Guide to Diamond Dash for Facebook: tips, tricks, cheats, hints, and strategies

Diamond Dash is a new puzzle game for Facebook by Wooga, which plays off of classic concepts, despite being a new game. It's a relatively simply game, in which you click on a block of 3 or more of the same color diamonds in order to clear them, and the more diamonds you clear, the more points you get. Your goal is to jump to the top of your weekly tournament chart, get the highest point total per game possible, and gain experience points, thus gaining levels and earning more and more scoring bonuses. The more levels you gain, the more points you get, the more experience points you end up with each time you play. And with my tips, you can maximize your point and experience point totals and win all of your weekly tournaments!

You earn more and more points when you clear off bigger and bigger combinations of diamonds at a time, so go for the biggest blocks of same-colored diamonds possible when you are playing each individual game. When you clear off a block of only 3 diamonds, you only earn 100 points. However, when you clear a block of 4 diamonds, you earn 400 points.

So in order to earn the most points possible, you need to clear off the biggest blocks of same colored diamonds as possible. Clearing off more than six diamonds at a time can earn you thousands of points, with each successive diamond afterwards earning you more and more points per extra diamond that you knock out.

You will also gain more experience points when you earn more points in each match you play. You only have a certain amount of lives at one time which limits the amount of experience points you can earn within a given period of time; however, you can maximize your experience points gain, and thus your level gain, by simply scoring higher on every match you play. When you gain experience levels as well, you gain extra scoring bonuses, 1 percent per extra level gain, and this goes a very long way towards helping you win the weekly tournaments with your friends.

When you string together combinations of cleared blocks, you will fill the bar at the top of the screen, and when you fill up to the top, you will earn a bonus diamond bomb which will clear out two entire rows of diamonds, one horizontally and one vertically. It will also earn you a massive quantity of points - well over 10000 points per use. You can earn many many more of them when you make multiple combinations in a row, and when you don't click on combinations of two or leas diamonds (which will send your meter tumbling back down very quickly if you click them). If you use two of these in one match, that's almost 24,000 free points. If you get three of them in one match, consider yourself an elite player at this game, as this requires some very very quick work to do.

That's all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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Chase 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips! I have a friend who is level 77 and she constantly gets in the 400-600k points while I'm only level 16 and the highest I've ever gotten is about 294k. So the whole leveling score bonuses thing makes good sense!

ramona 5 years ago

so, what exactly are the gold bars for ?

Lisa 5 years ago

I would like to know what the gold bars are for..

bobbie blalack 5 years ago

I luv DD. My highest score has been 465,920. Each week my score climbs. This week I have a problem with the game screen. It is too small and it is prohibiting me to do a better job on scoring points. As soon as that is fixed I'll be back in the running. Right now I'm over 300,000, so pretty good when the screen is only a 2x2 and am wearing reading glasses for magnification.

bobbie blalack 5 years ago

what is null null in diamond dash???

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amydavies99 5 years ago

Hey thanks for the tip! I was clicking everywhere not realizing why I wasn't getting diamonds dropped. My score has doubled and now maybe I have a chance at kicking my son's a** lol !!

grandmomanita 5 years ago

I would like to know what you do with the fiery diamonds that come down from the top. How do you use them?

Tim 5 years ago

@Grandmomanita, you just click on them and then they will release their powers.

shawna 5 years ago

nope that's not right @Tim thay go down in a straight line and you get more points 5 years ago

i wanna know why im not getting my earned points?

Nansee 5 years ago

I also want to know why im not getting my earned points...anyone?

Sammy J 5 years ago

@Ramona and can buy a lives refill for 7 gold get one every other level up..

Martin 5 years ago

My highest points are 792000 i cant get higher, my wifes playes the game to and now has magical powers to play??? how the hell did she get that???

gladys 5 years ago

i was wondering the same martin my granddaughter and grandson has the magic book and we don't no how they got it if any1 no's how to get it plz let me no thnks

Paul Nesterowich profile image

Paul Nesterowich 5 years ago from Warren, Michigan

Gladys & Martin...

I have the magic powers but my wife does not. Do both of you play the same games as the others that do have them? I play the Bubble Island also and I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

John Maxwell 5 years ago

No, I play Bubble Island too and I haven't got them although my friend has...

bj 5 years ago

i don't have magic powers why

melissa 5 years ago

that's my question to my husband does and i don't and i play monster world which is suppose to gie you the perrks

fotis 5 years ago

i have the sema problem i have magic powers but my wife does not... why?

Paddy 5 years ago

I spoke to Wooga, That have informed me that it is on trial, and will be rolling out to every acount soon

casker 5 years ago

hi i just started playing i am in level 15 but my points is same when i was in level below 10 why my points are not changing

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carolyncoll712 5 years ago

I am at level 77 in Diamond Dash, I have the magic book that I got when I reached level 71. The highest score that I ever got was 343,000. I don't know whether it is my computer because sometimes when I am playing the computer will freeze or go really slow. There are people that play that scores over 1 million point. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I am doing better in Collaspe Blast. I am at 3 million points and just made it to level 23. Any suggestions? I suck worse with the magic powers than I did without them.

profile image

carolyncoll712 5 years ago

Need help people really bad with these magic powers that don't seem to be doing anything for me. I was better at scoring before than now. I am at level 78. I really suck!

