Clover Chibi Storage for Darning Needles

Life produces small frustrations like knitting the last row of a project only to find that you can't find a blunt end darning needle to sew in the ends. No I'm not that absent minded, I just have an open door to my sewing supplies. When I am asked if I can spare a needle I say yes, I understand what it is to be interested in crafting.

But then the next question is where are the needles? An absentminded child or mother has not returned the needle to the pincushion, or they have returned the needle but managed to bury the needle into the pincushion. I know this because that is the last place I have looked.

This is exactly what I need, a high visibility container that comes with three different sized darning needles. Clover Chibi rocks.

Love the idea of darning needles that come with their own case.

I am now reorganizing my needle collection. All my darning needles are now stored in this handy container. I have found that the containers will hold one or two extra needles, when I find one of my missing needles and want a safe place where I can find the needle. Now when I get to the end of my project I know where to find a needle to finished my project.

Clover Chibi has solve my problem of searching for a darning needle that has a blunt end and finding a needle with a sharp end. I think that is why my blunt end needles are so popular.

The blunt end is important. I can compromise the yarn by using a sharp pointed needle. Nothing worse than having to disguise a mishap, because there is nothing better than the sense of achievement I get when I create something to wear, a bag, shirt, skirt, sweater(jumper), or scarf, and will not risk damaging the project by using the wrong needle.

I can never have too many needles.

Clover Chibi with Jumbo Darning Needles
Clover Chibi with Jumbo Darning Needles

These needles are turned at the end, makes weaving and picking up stitches easier.


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SusanDeppner profile image

SusanDeppner 22 months ago from Arkansas USA Level 5 Commenter

I love organizing tools like this. Terrific review!

GrammieOlivia 22 months ago

Yes you are right, that is a big frustration! I like these too and might just have to get myself one or two!

Merrci profile image

Merrci 22 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

Great review--congrats on review of the day! What a fun find!

PAINTDRIPS profile image

PAINTDRIPS 22 months ago from Fresno CA Level 6 Commenter

I'm with you. I hate getting to the end of the project and not be able to find the scissors or the needles to do the finishing. Great lens.

PAINTDRIPS profile image

PAINTDRIPS 22 months ago from Fresno CA Level 6 Commenter

Oh and congrats on LOTD!

jennabee25 profile image

jennabee25 22 months ago from PA

You have been featured on my Facebook page!!

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