry, but Super Mario wins hands down. Simply cannot get a better all round game!

TopToysForKids profile image

TopToysForKids 3 years ago

Another vote for Super Mario here.

baby-strollers 3 years ago

I don't know about the best, I sure do enjoy the bowling with my little nephew!

Edutopia 3 years ago

Great list and with Nintendo's new console already announced these great titles are only going to be getting cheaper quick as the launch date for the console approaches.

najem lm profile image

najem lm 3 years ago

Honestly best game is the simpliest, such as Basket in Summer games :)

CroSoldier99 3 years ago

I agree with najem best game is basketball in Summer games...Great lens by the way...

redleafloans 3 years ago

I love 'Just Dance 3'... It's really a great game for the family...:)

sguerrero2006 3 years ago

Mario kart is so much fun. I loved it when it came out 20 some years ago and the wii version is a favorite today.

itgraphix profile image

itgraphix 3 years ago

I play Mario since I was a kid. Nice lens

anonymous 3 years ago

My daughter loves the Just Dance series the most.

OhMe profile image

OhMe 3 years ago from Pendleton, SC

My grandson has a Wii so I will be sure to share The Best Wii Games Ever with him

rockhardtreats1 3 years ago

I just heard on the radio of people having to be treated for sports related injuries while playing with Wii. Now that's having a passion for the Wii.

AppUnwrapper profile image

AppUnwrapper 3 years ago

Wow nice list of games! I love World of Goo!

queenofduvetcover profile image

queenofduvetcover 3 years ago

Great selection of wii games! Super Smash Brothers and New Super Mario are my favorite =D

alltoglory 3 years ago

The only reason I have a Wii is because of The Legend of Zelda series. I will always be a fan of the Wii just for that.

brada7x 3 years ago

This is a great lens. Very comprehensive list of Wii games. Most of them are pretty good, too!

morantis2011 3 years ago

I have had Wii since they sent me the prototype and love most of the Wii games. I have to say that to really get the most out of everything though, you got to have all the systems. Look at how different the Xbox 360 and PS3 games are from the Wii games, it is all about programming style.

KellyAsh LM profile image

KellyAsh LM 3 years ago

I'm so boring, my best game/games revolve around exercise. I like to bowl and play tennis on my Wii not exciting but it's more fun than doing sit ups -- nice work. Kelly

one ceMaster profile image

one ceMaster 3 years ago

Great collection you guys have here. My top lists for Wii Games would be about the same.

KarenCookieJar 3 years ago

I like bowling on the Wii

Margaret Schindel profile image

Margaret Schindel 3 years ago from Massachusetts Level 3 Commenter

Terrific lens! I enjoy Wii Sports Resort and dance games and you've given me some great new titles to try. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Trackline 3 years ago

Super Smash Brothers = Win on every system

SimilarSam profile image

SimilarSam 3 years ago from Australia

You can't beat the Mario games. Great lens.

shanktoofs123 profile image

shanktoofs123 3 years ago

New SMB wii, Super Smash Brothers, Fire Emblem, No more Heroes, Resident Evil 4, and Zelda are all great. I tend to save the hardcore shooting games for xbox though.

Scotties-Rock profile image

Scotties-Rock 3 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

Great lens. Our family loves Super Smash Brothers.

BestLaminateInc1 profile image

BestLaminateInc1 3 years ago

My 7 year old will tell you Mario! Mario! Mario!

tinamahan 3 years ago

Our family has always been diehard Legend of Zelda fans, and I loved "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." I remember taking a year to start and finish "The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time." Absolutely one of my favorite games of all time.

MGuberti profile image

MGuberti 3 years ago

Super Smash Bros Brawl is definitely the best one ever.

HomeschooledKid1 profile image

HomeschooledKid1 3 years ago

I have two favorites; rabbids go home, and lego indiana jones 2. Nice lens!

hiccups 3 years ago

Great lens! I think that the most popular game right now has to be Skylanders. Kids are going completely crazy over it.

Ajeet 3 years ago

Wii is more a dance than a game :)

Snajlen profile image

Snajlen 3 years ago

Wii is pretty fun , especially for the family great lens ;)

HenkWillemse profile image

HenkWillemse 3 years ago

Yes some great games mentioned.

makemoneyonline5 profile image

makemoneyonline5 3 years ago

love my wii! Just wish i could find a really good yogo wii game for beginners! Anyone know of one please?

Diablo3Guy 3 years ago

Super Mario rules!

LoraLion 3 years ago

I don't have a Wii, just a PS3 which is still pretty awesome. But if I had to pick which game I would love to have, I would have to go with Sonic and the Black Knight. Crazy fan for Sonic the Hedgehog.

laetusviator lm profile image

laetusviator lm 3 years ago

Has to be New Super Mario Bros!

wildfia 3 years ago

Xenoblade Chronicles is my best Wii game. Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes a close 2nd :)

alimunandar 3 years ago

awesome collection of games, i like all of them

biggking lm profile image

biggking lm 3 years ago

I enjoy Lips. But the call of duty's are sooooo unrealistic on Wii!!!!!!

ChenB profile image

ChenB 3 years ago

My favorite Wii game is bowling on Wii sports. However, I enjoy the selection of games you've illustrated here.

pattywatty8 3 years ago

MEDAL OF HONOR: HEROES 2. Thank you for featuring this game, you are a champ.