Lynne Desmarais 5 years ago

Can no longer play diamond dash on facebook. Stops loading after 67%. Can someone help?

nafsika karavasili 5 years ago

i want the magic power .......

'm at level 54 and my brother at 32 he got the powers and i



fuzz 5 years ago

its been posted about the power ups but here's a copy of my email ..........

This feature is completely new and at the moment we are testing it on some randomly selected users.

Stay tuned - soon it will be available for everybody!

Best regards,


wooga customer care

my highest score for this game was 897 thousand . if u wanna a good challenge in dd

snickers-fin 5 years ago

Hello everyone ! =)

I wanna know, why i can't buy any bonus items.. u know, time bonus or something like that. My friends can buy (3 bonus items ?) but i can't so what's the problem ? 5 years ago

what does it mean when the edges light up with fire and what makes it do that?

Lee 5 years ago

Why can't I turn in my gold bars for lives?

Tinto 5 years ago

Why can't I refill my lives even though I've got 20 gold bars?

Kk 5 years ago

Y can't I trade gold bars for lives?

Lmao 5 years ago

Does anybody know how to get the achievement: " well played"?

Tinto 5 years ago

So why am I prompted all the time to buy the gold bars? Don't know what they're for.

Kk 5 years ago

I had to upgrade my app so that I can buy lives with the gold bars.

Blahblah 5 years ago

@Lmao that achievement is for when you score less than 1,000 in a game.

Hunter 5 years ago


Crezzy87 5 years ago

I get around 550,000 only on level 29, i dont have the special 3rd power but i play on the iphone app its easier to score if u have quick fingers ;-)

Merry christmas all!!

Add me in game centre crezzy87

Lulu 5 years ago

I have 16 gold. How can I refill live with them?

bella 5 years ago

I get 606.000, on level 27. I dont have the special 3rd power... :)

carol clarke 5 years ago

How on earth can I et the 3rd power???? Its driving me NUTS!!

PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE HELP so I can overtake my evil niece lol

Kttatts 5 years ago

How do you get the acheivment ninja? And i have played in 2 weekly tornements and got medals both times but it hasn't given me the achievement does any one no y?

Mikey99 5 years ago

@Kttatts You must smash 4 groups of diamonds in 1 second so you need to be veeeery quick;)

HumboldtDave 5 years ago

to traciemullett - when you click ten groups (of 3 or more) in a quick succession the fire lights up on both sides and the top, then you are getting a whole lot more points for every group you can click on while the fire's going...think of it as a momentary bonus round within the game. Time it stays lit will be shortened by clicking on singles or pairs of diamonds, so be careful to hit just the groups of 3+

Kary 5 years ago

To help your game, at least if you use windows xp, go into your history, find diamond dash,right click on "forget this site". Then wait til the diamond dash link disappears. You will need to sign in again to facebook but diamond dash will be faster for several games again. I usually wait until I have 700 points so i can use both powers. I usually score from 400 to 500,000. High is 727k. level 62. Good luck.

jhon 5 years ago

well it does make sence but i'm level 41 with highscore of 964.782, so just saying it's not only the level but get the speed to see the blocks and u get highscores :) also i'm not joking a good mouse does a lot!

Good luck guys

Mendi 5 years ago

How come sometimes I earn 20 silver coins but other times I earn 225? What am I doing or not doing to get these?

Magda 5 years ago

Do I lose my lives with new tournament or they are saved?

DeeJxxx 5 years ago

im on level 50 - have the power book on my laptop but play on my phone - my phone showing 25 diamonds - my laptop showing my lives and friends list exactly as my phone but shows me at 0 diamonds - I have no powers at all - Please help - frustrated!!

aura 5 years ago

i started playing DD just 5 days ago. i have a friend who is only level 8 and got 3,576,980 while another friend at level 38 got 528, 562. how can it be? i was wondering, unless he is really really really good or he cheated. i have a printscreen of our scores. he is just level 8, with no unlock powers i believe, how can he get such a high score???

Mary cummins 5 years ago

My gold bars disappear for no reason why?

Toji94 5 years ago

How to get the achievement share the love?

Natawe 5 years ago

I think there's a problem with thus game at the min. It's letting provoke send lives hundreds at a time!! Me and my cousin have been sending them to each other all day. We both have over a thousand each now!!! I'm at level 43 and my highest score has been 777,546 :-)

Lois 5 years ago

The game will let me play for a while then it locks up. I have restarted three times it takes my gold bars and my lives are available , but the board turns sideways and won't let me access the game. Whatt is wrong?

Jimmy 5 years ago

I play dd on iphone- but my Power diamonds havnt been counted when I log onto a laptop and play under same account! Plus no magic in iPhone version which sucks poo.

scary mary 5 years ago

I know a cheat for more lives, free, get your mates to send you lives, then go to diamond dash, dont claim them!! then open more tabs, as many as you like and you get loads of lives, simples

zack 5 years ago

Highest score so far: 1,228,851 Today..

I'm level 23, 17% bonus, and to get the score above, I used no special powers!

eccy 5 years ago

I am on level 91 with only time boost and bomb cant get mystical power anyone know why , I would love to know how to get over a million points too as i cant get close to it and i do play fast , any ideas ?

didde 5 years ago

how do i get the achievement well played?

