Fallout 3 latest DLC: Point Lookout preview

The lighthouse
The lighthouse
The Swamp
The Swamp
Hill folk
Hill folk

Released on June 23, for Xbox 360 & Games for Windows Live

This add-on will be the fourth in the DLC for Fallout 3, and it will be played almost entirely on a new swampland environment, the equivalent to the Point Lookout State Park in the real world, with a new main quest and several sidequests.

On this map you will not see the usual post-nuclear scenario, but more of a dark, creepy and forgotten swamp, with deformed (however not radioactive) hill folk enemies and insane cultists called Tribals. You are transported to Point Lookout by a ferryman, then you arrive to an old boardwalk amusement park with a Ferris wheel and a lot of carnival games for you to explore. Up in a hill, near the lighthouse, you will find a creepy Mansion with high-tech surveillance cameras ,and a big battle awaits you inside...

This expansion it's more aimed to exploration than high-tech and fast-paced battles in the other DLC's, as there is few new weapons and are all low-tech like the Double-barrel Shotgun, shovel, axe and the Repeating Rifle. It's recommended to start at the level 17 and even so it will prove to be a challenge to complete the main quest. As usual there will be new perks and achievements but the level cap stays on 30.

sourced by E3 Gamespot Preview and Fallout Wikia site

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