BobZau profile image

BobZau 3 years ago

I think it's time to buy a Wii. I'll put on my Christmas list this year.

nicole-young 3 years ago

Paper Mario is a really fun game. I have both the one for the wii and the nintendo 64. Nice List. Great lens! : )

IntoMars LM profile image

IntoMars LM 3 years ago

Mario in general is hands down king of ALL games!

pinoyrecipe 3 years ago

i really love New Super Mario Bros!!!

hannah_sealey 3 years ago

I love Mario Cart (with wheel) and The Sims!!

squidoopets profile image

squidoopets 3 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

We haven't gotten into the Wii games yet - sure looks like a lot of options and a lot of fun!

Ryan81 3 years ago

My fave game is Mario Kart!! Great Lens.:)

Sfthomas 3 years ago

I've played so much Super Mario Galaxy. It was an awesome time playing it.

Sfthomas 3 years ago

I've played so much Super Mario Galaxy. It was an awesome time playing it.

Tahamtan 3 years ago

Mario, Mario, Mario. Wii is cool but not without Mario...

Alana-r profile image

Alana-r 3 years ago

My kids and i love New Super Mario Bros wii, it brings me right back to my childhood, great lens!

WriterJanis2 profile image

WriterJanis2 3 years ago

Love our Wii and Mario games are a favorite in my home.

StewartClan profile image

StewartClan 3 years ago

Wii is the best console ever, I think. The boys all like Mario, but I adore Just Dance. Just Dance 4 is out soon! Exciting!

meilirs profile image

meilirs 3 years ago

Do you need the wheel thingie to play Mario Kart?

shmuklidooha profile image

shmuklidooha 3 years ago

@meilirs: No, the wii wheel is just a chunk of plastic; you can play by using the wii remote on it's own (using the same wheel motion) or by using a classic or gamecube controller. Gamecube is my favourite probably because I'm used to playing Double Dash =P

Rankography profile image

Rankography 3 years ago

Great lens, lots of helpful tips on games for Xmas. Blessed

ajin115 3 years ago

Great article My favorites Mario and World of Goo.

CraftsIdeas profile image

CraftsIdeas 3 years ago

My favorite is super mario

qualityweb 3 years ago

My favorite is Mario. Amazing lens.

tedwritesstuff24 profile image

tedwritesstuff24 3 years ago

The Wii is just a great way to exercise.... all whilst playing games! So much fun dancing around like a crazy man!

Screenwriting4me profile image

Screenwriting4me 2 years ago

Zelda on the wii was my fav. Broke 3 lamps playing that game.

cjbmeb14 lm profile image

cjbmeb14 lm 2 years ago

Been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns, has been keeping my kids happy for ages now.

mistaben 2 years ago

Amazing selection of Wii Games. I like New Super Mario Bros!

forextrading2000 2 years ago

These look like so much fun! I would spend hours on it.

Emilee46 2 years ago

that's really a huge list for wii games.

miller83 2 years ago

Great lens. According to my daughter the best Wii games are brave and skylanders.

TheLogic 2 years ago

Great lens! I'm definitely checking out some of these games!

john9229 2 years ago

I've some of these games, but you have listed an interesting that i don't have. This is good for my next shopping list.

Beatlechan profile image

Beatlechan 2 years ago

Despite all the games we have for the Wii over the years, my son and I keep coming back to Mario Kart Wii. I don't think we ever had a session where we did not play it. It's loads of fun for us!

helyearelyea profile image

helyearelyea 2 years ago

Zelda was amazing. I wish they would come out with a remake of OCT!!!

anonymous 2 years ago

Super Smash Bros Brawl definitely!Good lens also!

frankscott17 2 years ago

I love my Wii, did some say Zelda I love that game.

anonymous 2 years ago

I like your choices of games. I really like to play most of the WII games, they are a lot of fun. Some of my favorte games are Dance Dance Revolution, Zelda Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Nice lens.

JessStone profile image

JessStone 2 years ago

I know my cousin loves Runner 2 and plays it like it is the best game on wii u so far...

anonymous 2 years ago

I love my Super Mario, Resident Evil 4, Just Dances( have all 4), and Zumba. Full on. Play all 4 almost everyday. :)

anonymous 2 years ago

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Stickypony LM profile image

Stickypony LM 2 years ago

too bad I get dizzy with that WIi motion controller! ;D

vinopete profile image

vinopete 2 years ago

So awesome and FUN!!! I love the tennis game.

BrandonCase profile image

BrandonCase 2 years ago

The new Zelda Skyward Sword was awesome, and truly harnessed the full Wii Potential!Btw, thank you for this awesome, and comprehensive lens about the Wii, you did a great job :).

junebugco profile image

junebugco 2 years ago

I like NASCAR racing. The controller makes a good steering wheel.

LaptopLeader profile image

LaptopLeader 2 years ago

Awesome collection! Zelda for the win!

GameHelp 2 years ago

Wow Resident Evil 4 has really gone down in price, I remember buying it for $60 ;)Great lens by the way.

TwilightLurker profile image

TwilightLurker 2 years ago

For me, the Wii has offered so many hours of fun and enjoyment. Super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the list goes on. I think you did a real good job highlighting the variety of games available for this console and many of them are now really cheap (used), so there's never been a better time to check out the system's large library of games!

jigmed91 23 months ago

well i surely have my clear favorite sorted.. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and NBA LIVE 08 :D :D

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