Maverickwife 5 years ago

It's easier to play on iPod touch 4th gen but it doesn't offer the full game like on FB with the magic things y'all are talking about. For some reason my FB game has been playing slower :(

Sparkle 5 years ago

Does anyone know how many levels there are in the iPhone version?

James 5 years ago

The only achievement I am yet to achieve is 'having five friends playing in the game centre at the same time' so please add and keep playing :)

Hello8 5 years ago

my highscore is 813,---k

dozer17 5 years ago

what does null null mean please?

amy 5 years ago

i dont get it how do u gte loads of oints like 24k?xxx

Edwin 5 years ago

oh my god...level 77 just constantly get kinda noob...every week my score just climbing...and this week i just up to 70lv and get 1.1m...i am gonna break my own record again and my nxt target is 1.2m =)



Humpo the egg 5 years ago

How comes all of a sudden there are more achievements to try and get? Something about magic powers? Confused! Please help!

balon patlatma 5 years ago

Coconutshorts 5 years ago

Ok so we have an iPhone update for 3 power ups :) now we can't send many lives in one go :( but how the hell do I get the 3rd Magic Power?? I'm on level 73 highest score 516k

Stunnic 5 years ago

Best score 750k at lvl 27. how to get lives fast?

Serene 5 years ago

After upgrade the game, I have to wait 1 min to send 1 life. How come like that

mouse 5 years ago

PLS help me with 3rd power. I have unloked first 2 - bomb and extra time, but i can not unlock the last one:( Do anyone know how to do that?

Mjholen1 5 years ago

The higher I score, I only get 2 experience pts!! Why is that? It use to give 3 or 4!! And I can only send 1 life per hour!! That sucks!! They should have left the game alone

Elaine 5 years ago

Just set a highscore : 1.206.401!!! :D

Coconutshorts 5 years ago

It's back to 1 life every 8 mins... Unless you have 7 gold nuggets for 5 lives :/ I'm now on level 75 only 516k highest but have saved up my points for powers which I now gave 14k of ready for new wk b4 I start all over again collecting.... But still don't have 3 power!!!!!!

Oviz75 5 years ago

Well Played

Score less than 1 000 in a game

significa... NON fare NULLA per 1 minuto!!

Gary 5 years ago

How do you get ninja achievement

Alison 5 years ago

How do you log off from diamond dash? Because I was logged in with my bf's fb at the time and now I want to play with my account, but I don't know how to log out! I even tried deleted the game and reinstall, but I am still logged in as my bf's account...

Cuddlymom 5 years ago

When I go back on to dd after a couple of hours, it comes up with my five lives and over 300 score for magic diamond, as soon as. Click on play, the maid diamond goes down to about 200 and lives drop to one, it,s really p---ing me off. Why is this happening?

Ellegee 5 years ago

I have a few issues with the achievements not registering when I have completed them. For example the tournament ones and medal ones.

Also how do you achieve the ninja goal?

nathan 5 years ago

how do u logout of diamond dash

Stiggy 5 years ago

My new top score is over 1 million but I'd like to know what the secret achievement is on the iPhone? Anyone help?

barefootinbeth 5 years ago

If you update on your phone it gets powers.

Eric Dilorenzo 5 years ago

my girlfriend told me u can give yourself lives

True or False?

Sander 5 years ago

Ninja = destroy 4 groups of blocks in 1 second

Gg 5 years ago

Why I can't log in everytime I want to Play it stop,

Gg 5 years ago

DiamondDash unexpectedly quit!!! How to fix

hi 5 years ago

im at level 100 when does the mystery power unlock

Jay 5 years ago

Do I have to buy my magic power I'm on level 7 and saying select magic power but then saying I have to buy it peed off cause jus wanna play and not spend no money

Kelly 5 years ago

Got my hugest score this week 847,931 : )

PAL 5 years ago

Is level 100 the highest level/rank? Anyone know?

Sara hayat shah 5 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen my highest score is. 12 41 574. I challenge you to break it !!! Stay happy and blessed . Keep playing.

Kaitozaki 4 years ago

3billion at level 99...beat that...hahaha

hi 4 years ago

lots of questions no answers! i,ve been at level 100 for almost 1 week! what's next! anyone know? :) thanks

Georgie 4 years ago

Just wondering - the diamond you get for filling the bar - sometimes I get 10 points from it and other times 150 - why is this please ??

XryS 4 years ago

Anyone hv any idea on hw to log out of Diamond Dash in iPhone?? I tried all ways like delete the Apps & reinstall it but still stuck with the same Acct which I hv first use.

I even tried login with a new Apple ID then reinstall the Apps also cannot.

Really appreciate your help if anyone could share with me on how to log out (switch user).

4 years ago

MY all time highscore is 1.6mil....

4 years ago

But its no big deal cos the 1st in my list this week got 2.2 mil which i have no clue how he got that...

perplexed. 4 years ago

I don't understand how the experience points work someitime I have low scoring games (under 200 thousand) and get 125 experience points, other times I have high scoring games (over 400 thousand) where I make no mistakes but only get 10 experience points.

