All About Matchbox Superfast Ford Capri No.54

All About Matchbox Superfast Ford Capri No.54

The Ford Capri Model, substituted the Cadillac Ambulance in the Superfast range. This model was based upon the highly popular 'personal luxury car', which was billed as Europe's answer to the Ford Mustang.

The Matchbox model proved to be a genuinely popular seller for several years and was a exceedingly faithful replica of the full size car.A plated engine was revealed when you opened the bonnet. This made the model a favourite.

To start with, Ford Capri was painted in a flourescent orange colour, however similar to the Wildcat Dragster model, this was affected by sunshine,the reason why models turn up in numerous shades of orange or pink.The bonnet on the model was painted a matt black colour to indicate that this wsa a model of the powerful 1600GT.As with so many models in the Superfast range, the base and grille were a bare metal with the inside being white plastic.

The paintwork in 1974 was changed to a metallic magenta, including the previous matt black bonnet. The logic behind this was to possibly represent the more luxurious Capri GXL.Although Ford Capri was replaced in 1977 with a Personnel Carrier this was not the end of the model.A third version of Ford Capri came out in a lighter shade of orange in the Two Pack series 'Weekender Set' between 1976 and 1979, where it paired up with the Boat Trailer and occasionally the Eccles Caravan.Also in 1974 the rolamatic model Hot Rocker appeared and used many of the parts from Ford Capri.V


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