COD Black OPS Kill Streak List

Call Of Duty Black OPS kill streaks are slightly different than other COD titles. Unlike prior titles the kills you get while using your kill streak do not count toward your next kill streak in Black OPS. If you had an unused kill streak, and the game ends you are able to use those toward your next kill streak in the next match also. For example if you had three kills and was about to use the Spy Plane and the game ends. If you get two additional kills without dieing you would actually be able to use your five kill streak reward in the next match. In a nutshell your three kill streak you had will carry over to the next match so long as you don't die before using them. Note though if you had an unused chopper that will not carry over, only the number of kills carry over into the next match toward your kill streak in Black OPS.

Remember each kill streak in Black OPS minus the default three which is Spy Plane, Care Package, and Attack Helicopter must be purchased with COD points. You earn COD points by playing games, and playing wager matches. Even if all are purchased, only three kill streaks can be active at any given time.

List of Kill Streaks in COD Black OPS

Spy Plane:

The spy plane requires 3 kills, and requires NO COD points to purchase. This kill streak will show the location of enemies on the mini-map. Ghosts will not show on the mini-map unless they fire a weapon that does not have a silencer attachment. These are easy to shoot down even with normal weapons, and refreshes locations on the mini-map every few seconds.

RC XD Car:

Better known as the RC Car requires 3 kills, and 1,200 COD points to purchase. It is a remote control car that you can drive around with explosives attached. With the push of a single button you can force it to blow up near enemies, and kill any within a small radius.

Counter Spy Plane:

The counter spy plane requires 4 kills, and 1,600 COD points to purchase. It will disable radars on the enemy side for a short time. It even works if no spy plane is in the air at that time at disabling radars.

Sam Turret:

The Sam Turret is a favorite among defensive players. It requires 4 kills, and 1,600 COD points to purchase. It airdrops a turret that will fire missiles at any aircraft of the enemies within it's range. This is fully automated however best used when placed in high locations as it has no defenses on the ground.

Care Package:

The Care Package in Black OPS requires 5 kills, and NO COD points to purchase. A Chinook will fly in dropping a package for you to activate. It will contain either a random kill streak or ammo within the care package. Two special weapons also can be found the Grim Reaper which is a special rocket launcher, or the Death Machine which is a personal mini-gun. Those with the Hacker Pro perk also have the ability to trap, or take over enemy care packages.

Napalm Strike:

The Napalm Strike requires 5 kills, and 2,400 COD points to purchase. A bomber plane comes onto the map covering the area within it's path with napalm killing any enemies who get caught in the fire.

Sentry Gun:

The sentry gun in killstreak in COD Black OPS requires 6 kills, and 3,200 COD points to unlock. Sentry guns will attack enemies, and are best placed on roofs, or any high location. They also can be disabled with certain grenades like concussions.

Mortar Team:

The mortar team fires requires 6 kills, and 3,200 COD points to purchase. It will fire mortars into three different locations on the map of your choosing.

Attack Helicopter:

Requires 7 kills, and NO COD points to purchase. You simply choose a location to have it engage enemies, and let it do the rest. It will use it's on board guns to shoot down any enemies within its line of sight.

Valkyrie Rockets:

The Valkyrie rockets require 7 kills, and 4,000 COD points to purchase in Black OPS. After activating you have two rockets that can be manually controlled to kill enemies. Shoot them into the air, and you go into a first person point of view of the rocket that is then controlled manually, although watch the green bar as that is your fuel bar. These rockets are a bit hard to control, although with their fairly large explosion radius you don't have to be dead on to kill someone.


The blackbird requires 8 kills, and 4,500 COD points to purchase. It is similar to the Spy Plane however it will also relay the direction each enemy is facing. This provides a huge tactical advantage for running in from behind multiple enemies. There also is no delay in it relaying their positions to your mini-map, everything is in real time. The Blackbird can not be shot down, and will not show the location of anyone with the Ghost perk equipped.

Rolling Thunder:

The Rolling Thunder kill streak in Black OPS requires 8 kills, and 4,500 COD points to purchase. It will carpet bomb an area on the map, which is similar to the stealth bomber in Modern Warfare 2.

Chopper Gunner:

The chopper gunner requires 9 kills, and 5,000 COD points to purchase. A helicopter will move around the map, with you at the side door firing a mini-gun killing enemies.

Attack Dogs:

The attack dogs require 11 kills to activate, and 6,000 COD points to purchase. These attack dogs spawn, and begin hunting down the enemy biting them. They must be killed quickly as a single bite will kill a player.


The Gunship requires 11 Kills to activate, and 6000 COD points to purchase. This helicopter is fully controlled by the player who activated it. You have the options of rockets, and a mini-gun with unlimited ammo. You can move the chopper in different direction while the mini-gun is fired with the left mouse click, and rockets by the right mouse click.

All helicopters also have flares which will fire at the first missile fired at them. Therefore it will require two missiles to take down an enemy chopper. Also enemies who have the Ghost Pro perk equipped will not show as a red triangle for a target to hit, although you could still attack them manually with either of the last two helicopters.

Kill Streak Caution

On a final note, be careful of some kill streaks in Black OPS namely the Napalm Strikes, Chopper Gunners, Gunship, and Rolling Thunder in any Hardcore mode. Most hardcore maps have a default of 5 team kills before you are kicked from the server. Any of these above can easily get you 5 team kills resulting in your really good game coming to a quick end.

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