Allie 4 years ago

I've seen this question asked and no answer. How do you log out of Diamond Dash / switch user? PLEASE ANSWER. Thank you :-)

Nashelle 4 years ago

How do I remove DD from my FB? I am wasting too much time on this and want to get rid of it.

rtok 4 years ago

Ahem!!! now if you open your facebook,,, click on diamond dash,, DON'T collect the lives that friends/other players have sent you,, open a new tab in windows,, repeat,, repeat,,repeat,, as many times as you like,, say 7 for instance,, start collecting your lives on the last tab opened,,click on next tab working your way back and if you have 10 gift lives in your gift box,,,you'll be after getting 7x10 gifts!! same with sending,, open,,new tab,,open,,new tab,,, etc then send send send xxx

Michael 4 years ago

im level 57 and my best score is 1757000...... i used like 10 diamonds that game 3 is easy...

Michael 4 years ago

btw i scored 700k at level 1

Nathan 4 years ago

Hay i dont know what happened to you but i got my magic powers when I got to lvl 12 so i dont now what happened to you can when do i get my 3rd magic power?

Amy bear 4 years ago

Non of My tournament acheivements aren't registering - have played loads and got medals but not appearing on my list... any ideas?

Michael 4 years ago

my new highscore is 2m and i have 298 lives thanks to rtok :)

Stunnic 4 years ago

1.1mil score at lvl 35. is lvl 100 highest level?

Evelyn 4 years ago

Hai, anyone knows when you get coins? Sometimes I score really low, say 180.000 and get 100 coins. An other time I score for instance 385.000 and only get 10 coins.

How does that happen???

Michael 4 years ago

My average score is 1.7 - 1.8M

harry1006 4 years ago


sam 4 years ago

the top scores in my group is did they do it ?

Max 4 years ago

how do u unlock the 3rd power guys

Lana 4 years ago

My highest score so far 1273708

Max 4 years ago

how do u unlock the 3rd power guys

lee 4 years ago

why am i not getting my points

Tracey 4 years ago

My game stops and freezes st one second and I'm not getting credit for my points earned... What's going on?

Dar01 4 years ago

1.5m lvl 54 no cheats

Michelle 4 years ago

How do I earn the Silver coins used to buy the powers.... I earn various amounts every time I play.... What do I need to do to earn more?!?!?!

Vikama 4 years ago

To log out out of dd on iPhone giro fb on phone log out then log back in to the new account you want to use and dd will change account as well

profile image

Tawny5830 4 years ago

I need five friends for game center email is thanks!

Richie 4 years ago

Add me pls.

Angelika120 4 years ago

My highest score is over 1,000,000

Rachel 4 years ago

For those people who want to know how to log out / switch users:

1. Log out from Facebook app and then log back in using the account you want to switch to.

2. Open your DD app (I know! It is still logged in as the last user - not sure why) .. and then hit the +INVITE button

3. Then, it will ask you to invite people to DD, just choose your account (since you are using someone else's account to invite yourself)

4. Click SUBMIT

After clicking SUBMIT, it seems DD knows that you are logged out of Facebook, so it asks you to login again

Those steps worked for me ..

My mom borrowed my iPad and played DD, but I could not switch back to my account until I did those steps above .. hope it works for you guys too! =)

kamal 4 years ago

Cole 4 years ago

I heard to get third power you have to save your coins. A friend saved 45000 and got the third power.

Danni 4 years ago

How comes when I play I sometimes get 100 coins but others I only get 10?

Luna 4 years ago

Again question is being asked and no answers how do you get silver coins?

sometime i get 10 sometimes 125, and it has nothing to do with having a better score... what is going on?

Skye 4 years ago

What is the gold bar for

cewl 4 years ago

@luna its random - and can somebody please say how the 3rd power unlocks???

Jeanette 4 years ago

In case anyone is interested in logging out of Diamond Dash, try these steps:

1) Go to Facebook(FB) App and log out.

2) Log in your desired account in FB

3) In FB app, find the app Diamond Dash(DD) on the sidebar and tap to enter DD.

4) If you are not in your desired account in DD, repeat Step 3. It usually takes me 1~2 tries to get into my desired account. You can also try to quit the DD app (Double click home button, press and hold on the app and then click the (-) to fully quit the app) and then retry step 3.

Hope it works for the majority!

Philip Wong 4 years ago

My highest 870505 still unable to beat my friend record 96,7789..

fatim 4 years ago

is there any trick in diamond dash that any body like to share?


lily'smom 4 years ago

How do you collect more stars for level up? Is it just the number of points you score?

Aimee 4 years ago

Can you play diamond dash on iPhone WITHOUT facebook?

crose 4 years ago

how come i don't earn gold bars, i'm at level 38 and not a single gold bar earned. please help.

Mj 4 years ago

I had 8000 diamond points and they just disappeared. What happened?

pms 4 years ago

I had over 15,000 coins and they also disappeared. I sent a complaint to DD, but i still have not heard back yet.

dobzey 4 years ago

I had 1700+ coins to use, this morning they're ALL gone? what's that all about, I live on my own so no-one else has used them, or does DD take them off you if they're saved up, that's a bit tough aint it??

wayne 4 years ago

I have one person that I can not send a life to but she can send lifes to me. Any ideals

elle 4 years ago

de third power?????

