Cars 2 Characters Include Siddley the Jet and Finn McMissile Toys

Meet The New Spy Cars Characters

Cars 2 characters include several new car characters including Finn McMissile, Holly Shiftwell and Sidley the Spy Jet to name a few. The Plot of Cars 2 centres around the World Grand Prix. Super Spy Finn McMissile suspects foul play so he acquires the help of Lightning and Mater. The bad Guy of Cars 2 are Miles Axelrod, Professor Zündapp and the Lemon gang.

Cars 2 character toys range from diecast model to plush toys. These are available in single packs, buddy packs of two cars or multiple packs.

Holley Shiftwell
Holley Shiftwell | Source

Spy Cars

Spy cars staking out the World Championships are Finn McMissile, Holly Shiftwell, Siddeley and Rod “Torque” Redline

Holley Shiftwell

  • Holley is the new female addition to the cars cast. Apart from being the lovely assistant to Finn, Holly is also the love interest of Mater.
  • License plate: HS1201
  • Car Make: Jaguar XJR-15
  • Gadgets: Projection lamps above headlights that emit a heads-up display, headlight cameras; a (side) right wheel concealed gun and a electro-shock device, a telescoping utility arm, (undercarriage) mounted dual trackball platforms for controlling the heads-up display, and retractable wings for flight.

Siddeley the Spy Jetplane
Siddeley the Spy Jetplane | Source

Siddeley the Spy Jetplane

  • Licsence: A113
  • Make: Twin-engine jet
  • Siddley is the super jet spy apart of Finns team This 176 feet long with a 157-foot spy jet is shown to reach Mach 1 speeds and vertical-takeoff capabilities.
  • Siddley Toys: Popular Siddley Toys includes the Siddeley the Spy Jet Transporter. This Siddley toy holds up to three 1:55 scale die-cast vehicles Twist the jet’s turbine to reel in the tow hook, roll it along, or prepare to aim and fire the projectile missiles.The Siddley Jet Toy currently retails from $ 21.97 (As advertised 16.07.2011).

Cars 2 Spy Shifters Transforming Rod Torque Redline
Cars 2 Spy Shifters Transforming Rod Torque Redline | Source

Rod “Torque” Redline

  • Make: Dodge Challenger and a Ford Mustang
  • License Plate: M1911A1
  • Rod is the American counterpart of Finn and company. Rod is on his way to meet with Finn when the bad guys catch up to him, he ends up giving the 1st guest at the Tokyo reception some vital information. This first guest being Mater who is later confused for being apart of Rods team.

Professor Z
Professor Z | Source
Acer: Cars 2
Acer: Cars 2 | Source
Miles Axlerod
Miles Axlerod | Source

The Bad Guys from Cars 2

Professor Zündapp

  • Model: Zündapp Janus 750
  • Professor Zündapp is one of the bad guys of Cars 2. Sabotaging the Grand Prix is his main aim.


  • Grem is one of Professor Zündapp's henchmen. Called the lemon cars’ Grem and his associates mistake Mater for a spy. There are three lemon families Gremlin, Trunkov, Hugo.


  • Is one of Grems assistances in tracking down the spy's in order to realise their grand plan.

Miles Axlerod

  • Sir Miles Axlerod is the number one bad guy of Cars 2. Professor Zünapp is one of his minions. Axelrod is a ‘former ‘oil magnate who has transformed himself into an electric car now championing clean energy fuel. This turns out to be a farce as it is revealed that Axel rod is intact the owner of large oil recourse and that his new energy source called Albino is in fact gasoline and not ‘clean’ energy fuel after all.

Cars Toys
Cars Toys | Source

More Bad Guys From Cars 2

The Lemon Cars

Victor Hugo

  • Victor Hugo is the head of the Lemon cars


  • Ivan is the blue tow truck serving as Victors transport. Mater impersonates Ivan in order to infiltrate the Lemon gang.

Tubbs Pacer

  • Tubbs Pacer is the head lemon of the "Pacer" family.

Cars Toy Packs

The Cras Toys pictured right is a pack of 10 cars featured in the World Grand Prix in Cars 2. The 10 cars inlcudes:

  1. Carla Veloce -Brazil
  2. Francesco Bernouilli- Italy
  3. Jeff Gorvette -USA
  4. Shu Todoroki -Japan
  5. Lightning Mcqueen- USA
  6. Lewis Hamilton -U.K
  7. Max Schnell -Germany
  8. Miguel Camino Spain
  9. Nigel Gearsley United Kingdom
  10. Raoul Caroule France

Jeff Gorvette
Jeff Gorvette | Source
Topolino | Source

Secondary Cars Characters

Francesco Bernoulli

  • Francesco is Lightning’s biggest rival in the World Championship. Being Europe’s no 1 race car, Francesco is all ego.

Jeff Gorvette

  • Jeff Gorvette (Voiced by Jeff Gordon) is an American Corvette C6 Le Mans Sports car and the #4 race car of the World Grand Prix.

Mama Topolino

  • Mama Topolino the 1950s Fiat is an aunt of Luigi (From Cars1).

Uncle Topolino

  • Uncle Topolino is the uncle of Luigi. He is a Fiat 500 "Topolino" from 1948 or earlier.

The Queen

  • The Queen is a Rolls Royce car who is watching the race from her palace.

Prince Wheeliam

  • Prince Wheeliam the Bentley Continental GT is the grandson of the Rolls Royce Queen is an avid grand Prix fan.


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