Detective Games for PC based on Agatha Christie’s Best Sleuths

Agatha Christie Detective Games

Detective PC games based on Agatha Christie’s greatest stories are another medium in which her huge catalog of work has been adapted to. Her detective characters have become infamous and are as popular as ever, as fans like me have enjoyed the remakes of her classic novels with the ITV series of Poirot and Marple.

But this recent development of her work into detective games for computer and games consoles brings an exciting interactive element which as a fan of mystery and crime fiction, I thoroughly enjoy and welcome! Below I have included details of a few of Agatha Christie’s detective games, currently available for PC or Mac.

Death on the Nile - Hidden Object Game
Death on the Nile - Hidden Object Game | Source

Agatha Christie Games: Death on the Nile

One of the most famous of her books, set on a luxury cruise on the Nile. When the wealthy Mrs. Doyle is found murdered. You have to question fellow passengers and search the ship for clues in order to uncover which of them have motive and opportunity to commit such a crime!

As Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective, you have 12 investigations to complete. This is a hidden object game, which involves looking for clues and items in each room of the ship. As you progress through the game levels, you’ll find the items get harder and harder to find amongst all the assorted clutter and do it within the time limit. If you don’t you wont be able to move to the next level, but if you do get stuck there is a helpful hints system.

Poirot Games - Peril at End House Game
Poirot Games - Peril at End House Game

Poirot Detective Games: Peril at End House

This is also a hidden object game, which involves you helping Poirot to search scenes taken from the book of the same name. You must find the hidden items on the list, which includes objects that will help you to solve the mystery of who is trying to murder the beautiful heiress, Nick Buckley who resides at End House.

As well as hidden object games, you are challenged with mini-games to solve and have to question suspects in order to progress through the game. With 12 levels to complete, each level has you doing specific tasks such as putting objects in the right place that will reward you with more details about your main suspects. All the mini-games, puzzles and hidden object elements of this game help you to build up your evidence to solve the case of the peril at end house.

Poirot Detective Games: Murder on the Orient Express

This is based on Christie’s well-known story aboard the luxury steam train. But the game has a couple of significant deviations from the original story. One of which is that because Poirot is injured by the avalanche that stops the train, you play a new character, Antionette. Who acts as Poirot’s assistant. You must help him by gathering clues and questioning suspects. This game captures the atmosphere of the original story and also David Suchet does the voice-over for Poirot.
You have to search along the train including looking for clues in the sleeping compartments, luggage and dining car. A key part of the investigations include looking for vital clues amongst the passports, fingerprints and footprints. Another way you assist Poirot is by questioning the passengers and trying to eliminate them from your list of suspects.

There are also brain teasers throughout the game which can include constructing tools from items from your inventory in order to solve the puzzles. And with Poirot's help, you use the info you have gathered to crack this mystery.

Game Trailer

More Agatha Christie Detective Games

These are just a few of the detective games based on Agatha Christie’s excellent crime fiction novels. There are also others such as the 4.50 from Paddington with Miss Marple and And Then There Were None, a particularly atmospheric thriller (both the book and the computer game!). Plus as well as PC and Mac games, there are now Christie games for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, such as the ABC Murders.

And if you love murder mysteries and detective games, visit my blog for more reviews: The Best Detective Mystery PC Games. Recent posts include:

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