Adam 4 years ago

Ok to answer some of your question THe magic powers are being tested along with everything associated with them including the silver coins (extra reward per game completely random after testing, hopefully they refine it) also the "magic powers" Including the bomb power up which cost 300 coins and the time power which costs 400 coins per game.

~~~~important~~~~I have noticed every week sometime close to the leaderboard switch on facebook all your coins are spent so dont save up too much or you might lose it all.

from what iv heard the 3rd power has not been released yet and/or they dont intend to release it till they get the other powers out for everyone else.

Full support diamond dash great game- highest score 468k

~hints~You can easily double your high score with both magic powers active in a game.

~for higher score once your screen catches "fire" and every combo you click explodes if you can maintain combo's of 5/6 blocks or higher the screen will continue this was until you either miss, make a mistake or slow down.

~use diamonds powers wisely-once clicked the time actually stops for a portion of a second giving you time to think for your next couple clicks prepare wisely

jesslai 4 years ago

I had over 24,000 coins and they also disappeared. I sent a complaint to DD, but i still have not heard back yet.

second marty 4 years ago

how do u unlock the 3rd power & what is it?

satish 4 years ago

thanks for tips

Fa 4 years ago

Hi, could u tel me hw they can reach to 16 million point??

Sinclair 4 years ago

i love Diamond Dash. i kind of stole the game from my fiancé, i played it on his iPhone one day and the next 15 minutes i downloaded it on my iPhone. Needless to say i have passed his level and beat him on point . :) thanks for making Diamond Dash !

liline 4 years ago

how come even thou my score said 1 millions its only 16,777,215 that always appear as my highest score. my thing said new highscore but I'm stuck with 16,777,215. is that the highest score or what?

Hollie 4 years ago

add me on game center friends list

Shanea 4 years ago

Need friends in game center. Add me

Deb 4 years ago

I have 34 gold bars, how do u convert to lives?

Paula 4 years ago

I have the third power :-) I don't know how x

Christina 4 years ago

Did u not play for a few days before u got the third power?

CCH 4 years ago


Buffy 4 years ago

I always manage to knock out more than 3 diamonds....but only ever receive 100 points at the end...very confussed!!

Gilbert 4 years ago

My Record is 1,194,336 don't belive me add me up and check it out

Paula 4 years ago

The third power just came on my pc fb dd game, however it is not showing on my mobile fb dd game ??

KevC 4 years ago

I'm level 66 and my highest Score is 1,187,624. Anything around that score is easy to get so don't get too wound up when people say I got a million+, like I said its not that hard so they have not achieved much!! Im playing on an iPhone 4S and score 700,000+ every time without using any powers. You just need to have fast fingers! although I am intreagued about this third power and would like to know hoe and when i will get it!!

Hawaiian 4 years ago

Wife get 1+million everytime she yeah fast tfimgers is a must! LoL

Nicky 4 years ago

How can i unlock the well played achivement?!?

Josh 4 years ago

How do you sign out your Facebook account on diamond dash?

CCH 4 years ago

Nicky : Score below 1000. Just hit one match and wait until time's up!

CCH 4 years ago


Still no solutions... :(

Nicky 4 years ago

Thank u CCH!! :)

andreea 4 years ago

naspa nu mergeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????????Samibag pula in......elde joc

Paula 4 years ago

My husband has just unlocked third power like me, but only after playing monster world and bubble island maybe that's the answer to unlocking the third power x

mkn 4 years ago

Does anyone know how to get the color splash unlocked?

More Diamond Dash Cheats 4 years ago they are writing about new cheats hints and tips as they come out

Coconutshorts 4 years ago

I've unlocked the 3rd Power on pc last night which is colour splash... I had to use 8 Bombs & 5 Timers to unlock, you use 1 nugget per colour splash so u have to save them & not use them on lives.. Only prob is I can't get it on my iPhone as it still says coming soon!!!

steve403 4 years ago

Diamond dash , my gf kept getting over 1 million points but now i know why??? she plays on the ipad with her friends and when 2 or 3 people play its so easy to score

kya 4 years ago

sana naman makahanap ako ng cheat sa tetris battle hahahaha chaka

Coconutshorts 4 years ago

Steve403 I play on iPhone against my FB friends but still only score 850k what's the scoring on iPad?? Same as iPhone?

bellllaaaa 4 years ago

100 is the highest level?

Why 4 years ago

Cant figure out why trying so many times my max score is still as crappy as 200k+

Is there any secrets or just anyhow tap the screen zzz

anniejoy 4 years ago

i want level 30

Jennie 4 years ago


Joyce Irvin 4 years ago

I'm having problems connecting to the game center. Help

Deniz B (turkey) 4 years ago

I found à trick for gaining lives while playing on iPhone or ipet:

Go to: add lives, ask à friend, NOw you can ask your friend/family and best of all yourself for à life. Just do it multiple times in à row and approve yourself in your on mailbox! Within 5 min. You can easily get more than 100 lives!

You are all welcome

lee 4 years ago

how do you win 10 medals to unlock esports pro???

Nikk 4 years ago

How do you get more points because this is in useful info,xo

Erinsauntie 4 years ago

I too have unlocked the 3rd power in Diamond Dash on the PC not the iPhone. Beware it's a con to get you to buy gold bars as you only get 5 free then the rest are bought with gold bars, and up to now it looks like you have to play them straight away and not save them for when you want to play them. What a disappointment.

