Matchbox Superfast No.29 Racing Mini

Matchbox Superfast No.29 Racing Mini

When you consider that the Mini was introduced in 1959, it is very strange that a model didn't appear in the Matchbox Superfast Range until 1971 ! The replacement for Fire Pumper was Racing Mini, which as the name suggests, came with flared wheel arches, covered headlights and no front or rear bumpers...This was most definitely a vehicle for the track.

The early models were painted in a red-bronze and had an yellow arrow shape on the door, with an orange surround. In the middle of the arrow, was the number 29. The later models were painted orange-red and had green borders on the stickers.

All of the versions had plastic interiors that were an off-white, clear glazing and a bare metal base.Racing Mini was issued in 1970 and 1972 boxes and was finally deleted from the range in 1977, when it was replaced by the rather less sporty, Tractor Shovel !Although it had been deleted, this wasn't the end for Racing Mini. In 1976 it began to be used in the Two Pack range, where it shared a place with the Toe Joe breakdown truck.

To begin with, it stayed with the orange-red paintwork with the '29' labels, then a some point in time, it was adorned with a bright red paint job, with curiously circular 'No.3 Stickers', or even no stickers at all ! The rumours are that Matchbox ran out of stickers at this time.Racing Mini kept its place in the Two Pack Series all the way through until 1981, when it was finally laid to rest !

Due to the cult status of Racing Mini, it still remains a fairly sought-after model, especially the rare Two Pack issues.

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dakid 6 years ago

i have an orange one. how much is it worth?

lance 5 years ago

hi,i have an orange one also,with the yellow arrow with green boarder,how can i find out what this little car is worth,it is in realy great shape,, i have pictures,, email = thanks lance

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