Walt Disney Collectible Figurines

Ready for the WDCC 2011 collectible figurines? There are some great limited editions this year and a wonderful Tinkerbell event sculpture. If you aren't familiar with Walt Disney Classics Collection, here's a brief overview and then we can get into the new releases for 2011 and some prior year favorites.

Presented in the early 90’s at the Collectibles Show in South Bend, the unveiling of Walt Disney’s Classic Collections, (W.D.C.C.),was three years in the making. It took many Disney sculptors and animators to create a line of Disney collectible figurines that would be so like their counterparts in Disney's animated films.

The intricate design work that went into each porcelain figurine made certain that they would be a big hit with everyone who loves Disney and enjoys collecting Disney figures and art.

The initial three figurines in the Walt Disney Classics Collection were scenes from the movies Bambi, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (from Fantasia) and Cinderella.

Currently, there are more than one hundred diverse Disney Classic Collectible Figurines, also known as WDCC Figurines. Retirements are customary, generating an active secondary marketplace for folks who enjoy collecting retired WDCC Figurines. For every retired figure, the molds and casts are destroyed, guaranteeing that additional figures will not be created after a retirement has been announced.

WDCC Stitch "Perplexed Pupil"
WDCC Stitch "Perplexed Pupil"

Some of the most popular figurines that Disney produces are limited editions. These are figures that will have a size limit set before production even begins and all of the figures will be numbered. Interestingly, Disney does not begin numbering their series with the number "one".

Every one of the WDCC Figurines has a stamp on the back, and the stamp displays the year when the figurines were made. They also come with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), so you will want to make sure that is included in any sales you are looking at on Ebay if that is important to you. I'm sure I have my own COAs around somewhere, but it is very easy to misplace them.

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