JJ 4 years ago

Add me in the game center! Thank you. :)

Omer 4 years ago

This is the best cheat ever-

Diamond Dash Bot

Clara 4 years ago

I want to know how the score effects the amount of money and stars you get in one game.

Sara 4 years ago


xelanat 4 years ago

how do you unlock the third power on the mobile version? I unlocked it on my PC but i hate playing DD on fb! help!

oh and how do you unlock the "sniper" achievement?

level: 50

all-time high score: 950,242

medals: x6 #2, x8 #1, x0 #3

Jodie 4 years ago


To get the sniper you need a 100% accurate tap rate and score over 100.000 points in the same game

Roisin 4 years ago

I have just downloaded the latest update for DDash on iPhone, however when I try to open it, it closes just as quick. Why is this happening? All my other apps are fine.

When the fire round is on, hit as many blocks of diamonds as poss-more points for this! I am 1 of those lucky ppl who has reached 1million. Finally!!! Im On level 78. Love this game jus can't unlock final "special power"? Curious as to what this may be?? The 1st 2 powers, unlock at level 12 r 16. Can't remember exactly.

Roisin 4 years ago

Nor can I play DDash through Facebook on my iPhone. Really frustrating as the tournament Ended this morning & I'm eager to get my score up & running again...I've won for the past 17weeks! Don't want to loose reputation over a lousy update-help quick, in having withdrawals! :(

Sharne 4 years ago

What is the achievement well played ? Please :)

Rosa 4 years ago

I hate the new diamond dash I like the second down load. The third one sucks I'm goin to remove it from my phone

fiona 4 years ago

How do you get more gold bars? now that i know what to do with them i just want more. :)

Montana 4 years ago

Ive only started playing DD for a few days and I am on level 31 with the highest score of 801,378. I use both magic powers to boost my score! The higher you get in levels the bonus points percentage increases. However my question is, how do I sign out of DD on iPad?

Chippy 4 years ago

I have come across a way to add extra lives on the iPhone 4 App. You will have to have activated iCloud.

Once signed into game centre and Facebook, delete DD as if you would normally, you will be prompted:-

1st/ Delete Diamond Dash ( DD will be removed and all it's data ) click OK

Then promted again:-

2nd/ Remove DD from Game Center ( you will be removed from the leader boards ) this time click Keep NOT Remove.

DD will now be removed- simply now goto APP STORE/ Updates/ Purchased/All/ Not on this phone and re-download via iCloud.

And simply open the game Login via Facebook and hey presto!!!!!

10 EXTRA LIVES, You can repeat this step numerous of times!

The only down side I noticed was the first time you attempt it, it resets any Bonuses unlocked but you soon get these back and after that they remain every other attempt and won't be lost.

The gold bars and coins remain :-)

I have managed to repeat this to a maximum of 250 up to now.

Another tip when getting these extra lives- sometimes it may not add an extra 10, if it does this simply play 1 live and try again.

Other than that I have only managed a high score of 624000

Chippy 4 years ago

Correction:- looks like adding lives is infinite, just broken the 300 barrier - No more waiting for friends to forward, unless your greedy of course ;-)

Chippy 4 years ago

To log out of Facebook on DD is easy - you've answered your own question, LOGOUT of Facebook then open DD ..... Voila!!!!

Hipster 4 years ago

I downloaded latest version but my scores were very low around 41,000 not the 230,000+ each game so couldn't compete with friebds so I put older version back

Chippy I have done the reload lots of times and got extra lives - a good tip

Can anyone tell me how I get the magic powers as am on level 67 and on the bombs it says 10/40 plus what's colour splash? An using iphone 4s


Sansan 4 years ago

How to sign out the Diamond Dash on iPad? Previous was log in by my hubby Id, not cannot log out. Please help........

NICEHOTGUY 4 years ago

Can anyone tell me how to reset all my stats??? And start all over again... PLEASE!! :)

Chippy 4 years ago

Hipster your power for bombs will unlock when you hit 40/40 this is the amount of diamonds released when you hit a consecutive amount of 3 gems in series until the progress bar in the top left fills up to create the box of fire.

Colour Splash creates a larger block of the same colour of gems which can be exploded in one go, you will get an update for Colour Splash to download. Although the power won't unlock until you have at least 2 gold bars ( which you get 1 every time you level up )

Sansan to sign out on iPad ( assuming its same as iphone ) you have to log out of hubby's Facebook account, then log in with your FB account !

NiceHotGuy (lol)

Have you tried removing the App on and all it's data via Facebook on a PC?

Cazzz 4 years ago

My high score is 600k and lately I am playin really good games but the score is not moving up! Eg a game that normally gives me 500k is only doing 20k! Is so weird

hipster 4 years ago

Thank you so much. Have gone back to older version as my scores were crap on new one.I have at mo 6 gold bars but they keep dissapearing for no reason.Think a bug

hipster 4 years ago

Sorry also forgot to mention that sometimes dd refills my lives gold blocks (get about extra 9) but they get lost very quickly and seems I have to use them to play game so cant build them up :-(

Sans an 4 years ago

Chippy, I couldn't find the log out from the diamond dash. I already log out my hubby FB account from iPad also cannot.

Someone 4 years ago

Just sign in to your Facebook then go to diamond dash on your Facebook that's what I did on my iPhone I'm assuming it's the same like iPad

Linda 4 years ago

Why my score not so good after updating new version? My normal score 1.5mil now become 700k ? Do something please .. Tq

