blur xbox 360 racing game

blur xbox 360

Blur Xbox 360 offers you more than just one way of skinning your opponent on the racetracks. Instead of just driving faster than your computer gaming opponent or up to 4 human players, you get to stun them with lightning bolts or shoot them with missile and even lay mines to ambush cars chasing you down.

This is quite different from other racing games like Need For Speed Nitro where you basically try to vie for first place by depending on your driving and cornering skills.

In this game, you have 8 different upgrades, which allows you to send your opponents exploding down the track. You get a lightning bolt weapon called Bolt that you can shoot lightning bolts at your competitors’ car and there is this close range attack weapon call Barge that lets you stun those cars that get too close to you. A missile that you can launch at your adversary car and also a mine laying capability are also available. My favorite one is Shock that lets me place funnels of energy that can disable cars that passes through the funnels. And you also get the basic typical upgrades like Nitro which gives you a speed boost, Shield which protects you temporarily and Repair that as the name suggests, repairs your car.

You are able to install the upgrades when you grab them off the tracks. You want to be the first whom gets the attack upgrades so that you can start to knock out the defenseless cars. But if you are slow at the start, building up your defenses will be critical to surviving through the race. In one of my first games, I was going all out just trying to get attack upgrades and trying to kill off all the others. But I forgot that the other players, whether they are computer players or actual human players, they are able to also attack me with the same weaponsJ. Not too long after that, I was blow off and now I grab defense upgrades first to protect myself so that I can last the race and be able to attack when I get some offensive upgrades.

The game controls are not as realistic as some other pure racing games and this is where it may not be liked by racing games aficionados who typically demand realism in the game play and game controls. The controls for this game is a bit more arcade like and the game play is a bit like glamorous. For myself, I am quite fond of the game already especially when I get to trash my friends around online.  

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