Linda 4 years ago

One more thing.. How to install back older version ?

Shannon 4 years ago

Hi, I receive 2 gold bars every few levels and for some reason when I tru keep them , ie not use them till later my gold bars disappear dispite me not using them!!! This is super annoying

Shoop 4 years ago

I score between 900,000 and a million every time I'm now level 30 .. I scored over a million on level 2.. So I don't believe the experience point thing..

just 4 years ago

want to read more trick

Hell 4 years ago

How to unlock the achievement sniper?

100% tap accuracy with 100 k up

ji 4 years ago

i can play more than 700k, but start from last wk, i only can hit 20+, 30+, who can help me wat wrong with my DD. Thanks.

Lisamjack 4 years ago

Add me on game center lisamjack pls

Happybiib 4 years ago

After updated the new version , hard to hit high score

I usually hit 600-700k whereby now max at 400k++

Anonymous 4 years ago

How can I unlock Royal Magician achievement? I don't really understand the description :(

Erin 4 years ago

Hi!! Anyone know how to get my coin back. As currently I am only level 11. But my the space for my coin ain't there. Means is empty :(

Bilal 4 years ago

There is one thing about this game i dont understand most of the time when i play a round the points i get dont go to my score on the leader board why is that?

Alan 4 years ago

I get 1,003,810 points. I hope i can play more higher than that.

F5 4 years ago

Could i use two magic powers at the same time like mystic bomb or time bonus?

ALX 4 years ago

Don't use your gold bars to gain more lifes. Save them and when you manage to release the third magic power. Those you buy with gold bars, the other two with diamonds.

Faisal 4 years ago

I want the old diamond dash, it's very hard to get high scores in the new upgraded one!!! This sucks!!

Mando BreakDancer 4 years ago

My highest points are 995 k :D and Iam Lvl 73

studz 4 years ago

how do u get the mystery fingie any one know

Mira 4 years ago

My high score is 1.587.000

How the counting for silver coins done? I am level 32

IMK 4 years ago

Secret Achievement : Play play a game and press nothing !!

ie score less than 1000 !!! found when started game and phone rang !! ;-) have fun

JJ 4 years ago

Why my iphone diamond dash dunt have coin? Who can tell me... Thanks

Lci 4 years ago

How come there is one friend that I can't send life to? Can do from computer but not phone or iPad? What can I do to fix this

Kellie 4 years ago

Im on level 99, sofar my all time higest score is 1,150,238, I have only scored over a million 3 times, I got the 3rd power a while ago, but find it rubbish n too dear, it takes around two lives at level 99 to gain 1% but now on level 99 it's not going up yet :( anyone else passed level 99?

Kellie 4 years ago

Ps, it's taking an average of 7 to 8 lives to gain 1% now :( almost puts me off playing, (almost )

Gaga 4 years ago

How do I get more silver coins?

Nat 4 years ago

I played and most of the time got score over 1 million. I use some trick...... I asked my friend to play together with me 4 persons together. Each person taking care of each corner. My highest score is 1.8M (with bomb&time boost) My level is only 40.

Only trick is try to play together with your friend and you can get huge score.

Jess 4 years ago

Helpppppp.!!! how to log out from diamond dash on ipad??? I have tried log in my own facebook account, and delete the apps and re-install again, but it is still under my mom's account. Also, I have tried sending invitation from my mom's account hoping that DD would ask me to re-log in, but nothing appear, just show "invitation sent". Is there any other ways??? Please help!!! :(

mheeka 4 years ago

I was wondering how my friends getting 2 to 8M score and I only have 700 to 900K.

how they do that? is there a cheat?

Charlie 4 years ago

Does it really matter?

Jess 4 years ago

i am rubbish but at the same time good is their any hints u can give me

lala 4 years ago


Mike 4 years ago

How do I earn gold on diamond dash?

Elli 4 years ago

How do you get gold bars in dimond dash?

hipster 4 years ago

I am now on level 99 and scores are good but using old version as colour splash being added only gives me scores of around 30k and older version I get between 931k and lately 1.1mil

Can I still play when reach level 100?

Kylee 4 years ago

You should get a gold bar every time u level up! A lot of times they don't give it to me and sometimes they take them away haha a bunch of glitches I assume it's just a game tho no biggie! And the coin thing really throws me too, it's weird if I want to earn a lot I always score poorly because I know I'll receive more! And ppl want to know what the gold bars r for, u use them when u unlock ur third power which is amazing may I add! And u unlock powers buy using set amount of ur first and second power... Oh and I also want to say everyone has bragging rights but scoring so higly I've found I a lot lot lot easier when u play on an iPad or a touch screen device ur scores will nearly double b/c ur not fidgeting with a mouse....jus sayin and I am guilty myself I no linger play on my desktop haha

Owen Hamikton 4 years ago

add me on Game Center omah1975

Jeanette 4 years ago

Step 1) You exit Diamond Dash. (as in totally quit the app by using the multi-tasking function)

Step 2) Then, go to FaceBook app, log out. Log into your desired account. Still in FaceBook app, launch Diamond Dash.

I usually had to do it about 3 times before it actually refreshed to my desired account. And when I actually see my account ( sometimes it shows me at level 1), just quit the application and start the application again.

BebeShelton 4 years ago

I am on LEVEL far at 35%...get less coins than ever have! I don't understand how it gives coins and stars??? But according to my calculations, it will take over 1000 games to do level 99!!! UGH

John 4 years ago

Add me renney71

Egan85 4 years ago

Some bullshitters on here. High scores of over 1.2m lol DD have even said for people to get over 1.1m they will have to use a bot so your 1.2m isn't even your score you goon

ako lang 4 years ago

ang pangit nyo!tae kayo

Charist 4 years ago

Reached 2.45M today. Average 1.9-2.3M

I play a lot.. L67

Prefers scramble over DD though.. Reaching 75% words on average.

Real 4 years ago

How can you uninvited players?

ML 4 years ago

guys im confused. how do i clear off diamonds?? i dont seem to know how to use that up

Paz 4 years ago

level 22, max 500k so far. without buffs. Lol at Charist saying 2.45 mill. Yeh mate, with a bot. The fastest a person can physically click will get you a score of around 1.5. Link to video or i call bullshit.

Jamie 4 years ago

Any idea why my friends are allowed to buy one colour splash for 2 gold bars whereas I am only allowed to buy a minimum of 5 for 25 gold bars?? 4 years ago

the wrong thing got hit now it,s saying i owe 100.00,im not pYING this game until you all take that OFF woogs diamonddash 100.00 DOLLORS IM ON DISBILY AND CAN NOT AFORD THIS ..THEN WHEN OR IF YOU REMOVE THAT 100 00 BULL OFF IM DELETED THE GAME,AND NEVER PLAY IT AGAIN....U CANT WIN BECAUSE OF PEOPLE PAYING FOR THE SPLASH COLOERS ,,MONDAY IM GOING TO MY BANK AND STOP U FOR TAKING ME!!!!THANK YOU REBA SUTHERLAND ON FACEBOOK.........this is my second time i ask and no removeing it off u cant find a phone number to call you people that's a shame so u try to take people for hitting the wrong thing????????

profile image

bourneblogger 4 years ago

I have to say that I'm really disappointed in how nothing at all happens when you reach level 100... Not only did nothing happen at level 100, but there aren't even any levels after that... It just says "More levels coming soon", so every time you play, you aren't accumulating points to level up while your friends catch up to you... And, since there's no more levels to achieve, there's no way to earn gold bars and of course, as soon as I reached level 100 was when they introduced being able to continue games for 15 seconds for 4 bars... But I can't earn anymore gold bars... Lame

PS: My high score is 1,089,992

ngocmoc 4 years ago

I has the problem. After I sign out Diamond Dash, I can not sign in again

joanne 4 years ago

can somebody help me. i cannot log in to my account on ipad. i tried to ininstall diamond dash and install it gain but then i cant still connect my fb account. what to do?

Red28 4 years ago

Why is Diamond Dash not loading - been like this for 2 days????

hoda 4 years ago

can I invite persons to play diamond dash however not my friends?

freakgamer profile image

freakgamer 4 years ago

Marrius 4 years ago

I have DDash questions: 1. How to choose who to send lives to -- do I send lives to all players in my list at one time, afterall it says it's free? 2. Is it right and fair to just keep on playing to earn coins and bonus stars, instead of the game level 3. To claim my reward points, I find risks in disclosing my bank card even tho it says transactions are null & void -- can i just make up the card number or use an old one maybe ? I simply want to play it clean and not violate other players. the guide that i read didn't lead to my questions. Thanks.

Marrius 4 years ago

I just started playing and I have DDash questions:

1. How to choose who to send lives to -- do I send lives to all players in my list at one time, afterall it says it's free?

2. Is it right and fair to just keep on playing to earn coins and bonus stars, instead of the game level ?

3. To claim my reward points, I find risks in disclosing my bank card even tho it says transactions are null & void -- can i just make up the card number or use an old one maybe ?

4. I simply want to play it clean and not violate other players, the guide that i read didn't lead to my questions. Thanks.

LeticiaT 3 years ago

even though I have leveled up to 27, my % bonus does not change from 19%; what gives?

-!(Kathy30)!- 3 years ago

Can anyone please tell me why my score doesn't change? I've been on fire twice today... But my score haven't changed :-( kind of frustrating!!

Teresa 3 years ago

Can anyone tell me how to get to the wheel for my free spins on my ipad?

Dan 3 years ago

Are more points awarded using the diamond during or after the game, or the same?

Diamond 3 years ago

why don't you use this hacking app, it help you earn gold bars easily without downloading any softwares, I tried myself and it works perfectly. here is the video tutorial (the link at description):

Jas 3 years ago

What's the highest level u can reach? Mines 73, with 38% score bonus... The highest I went without magic powers is 1,130,930..

Anon 3 years ago



CAROLYN 2 years ago


Stacey Thompson 2 years ago

What is the well played achievement

Paul 2 years ago

I didn't think I'd be back here after Drag Race early versions, but this is a great game, a good time klleir and a well put together application.I have only one suggestion, though. Purple monsters are random, sometimes I get a manageable number and sometimes they are downright frustrating. I would suggest the spawn rate adjusts with numbers already on screen. For example, if there are 4 already, half rate. 8, one quarter. This would likely kill/lessen the klleir spawns. Last game, I got 16 purples in a very short time. This is rare, agreed, but it can't hurt to be a little more consistent.And may I add, I have no issues with graphics. As long as items are easily recognizable, it's fine.

michelle 24 months ago

Am on level 62 but my percentage stay at 34.can someone help am using a galaxy mega

Tom 18 months ago

I am at LV 190 with a highscore of 1.482.258. The max addition you can get is 45% in addition to your score. If you play for achievements, do most in the beginning.

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